Spectacular Act: Revised version

A/N: I first started this story in 2006 and—with extremely late updates—completed it in 2009. But to be truthfully honest, out of all the fan fictions I've posted on this site, this story by far is one of my worst typed stories. I've decided to rewrite this and make it much better. The original version was thirty-nine chapters, this version will have less chapters. Also it will remain a SasuHina story, just as the previous one had been. The only exception is that this will be an AU story, unlike the other. For those who have read the previous version, I do hope you enjoy this rewrite. And for the new readers, please enjoy!

Summary: Having a boyfriend shatter your heart and a best friend betray you aren't exactly Hinata's ideas of heartfelt. That is until Sasuke decides to help her gain back her boyfriend's affection, only to find that he is falling for the girl he once despised.


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Bright lilac eyes stare in frustration at the blond's body stretched lazily on the couch, playing video games. It's been like this for six months, and it's starting to become rather irksome. Approaching him attentively, her hand placed on her waist, lips pressed thinly.

"I'm off to work."

The blond barely spared her any attention. His eyes glued to his game. "Alright, have fun." He spoke absently.

She sighed. "Naruto, have you tried looking for a job? You've been…lazing around the house since you were fired."

"Yeah," he pressed the pause button on his controller and finally spared her a glance. "I have been looking. No one has called me back. But don't worry. I'll definitely find a job before the end of this month, believe it!" He grins, showing off his dazzling white teeth.

She couldn't help but to smile in return—even if she'd heard the same excuse each month. "I better get going. I'll be late if I don't hurry."

Naruto sat up, motioning to his lips. "Aren't you forgetting something?" A sly smile spreads across his tan features.

She leans down pressing her lips against his. Naruto Uzumaki. Her boyfriend of two years, who she loves deeply. Prior to dating the pair were merely acquaintances, communicating through Shikamaru—who is a friend of Naruto and Hinata. Eventually after getting to know each other better, Naruto had decided it was time to take the next step and ask her out. A year later they decided to move in together.

Their relationship has yet to become a rollercoaster. They live a rather normal life. But as of lately things have become…complicated. Naruto had gotten fired from Silver Incorporation—a game designing company—due to constantly coming to work late, and mostly arguing with his boss because of disagreements. Naruto made most of the money to help provide them to live a manageable life. But now that he's out of work, they now have to reply on Hinata's small paychecks for rent money.

Naruto has been no help whatsoever in helping with the bills. Lounging around the house and playing video games all day is all he ever does. In the beginning it didn't bother Hinata as much. After the fifth month, she grew tired of seeing her boyfriend doing nothing, not even attempting to find a job.

"I'll be home by dinner time," her cheeks turning red, her voice soft like music to his ears.

"Mhm, I'll be right here waiting for you." He smiled, watching her leave. A groan escaped his lips. Naruto wasn't stupid to know that his girlfriend isn't too happy with his current state. She's only too nice to fully come out and say it. Getting fired is no one's cup of tea. He has been devastated, especially telling his girlfriend (knowing that they relied mostly on his check to survive). The embarrassment of informing Hinata that he was fired had been one of the scariest moments of his life. He didn't know how she would react. Would she throw a fit? Leave him because he was now jobless? Or perhaps tell him how worthless he is for losing a job. But Hinata wasn't like that. She had been very understanding and stuck by his side.

As of lately he could see how tired she is of seeing him do nothing. Standing to his feet, Naruto slipped on his frog house shoes and made his way to the kitchen. It's about time he does something nice for his girlfriend.


Dark obscure hues gazed through the tinted window to his left. Sasuke Uchiha sat coolly inside his limo heading to Osaka. He made a promise to a friend nearly a year ago that he would set time aside to visit. But due to his busy schedule, Sasuke's promise hadn't been fulfilled. Hopefully his friend wouldn't be too angry.

"We should be arriving shortly." Kakashi Hatake—his driver—said loudly.

Sasuke's only response was a grunt. It's been six years since he has been back to Osaka. During the six years, he had been living in Tokyo. His family is one of the largest police corporations in Japan. Being a policeman for his father's squad hadn't been all sun shine and roses. Fugaku was a very strict man and liked things done in an orderly fashion. The only reason he decided to join the police force was to please his strict father.

Worst decision he has ever made.

Not only does his father expect so much out of him. He hates his job, which explains why Sasuke Uchiha is sitting inside his limo on his way to Osaka, instead of being in Tokyo serving his duty as a policeman.

