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The Eternal Dance


This is a tale of a friendship that would change a world, of a love no-one thought would last, and of six teenagers forced to grow up much faster than they should have had too. This is the story no-one has heard, the one everyone has forgotten; lost as the back-story of The Boy Who Lived. This is my story, my trials and tribulations, my victories and defeats, my friendships and my enemies. Welcome to the story of my life.

Nothing about my life can be classified as normal, just like nothing about my person can be either. I have been told that my looks are quite striking, but I've never much bothered with those as the people I tend to deal with on a day to day basis couldn't care less. When the main objective is to kill you it really doesn't matter if you die attractively or not; at least not to them.

My first conscious memories are from when I was eleven. I only know this number because the Healers at St. Mungo's did several, extensive tests on me, coming only to the conclusion that I was alive, a girl, eleven years old, and magically powerful. I first remember waking up in a large house and seeing a woman. She was tall about 5'11 ½" slim, 135 pounds, had dark hair that was graying slowly and came to her mid- back; although at the time it was in a bun. She was 58 years old, had warm hazel eyes and was the biological mother of one, the mother in spirit of another.

Don't ask me how I knew this. I myself still can not fully comprehend why I can know so much about a person in so little time. By the time the second second had passed I knew her name, her occupation, her morals, her values, her beliefs, her worst fear, and her greatest joy. Luckily as time has passed I have gotten more and more control over this unique ability. I do not read minds, at least not in the traditional muggle sense. Instead I can read a person's, for lack of a better term, soul and thanks to my heightened senses I am able to correctly figure out the other bits; height, weight, hair length, eye colour etc.

From this first conscious memory I have been brought into a struggle of epic proportions that has lasted for millennia. I have found love, friendship, and family. I have seen suffering, pain, and torture. I have felt every emotion possible and done everything in my power to put an end to this war, for it is a war. A war that surpasses anything this earth has ever seen. A war with a hatred so ingrained there is no way to get rid of it, at least not in this generation. A war with heroes and villains, but most of all, a war that has seen far too many victims fall to count. It is more than any mortal man should bear.

Luckily for me, I am neither a mortal nor a man.