"I must say, you work well under pressure." Sirius flopped down on the couch, ignoring the scathing looks James sent his way. "I was really impressed."

"Sirius. That's enough." Lily said, tossing an old magazine at him. "You were both great. You saved my life."

James shrugged and sat in the chair opposite the couch.

"You're such a baby." Sirius rolled his eyes and sat up so Lily could sit down. "I was just giving you a hard time."

"Well forgive me if I forgot to laugh at your lame jokes." James stomped to his room and slammed the door behind him.

Sirius didn't dare look at Lily as she stood up to leave.

"Just cool it on the jokes for a while, you know?" Sirius nodded and Lily knocked on James' bedroom door.

"What? Come to see if my diaper needs changing?" He swung the door open before Lily could answer. "Oh. Sorry."

She shrugged. "He's just being himself. You can't hold it against him."

"I just felt so stupid and useless, you know?"

"You were great. And besides, there's a reason that doctors don't treat family." James looked at her curiously. "Or, you know, anyone they know." Her face turned red and she cleared her throat. "You know what I mean."

"Yeah." He trailed off. "I'm putting my laundry away, if you wanted to, you know, sit down and talk or something." He gestured into his bedroom.

Lily nodded and followed him in. She had very rarely been into his bedroom. The door was usually shut when he wasn't home. She was surprised by how neat he kept it. It made her room look like a disaster zone, she thought.

"Looks good in here." She said, perching on the edge of his bed next to a pile of robes. "No wonder the rest of the place is a mess." She said, jokingly.

James chuckled a little. "Sometimes it's nice to come home to peace and order after a crazy day."

Lily watched silently for a moment while James straightened a robe and then hung it in his closet. When he turned around to get another one she said, "Do you remember that night? When we went out?"

"I remember not remembering, if that's what you're asking." He said, carefully placing the robe on the hanger. "It was a memory charm."

"Yeah." Lily bit her lower lip. "Not a very good one."

James turned to face her again. "Why, what do you remember?"

Lily shrugged. "Nothing, maybe. I don't know. It's more of a feeling than a memory."

"Go on. Tell me," James urged. He put down the robe he was holding and walked over to where Lily was sitting. "Whatever it is, it might help us figure it out."

"You're right." Lily sighed. "It's just that I feel like I'm going crazy for what is going through my head."

"I won't think you're crazy. I promise." James said, sitting next to her and patting her knee reassuringly.

She nodded her head. "Ok. I'll tell you. But don't freak out. It's just a feeling."

James's brow wrinkled with worry, but he nodded his head, signaling her to continue. Before she could, though, Sirius barged into the room.

"Hey, buddy, I just wanted to apologize" Sirius trailed off. "Am I interrupting?"

"No." Lily said, standing up. "Not at all." She made her way to the door. "I'll see you later,"

James watched her go, and couldn't help but feel frustrated with Sirius. He was so close to figuring out a piece of what was going on.

"I know that I shouldn't have been making light of the situation," Sirius said. "If it was the love of my life that didn't know I loved her, I would have been in the same place as you."

"Thanks," James said dryly. "I overreacted. I know you didn't mean anything by your teasing."

Sirius shrugged. "Are you sure I wasn't interrupting something?" Sirius raised his eyebrows curiously.

"It's fine." James sighed, and flopped back on his bed. "Lily was about to tell me something about that night we can't remember."

"Whoa. She remembers something?" Sirius looked shocked. "Does she know who charmed you?"

"I don't know!" James said. "You came in before she told me anything."

Sirius nodded. "Well, I'll head out now. Let me know what you find out."

James sat and thought about the situation after Sirius left. He couldn't make sense of anything though. There was still a hazy gap in his memory from that night. He was so tired from the adrenaline rush of the evening that he was sure no matter what Lily had to tell him, it wouldn't make sense, even if she told him that two plus two equals four.

James stood up and stretched before leaving his room and knocking softly on Lily's bedroom door. When there was so response, he tried again. When Lily still hadn't said anything, James opened the door a crack and peeked inside.

Lily was laying sideways on her bed sound asleep. She was still fully clothed, with her legs hanging off the side of the bed. James couldn't help but smile when he saw her. He opened the door the rest of the way and walked inside. Her alarm clock caught his eye. He almost couldn't believe that two hours ago he was standing outside the library looking for her, but finding her death eater ex-boyfriend.

He told himself that he wasn't going to think about it for the rest of the night. He walked over to the bed and gently picked Lily up. She stirred in her sleep, but didn't wake when he laid her down with her head on her pillows. He pulled the blankets up to her chin and smiled at how peaceful she looked.

"Good night, Lily," he said, gently pushing her hair off her face. He clicked off the lamp next to her bed and quietly closed the door behind him, hoping that he would be able to sleep as peacefully as Lily.

When Lily woke up the next morning, she felt like she had a bad dream. When the events of the night before came back to her, she realized that it was much worse than a bad dream, it was reality.

She sat up in bed and rubbed her face. She was so exhausted that she couldn't even remember going to bed the night before. The last thing that she remembered, she was in talking to James about the mysterious night they found themselves cold and confused in a shadowy doorway.

Had she told him? She couldn't remember. After being kidnapped and nearly killed by a group of death eaters, she had a hard time keeping her thoughts straight. She tried to keep herself composed on the outside, but inside, her emotions were like a stormy sea.

As she put her feet down on the floor, she noticed for the first time an ache in her ankles. She looked down and saw the raw marks where the ropes had bound her tightly to the chair. She took a deep breath and told herself that it was just a coincidence that she had been kidnapped. After all, what could she have done to anger the Death Eaters?

As soon as that thought was complete, another one came to her mind. Tom. She had almost forgotten about his role in the evening. How had she never known that he was a death eater? How was it possible that she opened up her life and her home to a man that was a Death Eater?

Lily was so confused by all of the thoughts in her head that she hardly noticed she was still fully dressed as she grabbed her towel and headed for the shower.

As the hot water pounded down on her aching body, new, more terrifying thoughts boiled up in Lily's head. What if she was a target? What if it wasn't a coincidence? What if Tom was never really interested in her, but was ordered to lure her away from her friends and kidnap her for the Dark Lord's purposes?

She shivered, despite the water that was so hot it was turning her skin red. She leaned against the wall of the shower, confused and unsure of what to do. Was it even safe for her to go to school or work?

Lily lost track of time and only got out of the shower once the water had a chill to it. When she opened the door, she was so distracted that she hardly noticed James sitting at the kitchen table.

"Ok?" He asked, concerned.

Lily smiled. "Yeah. I was just thinking."

"Oh. Well. I made pancakes." He gestured to the table. "You should have some. It was a rough night, you need sustenance."

Lily smiled. "Thanks. I'll be out in a minute." She tried not to think about what she would be doing if James and Sirius hadn't come and rescued her the night before. She knew for a fact that she wouldn't be eating pancakes while the bright morning sun shone onto the kitchen table. I would be dead, she thought.

"Thank you." Lily said.

James looked up. "No problem. It was a mix."

Lily smiled. "No. Thank you for everything. For saving me."

Funny story. My computer crashed shortly after I updated this story, you know, over a year ago. I just found an old jump drive in a box (I just moved. What a mess.) yesterday and I found the beginning of this chapter on it. I have never been able to find the outline for the entire story so I was overwhelmed by the thought of trying to piece it back together. I was inspired and I have completely revamped the story line, and finished this chapter. Go inspiration.