When the limo made a stop, Sasuke snapped out of his stupor and looked out the window once more. Finally he had made it to Osaka. The stoic features softened at his old hometown. He wouldn't admit it out loud, but he missed living here. Old memories of his childhood played through his mind like a black and white movie. His friends—who have probably have all moved on in life to remember him—with the exception of one.

Stepping out of the car, breathing in the fresh scent mingling in the air, Sasuke informed his driver that he would return shortly.


"You're late!" Anko's loud thunderous voice echoed through the small building.

Her boss, Anko Mitarashi—the owner of the local traditional tea house—never likes her workers to be late. She was a rather ordinary-looking woman. Average height and figure, her distinctive violet hair can be sight (though Hinata knows she is no exception with her dark blue hair). Her hair is normally worn in the same spiky ponytail. She was dressed in a dark orange, flower patterned kimono, with a gold obi wrapped around her waist.

Hinata winced, bowing apologetically. "Forgive me for my tardiness, Anko-san."

Anko sighed, her hand placed on her hip and eyebrows relaxed. "It's alright, Hinata. Just make sure you don't come in late again. That's your fourth time this month. It's not like you." Out of all her workers, Hinata is by far the best. She is very professional, respectful and most of all the regular customers adore her. She has gathered many admirers from young children, teenagers and adults alike. Anko had to admit, Hinata is rather adorable. But she has grown to worry about her number one employee. The bright gleam that is normally shining in her lavender hues hasn't been there. Lately she seems rather listless.

Hinata eventually disappeared into the back changing room to put on her work clothes for the day. Waiting patiently for her by the doorframe, Anko stopped the Hyuuga before she could proceed out into the front.

"Do you need something?" Hinata asked curiously, craning her head to the side staring up at her superior.

Anko's brown eyes narrowed, "Is there anything you would like to speak with me about? Lately you haven't been yourself. I'm merely worried."

In some ways Anko reminded her of Naruto. Not only personality wise, but their ability to read her like a book always made her nervous. No matter how hard she tries to hide her personal feelings, Anko can always see right through her—much like Naruto. Shifting her eyes to the wooden floor, pressing her lips tightly, Hinata shook her head. "No. Everything is fine." Telling her boss that her boyfriend lost his job and that they might be evicted due to late payments isn't really any of Anko's concern. Even though is sounds a tad bit harsh to think so, it's the truth.

Her boss didn't seem convinced but shooed her away to attend to her customers.

Walking into the front of Mitarashi's Teahouse, Hinata's eyes landed a male customers sitting alone at the wooden table in the back. His dark raven tresses contrasted with his ivory skin and obscure irises. He was wearing a simple black T-shirt, blue jeans and sneakers. This attire made him stand out compared to the rest of the customers who were all wearing traditional kimonos. The stoic expression that plagued his features made him unapproachable. Women workers and customers all stared in awe at his beauty. Hinata could tell that a few of her colleagues were dying to wait on him, literally pushing each other out of the way to get to him.

Hinata just shook her head in shame. She could never understand why women react in such a way when a good-looking guy is involved. Turning to attend to an elderly couple, the male customer signaled for her to come to his table.

The heated glares from the women were all sent in her direction, making her cower in fear. Why did this man have to call her specifically? She was standing so far away compared to the other workers. Gathering up her strength, Hinata approached the male with a shy smile and rosy cheeks. "Welcome to Mitarashi's Teahouse. Is there anything you would like today? We have various teas that—"

"I'll have green tea." He said, cutting her off before she could finish her phrase.

Instead of being rude—which isn't like her to be anyways—Hinata bowed and excused herself from his table. Walking in the back, she quickly made the tea, but eyed the male carefully from the opened flap separating the customers from the back of the teahouse.

"He's a cutie, isn't he?" Sakura Haruno, her bubbly friend spoke slyly.

Hinata shrugged. "I suppose. I didn't pay too much attention to his features." She mumbled, truthfully.

Sakura made an inaudible gasp. "Are you serious? That guy has to be the most handsome guy who has ever stepped foot in here and you're telling me that you didn't pay any attention to his godlike features!" Sakura shook her head while making dumplings. "Besides Naruto, have you ever found anyone else attractive? Or is Naruto the only other person you see?" The pink haired female asked dubiously.

"Naruto is the only attract-attractive man in my eyes. No one else measures up to him." Hinata stammered, her cheeks growing red.

