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Inuyasha Maximum By Ten-Faced Paladin Prolouge

On the strange world where two moons lit up the night sky, something was causing quite a stir. In a lush canyon hanging over a ridge, was the Maximal ship Axalon. It had crashed on this world in pursuit of a Predacon ship. Within it, alarms were going off, warning everyone inside about something that could be either good or bad for them.

Optimus Primal, commander of the Axalon and leader of the Maximals, came into the command centre. Already there and at their control stations were his teammates Rhinos, the chief science officer, and Rattrap, the resident demolitions expert.

"Report," Optimus stated firmly.

Rattrap turned away from his computer screen to face his commander.

"It's like dis boss monkey," he explained. "Seems that a huge bunch o' stasis pods came down onto the planet all at once"

"There's only one problem," Rhinox commenteed without turning around. "There's energon all over tthe place where they came down"

"Yeah," Rattrap smirked. "We're lucky that the pods didn't go boom when they came down"

"Have you gotten to coordinates?" Optimus asked both of his men.

Rhinox fell silent as he tapped at the keyboard of his station again. He then sighed deeply before turning to face Optimus.

"They're in sector Y-7," he replied.

"What!" cried Rattrap. "That place is nuthin' but energon! We'd be lucky to get barely a cycle outta beast mode there."

"That's just prime," Optimus sighed. "Okay, I want everyone on this one. Rhinox, radio Tigertron and see if he can help us out. We need to get to those pods first"

Rhinox nodded and returned to his station. Rattrap snorted as he turned back to his leader.

"And just how do you plan for us to get the pods out of there?" he asked.

"We'll deal with that when we get there." Optimus replied. "We need to keep the Predacons away or else we'd be handing the Beast Wars over to Megatron."

Minutes later, several animals could be seen exiting the Maximal base and racing for the more mountainous regions. A cheetah(Cheetor), a raptor(Dinobot), a falcon(Airrazor), a rat(Rattrap), a rhino(Rhinox), and a gorrila(Optimus) made up the team that was determined to get to those sleeping Maximals.

Unfortunately, the Predacons were already on the move. All of them were heading for the same area that the Maximals were heading for. They were all in beast mode and were being led by a Tyrannosaurus(Magatron). Beside him on his left was a giant scorpion(Scorpinock) and to his right was a giant fire ant(Inferno). Above him was a pteryldactl(Terrasaur) and a giant hornet(Waspinator). At the far back were a giant tarantula(Tarantulus) and a giant black widow(Blackarachnia).

"Once we capture those pods, we can overrun that fool Primal and end the Beast Wars once and for all, yes," Megatron sneered.

"In case you've forgotten," Tarantulus clicked through his mandibles. "Optimus and the Maximals are going to be after those pods too."

"Do you take me for a fool!" Megatron growled, glaring at the spider through his left eye."Of course I know that!"

"Then what do you plan to do about it?" asked Scorpinock.

Megatron smirked as he returned his gaze to the path ahead of him.

"It is simple enough remedy," he smirked. "All we need is one Predacon to get to the pods while the rest of us deal with the Maximals."

"He he, a plan worthy of the royalty!" Inferno cheered.

Megatron sighed as he shook his head. Even after all this time, he still didn't haave the foggiest idea why the pyromaniac insisted on calling him by that name.

The entire situation was a powderkeg ready to go off with the pods as the prize. All it needed was just one spark to get the thing going. A spark which Waspinator readily supplied.

"Oooooh," the hornet buzzed. "Wazzpinator seez Maximalz,"

Megatron smirked eagerly, "Always the predictable one Optimus. Predacons! Prepare for battle! Tarantulus, you make sure that those proto-forms become Predacons, or else."

"Of course," Taranrulus clicked as he shuffled away from the others.

With the Maximals, they had managed to get to the area with the pods quickly. Airrazor just added even more bad news to the Maximals day.

"I got preds in my sights!" she reported.

"Prime," Optimus sighed. "Okay, Rattrap, you get to those pods and get us some reinforcements. We'll handle the Predacopns until you get back."

"Gotcha boss monkey," Rattrap nodded as he began to tale a path around the impending battle.

"All right Maximals," Optimus spoke. " Let's do this."

In an open field, not far from the stasis pods, the two factions met. Megatron smirked as he watched his mortal enemy stare him down.

"Optimus, so good to see you again," Megatron smiled. "Come to meet my new crew members? You're a little early I fear,"

"Can it Megatron!" Optimus retorted. "These Maximals are coming back with us."

"We'll see about that," Megatron replied. "MEGATRON TERRORIZE!"

The T-rex roared as it opened and transformed to become the Predacon leader.







The various insects and reptiles transformed in their own vatious ways to become the Predacons that everyone loved to hate.


The gorilla that stood in the middle of the assorted mammals and single dinosaur bellowed as it shifted and changed to become the true form of the Maximal leader.






The Maximals all transformed into their true forms with their weapons drawn. It was now time for the next battle in the Beast Wars to commence.

