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Harry woke to the heavy rain, bearing down on his window.

'Great, now I not only have to do twice as many chores today, I have to do them in the poring rain!'

He sleepily flung his legs onto the ground and stood up, then walked into his bathroom.

He took a shower, then changed into his clothes, ready to walk downstairs to feed the Dursleys.

"HARRY!" a shrill voice, belonging to his Aunt Petunia, called. "WE'RE HUNGRY!"

"Yea!" chimed in the voice of his pig-headed cousin, Dudley.

Harry rolled his eyes as he made his way down to the kitchen. The Dursleys were the impatient, fat, muggle family that 'took care of him.'

He had been dropped off on their doorstep as a baby and was held hostage there for 10 long years.

The reason for his sanity was Hogwarts. On his 11th birthday he had been accepted into this 'School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.' The school his parents had gone to, met, and fell in love at.

At school he met his two best friends, Ron Weasly, and Hermione Granger, and embarked on many dangerous adventures to stop Lord Voldemort from killing Harry.

With each adventure, the trio grew stronger and closer, and Harry learned his fate. Harry was either to kill Voldemort, or Voldemort would kill him.

During this dark time, many were killed, including Cedric in fourth year, Sirius, Harry's godfather, in fifth year and Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts, in sixth.

Now Harry was entering his seventh year, the year he, and many others, feared that the end of the war would comeā€¦if they were lucky.

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