"I swear you have, like, Naruto tunnel vision or something. That guy is an idiot," she flinched at the mild glare Hinata gave her. Chuckling nervously, Sakura nudged her shoulder against the smaller woman. "But you love him. So that's all that should matter, right?"

Hinata sighed. Sakura has never cared for her boyfriend since day one. She always calls him a loser and how unworthy he is to date Hinata. Naruto has always tried to please Sakura, but to no avail, it seems that the two would never set aside their differences and become friends. But at least they seem to tolerate each other for her sake.

When the green tea was finished, Hinata placed the small ceramic cup onto the serving plate. Heading back into the front, she could see the impatient features of her customer. His eyes met hers and narrowed.

"It's about time. How long does it take to make tea?" He frowned, his pale finger tapping impatiently on the table.

Approaching his table, Hinata had to resist the urge to sigh in frustration. "It took the normal time it always—" before she could finish her sentence, she tripped over her foot landing on the lowered table of her customer. She winced at the pain from her ankle, "Ouch…" she muttered. Lifting her head, her eyes widened a fraction at the sight. Not only had she tripped, but the tea spilled all over the dark haired man. A crimson blush arose on her cheek from embarrassment. "Oh! I'm so sorry, sir! Please forgive me!"

The man said nothing, but if looks could kill. The tea dripping down his face would probably sizzle from the heat rising on his face. He looked livid.

"You incompetent clumsy fool," his voice was dark and ominous sending a shiver up her spine.

Anko and Sakura came rushing out to check on the commotion. "Hinata! Are you okay?" Anko rushed to the aid of her employer.

Hinata nodded slowly, as Anko helped her to her feet. "I'm fine." Embarrassed was more like it. She knew that she could be the clumsy girl. It took her four weeks to get used to balancing a plate filled of full cups to her customers in one hand, and food on the other, but after years of mastering it, Hinata finally gotten the hang of it. So why now of all times did she have to trip over her own foot and spill a full cup of tea on a customer?

Sasuke abruptly stood to his feet. His eyes blazing in anger at the Hinata—who refused to give him any eye contact.

"Excuse me. Do you need any tissue to dry yourself off? I would gladly retrieve some if you need any." Sakura said, sweetly yet hesitantly.

Taking his eyes away from Hinata, Sasuke gave his attention to the woman standing in front of him. "Sure." He watched her happily take off in search for the napkins.

"I would like to apologize on Hinata's behalf. We are truly sorry for any mishaps we have caused you today." Anko said. Though she didn't appreciate the way this man was glaring heatedly at Hinata.

"Whatever. I'm not paying for something I had spilled on me." Sasuke wiped his face and turned away walking out of the teahouse.

"What a jerk." Anko muttered angrily. "Are you okay, Hinata? He didn't hurt you or anything, did he?"

Hinata smiled reassuringly. "If it were possibly to be physically hurt by a look, then I would say so. But I'm fine." She didn't want to be a burden and complain about her ankle. So she decided to keep quiet about it.

Sakura came rushing back with a stack of napkins. The look of disappointment plagued her features at his disappearance. "Where did he go?" She whined.


Naruto smiled proudly at his work. Naruto Uzumaki has never been one of the best cooks. Hell, even Hinata knows that. But he put all of his energy to make his girlfriend dinner. For the past six months of his unemployment, Hinata has been working her tail off at her job, even working extra hours just to make enough money to pay off their late bills. On top of all of that, she comes home to cook dinner for them. She's knocked out by the time dinner is finish. There have been plenty of times she has even fallen asleep at the table. The poor girl has been doing most of the work around the house, while he does nothing but lay on the couch play video games, eats and sleep. Today was the day he wanted to prove to his girlfriend just how much he appreciates having her around.

He prepared her favorite foods (and his as well), and placed decorative assorted flowers of her favorites on the middle of the table inside a glass vase. Not only had he prepared dinner for her, but he had also prepared a nice warm bath for her with vanilla scented candles surrounding the tub.

Even he couldn't help but to blush at his take on being romantic. He just hopes that she'll like it. Luckily he timed everything perfectly. Hinata should be arriving home any minute now. A grin stretched across his tan features just thinking about it.

A gentle knock coming from the front door disturbed his thoughts. Walking from the kitchen, Naruto made his way to open the door.

"So you really do live here." The deep voice said in dryly, though the traces of amusement were on his façade.