Rattrap moved through the energon crystals with apprehension. He hadn't seen this much energon since that floating mountain bit with Terrasaur. He could already see five stasis pods and there were still more all over the area.

"Might as well start somewhere," Rattrap muttered to himself.

As he headed for the closest stasis pod that he could find, he heard something that made his tail twitch. A clicking noise that he knew all too well. Rattrap shuffled past some crystals and found himself looking at Tarantulus, who was fiddling with one of the stasis pods.

"Well that just grinds my gears," Rattrap growled to himslef.

Rattrap Took a few steps back, and then he ran at Tarantulus' back. When he was only a few steps away, he leaped at the spider.

"RATTRAP MAXIMIZE!" he called as he began to transform.

"What!" Tarantulus cried while turning around, only to get Rattraps metal foot planted into his face.

Rattrap leaped off the Tarantulus' face and rolled along the ground. He then took out his weapon and began shooting rounds at him. Tarantulus leaped out of the way just as bullet holes riddled the ground.

"Filthy vermin!" Tarantulus cursed as he landed. "TARANTULUS TERRORIZE!"

Tarantulus rose from his beast mode and pulled out his missile launcher. He stared down Rattrap as he took aim.

"I don't have time for you vermin!" he hissed.

"I'll bet you don't," Rattrap smirked. "Now why don't you get outta here before I take your legs off?"

"Rrrgh!" Tarantulus growled. "I'll make you wish that your spark was never brought out of the matrix!"

Tarantulus then opened fire on Rattrap. His missles all flew at Rattrap with the purpose of blowing im to bits. He danced his way past them and finally leaped to the side when one blew up the ground he was standing on.

"Woah," Rattrap breathed as he stood up. "Nice shot legs. you couldn't hit the broad side of a cargo ship!"

Tarantulus growled in rage and he fired more missiles at Rattrap. Insted of destroying their intended target, the blew up large rocks and portions of rock walls. It only served to make Tarantulus angrier and supply Rattrap with more jokes about the spider's aim.

"That's it!" Tarantulus hissed. "I've had enough of you vermin!"

Rattrap sniggered as he dodged another shot. He was about to start shooting back when he body began crackling blue energy and his limbs began to stiffen.

"Energon buildup," Rattrap squeaked. "Oh, slag!"

Tarantulus's mandible turned to a smiling position as he saw his opponent's turmoil.

"Ha ha ha!" he laughed. "Time to die vermin!"

Just as he was about to pull the trigger, Tarantulus succumbed to his own case of energon buildup. His limbs twitched, forcing him to pull the rigger. His aim was way off as the missle flew clear of Rattrap. It continued it's path and collided with an energon crystal formation. This caused the crystals around the explosion to become increasingly unstable and acually spread that instability to the other crystals.

Tarantulus and Rattrap's jaws went slack as they saw what happened. They then took one look at each other before making a run for it.

"Oh, slag!" Rattrap cried as he went to beast mode.

"Nooooo!" Tarantulus shouted in fear as he did the same.

Outside the energon field, the battle raged on. Neither side had gained any ground. Several craters were littered around the area along with several scorch marks.

"How long does it take to activate a few stasis pods?" Cheetor asked as he ducked behind a boulder.

"The little vermin is probably relaxing while we are risking our lives," Dinobot hissed as he fired his eye lasers.

The battle suddenly stopped as both Rattrap and Tarantulus ran into the middle of the battle in their beast modes.

"Run for your lives!" Tarantulus cried.

"It's gonna blow!" shouted Rattrap.

Both factions looked to the energo field as they heard a humming sound. That meant only one thing. The energon crystals were going critical. Every Cybertronian knew that if energon crystals were going critical, you'd better make tracks.

"Predacons, retreat!" Megatron ordered.

"Maximals, fall back!" Optimus called.

Within the energon field, something odd was happening. As the crystals began to release bolts of energy, they began going into the pods. The bolts would surge through the proto-form's spark, and collect residual spark energy and come out of the pods again and into another crystal formation. After a moment, the crystals began glowing with white energy as the humming grew louder. The crystals were about to go critical.

Outside the area, the Maximals watched the event from a safe distance in their beast modes. The whole field was becomming engulfed in a huge field of withe light. The Maximals had to cover their eyes as the light grew brighter. The field of energy grew larger until it just touched the edge of the battlefield that the Maximals and Predacons just created. As it touched, it suddenly began to shrink at the same rate as it was growing. It also generated enough suction that it was pulling in all the debris from the battle. The Maximals held their ground until the light was gone. All that was left as the light faded was a crater that stretched as far as the the energon field used to. The Maximals were taken back by the amount of destruction that had been caused.

"The pods are gone," Rhinox stated bluntly. "I can't believe it."

"All those maximals," Airrazor gasped.

Rhinox shook his head. "I don't think so. That was not your average energo overload. It looked almost like a trans-warp gate. Although I'd have to do some tests to be sure."

"Do them," Optimus nodded. "We have to find out what happened to those pods."

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