As always a little explanation before the story starts, there's a couple things you should know if you wish to understand it properly:

All the movies from the X Men have happened

BUT instead of Jean having power trouble, it's Rogue

Yes, Rogue is with Bobby

There might be some quotations from the last two movies which I did NOT write

And for you Romy fans…there's going to be loads of Romy, 'coz ya just can't have Rogue without Remy…unlike the last 3 X Men movies

And for you other love fans, it's not just Romy, there's loads of other couples which are very likely

Also, it's not just the X Men, this isn't targeted on the X Men's view of things, all Marvel superheros are used in this fictional story (which DON'T belong to me…though I wish they were…I can dream…)

Sorry to keep you waiting, here's the story…

The Darkness Within

"A spark of life can die down at any moment, but sometimes, can be reborn. Sparks come in many different colours, red is temptation, blue is kind…and black…black is the one feared and looked down upon by man…" - Christopher Perrui

I'm Not A Hero

Her red rose lips were frozen, no noise was made. Just the noise of the lake near by, slowly coming in and out like a tide.

Then…a breath escaped from the frozen red rose lips…slowly taking breathes…

Her eyes flickered open revealing a set of green eyes which could be mistaken for emeralds. Her eyes remained fixed on the blue sky above, just watching the clouds go by.

She was on her back lying on the ground. She took several deep panting breaths, her face in shock. Where was she? Why was she here?

Suddenly, she heard movement to the side. She turned her head to look. She didn't move, almost afraid of what she was going to see.

She slowly focused her emerald eyes, looking around her surroundings. She saw grassland and plant life which were indefinite to her. She was laid on gravel and as she turned her head to the other side, she was a lake. She slowly got up from the position she was in.

She looked around, trying to get a memory of what happened. She put her hand on her head to try to remember but she just didn't have it in her.

She nearly jumped out of her skin as she heard the noise again. It sounded like a deep breathing noise, a taunting noise with the sound of rustling leaves around. Her own breathing got deeper.

She moved closer towards the rocks and plant life near to her, taking caution, knowing that something was going to happen. The noises got louder and louder, yet she had to know what is was…

Suddenly, fire swiftly flew out of the plant life in front of her, knocking her off her feet. She looked up to see the fire go into the sky, only to come back heading towards her. Her eyes went wide open and she got to her feet. But it was too late; the fire hit her, going into her body…

But she didn't blank out…

Memory after memory flooded back into her mind. Who she was, where she was from, everything she had been through…

When the memories had stopped coming into her mind, she felt confused. Were these really her memories?


The young mutant known as Rogue sat on one of the blackbird's chairs, looking at the other X Men struggling to get the plane of the ground. It didn't help that the dam was breaking and they'd most likely were going to drown to death.

She was breathing very heavily, scared of dying. She had so much to live for, and yet she was so depressed with her life. She looked over to Bobby who was on the opposite side of her on the plane looking just as much troubled. It was so hard being his girlfriend, when all he wanted to do was just touch her. But it wasn't his fault, she should have just said no to him, told him she didn't want anything to with him.

Wolverine's growls made her tenser. Maybe they were actually going to drown? She looked over to Jean and Scott who were trying to help Storm with the controls, nothing seemed to work. Jean started to push past Cyclops and Wolverine and walked towards the weak Professor Xavier.

This was Rogue's chance. She didn't want to be a hero, but she would never have the ultimate thing she wanted…the ability to touch. She had nothing. Her powers had been playing up lately, and she discovered she might have another mutant ability, which the Professor said telekinesis. That's all Rogue needed, another damn power. She couldn't even control her curse let alone another power. What was the point? All the X Men had so much to live for, so much to do. Rogue just wanted to cry every night, and she was so fed up of crying.

With convincing herself she had nothing to live for, she stood up slowly, and started to walk to the back where Jean was tending to the Professor. Rogue took her glove off and lightly pressed her finger tips onto Jean.

Jean didn't even expect Rogue to touch her, and had a shocked look on her face, to a painful one. She fell to the floor, Rogue using Jean's powers to gently push her on the ground. Rogue looked to the Professor whose eyes were closed, obviously oblivious to what had happened. The children at the back watched Rogue as she went down the stairs.

Logan turned around to see Jean on the floor out cold and Rogue's head going down the stairs. He finally caught on and ran to the stairs.