"Sasuke…what—what are you doing here?" Naruto stared openmouthed. He hasn't seen Sasuke in nearly six years, since his deployment to Tokyo.

Sasuke smirked. "I promised that I would come, didn't I? Now are you going to let me in or not?"

Nodding absently, Naruto stepped to the side, allowing room for his childhood friend to enter. He still couldn't believe it. Growing up Sasuke has always been like a brother to him. Sure he could be a bastard, but the guy had always been a good friend. And now he is finally back! When he left to Tokyo, the only contact they had were emails. It wasn't a constant thing, every few months or so they would email each other randomly. The emails weren't too much. Normally short responses, though Naruto had a tendency of typing pages to him. "Are you visiting?" Naruto asked slowly.

"I don't know yet. I haven't thought that far ahead." Sasuke said, looking around the neatly decorative apartment. It's too neat for Naruto to be living here alone. The girl that he has been hearing so much about from Naruto must live here too. If she didn't this apartment would be a mess. "I'm surprised you're being so calm. Shouldn't you be talking loudly and calling me bastard or something?" Sasuke wasn't used to this tranquil Naruto. It unnerved him a bit. But in a way it was good not to see his obnoxious side. It must have something to do with his girlfriend.

Naruto grinned, widely. "It's just…I'm surprised to see you, that's all. You didn't give me any warning you were coming and well…I kinda' have something planned for my girlfriend…" He trailed off, looking to the side.

"So I'm intruding?"

"Ah! No, it's not that. Well…I just wasn't expecting you." He chuckled, scratching the back of his neck. "Since you're here you can meet my girlfriend! She should be coming home any minute now. She's the cutest girl! Just wait to you see her. But you have to promise me you won't fall for her. I'm very selfish when it comes to my princess." Naruto warned, though it was meant to be taken as joke, Sasuke could see the borderline seriousness lurking in his blue eyes.

Snorting crossing his arms across his chest, Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Yeah, whatever Naruto," he mumbled.

"I'm home."

Naruto's eyes widened, eagerly pointing to the door mouthing the words "that's her" to Sasuke. Both males turned their heads to see Hinata closing the door behind her. Sasuke froze. This couldn't be right. That's the girl from the teahouse. She's Naruto's girlfriend?

Naruto immediately rushed to Hinata's side, wrapping his arm around her shoulder. "Sasuke, I'd like you to meet Hinata Hyuuga, my girlfriend."

Hinata and Sasuke's eyes widened pointing their fingers at each other.

"Y-You're the guy from the teahouse."

"You're the clumsy idiot who spilled tea on me!"

Naruto's brow rose in confusion. "Eh? You two already met?" Sasuke's words finally settled in causing the blond to glare at his friend. "Hey! Who do you think you're calling idiot! Hinata isn't an idiot. You take that back right now, bastard." Naruto yelled, forgetting about the food waiting in the kitchen for Hinata.

"No. You're stupid girlfriend spilled tea all over me today because she doesn't know how to walk straight. It's her fault I had to walk around smelling like green tea!"

Naruto did take notice of the familiar smell coming from Sasuke earlier but hadn't thought much about it. Now that he said something he does smell a lot like green tea. "It was just a mistake I'm sure. Hinata is one of the best servers in there. So don't go blaming her for a mild accident. And if you don't want to smell like tea then take a shower and change clothes!" His anger was slowly rising. No one disrespects his girlfriend in front of him.

Hinata placed a gentle hand on her boyfriend's arm to calm him down. "It's alright Naruto. It's over and done with now. Let's forget about it."

Sasuke and Naruto scoffed, but grew silent to her command. Sasuke observed the couple carefully, watching them eventually disappear into the kitchen. A gasp of surprise filled the silent house, followed by Naruto's shushed words of love. Sasuke scoffed and harshly sat down on their blue vinyl couch. Out of all people to date how could Naruto date such an idiot? What was the word Naruto used to describe her? Oh right, the cutest girl. Cute wasn't the right word for her. She looked so plain and ordinary. Her meek aura isn't anything to be attracted to. She doesn't even look right standing next to the loud Naruto. This girl isn't right for his friend. A maladroit idiot like her doesn't deserve Naruto. If anything she's probably useless. He barely knows her, yet everything about her already annoys his core.

It was this moment Sasuke Uchiha decided to hate the girl named Hinata Hyuuga.