"Rogue!" he shouted, but then the stairs automatically went up. He pressed the button to release them, but her powers weren't letting him.

"What's going on?" asked Storm.

"Rogue's gone outside!" shouted back Logan as he ran to the front of the plane.

"What!" shouted Bobby. The X Men looked out of the window to see Rogue walking towards the front of the plane. Logan turned to the teleporter known as Kurt and grabbed him harshly by his shoulder.

"Teleport her back in here, now!" he shouted. Kurt nodded and teleported, but came back again in the same spot.

"She's not letting me, she's blocking my powers somehow." said Kurt.

"The controls are back online, Rogue's putting the engine back on." said Storm as she saw all the controls turn back on automatically.

"We're not leaving!" said Logan insensitively. Cyclops was helping Jean Grey off the floor, she was beginning to regain conscious. He knew as much as Logan what Rogue was doing.

"She's saving us…risking her own life." said Cyclops. Logan growled.

"No, she's gonna come back." said Bobby. He turned to Storm. "Right?" Storm didn't say anything, she was concentrating on outside.

Rogue stood on the sand like ground and watched as the wave of water came closer towards her. She gulped, knowing what she had to do. She was scared not doubt, but she had to save them, she had no choice. All of them had a spark in them, while she had lost hers a long time ago. Suddenly the wave was right in front of her, and with here telekinesis she was able to stop the wave hitting her or the Blackbird.

She turned around to lift the plane up at the same time, knowing this would be the last time she'd ever see them again. It was hard, but she knew she was the only one who could do it, the only one willing to do it.

Inside the Blackbird, Logan was still sure she was going to survive, while Bobby had tears in his eyes. They were all worried, thinking she might be able to reach them in time, but deep down they knew what she was doing.

"Don't worry." said the Professor. Everyone looked at him as the plane shook violently. "I know what I'm doing." Logan immediately caught on that it was Rogue using Jean's powers to get to the Professor.

"Rogue!" he said, tears in his eyes. "Rogue, what are ya doin' kid!"

"I'm doing the right thing." he replied Logan put his hands on the Professor's shoulders. Xavier's eyes were shut tight.

"Ya tryin' t' be a hero kid, what did I tell you about tryin' t' be a hero! It's pointless." he told her.

"It's not about that." he said. "I have nothing else to offer any of you. I'm different to each and every one of you. I can't touch, and I never will be able too. It's time I do something which will make me feel proud."

"No…no." Logan cried.

"Thank you for everything Logan, X Men…Bobby. I'll always be with you." Bobby ran up to Xavier.

"Rogue don't, please…" he begged. Xavier leaned forward and looked into Logan's eyes.


"Bye." said Rogue as she stood outside. The plane was high enough to regain its own balance, so she knew what she had to do. She couldn't hold the wave back forever, and she knew the next part of the plan. She breathed deeply, and stopped her powers, causing the wave to hit her full on.

Logan watched as the girl he saw as a daughter get hit…die…tears strolled down his cheeks.

"I could have done something…" he said. "I could of dome…something…"

End Flashback

Rogue looked around her, she knew the answers to her questions now. But why was she here? She sacrificed herself for the X Men, she remembered…unless it was all a dream. Unless she wasn't a mutant…unless-.

"Rogue." said a hissing noise. Rogue turned around slowly and screamed as she saw fire in a shape of a body fly towards her…

Then, she blanked out…

Alkali Lake

Two men started to walk down the gravel hill towards the lake. The man was leading the other one behind him, explaining what he had found.

"I'm tellin' you, I was walking the dogs and I saw a body. I didn't check to see who it was, I just ran straight back home." explained the man. The other man with bleach blond hair didn't seem too amused, as though he didn't believe him.

"Look, can we just get this prank over and done with Joey, I haven't got time for your pathetic games." said the man. Joey rolled his eyes.

"I'd never go this far Danny." said Joey. He stopped in his tracks causing Danny to stop in his tracks. "It's behind that rock." Danny looked at his brother, feeling a little anxious, not knowing if he was lying or not. He took a deep breathe and walked towards the rock. As he peered over it, he gasped.

"Oh my God." he said. Joey walked towards him.

"I told you." Joey looked down to the body and saw it was a woman, a very beautiful one. "Is she alive?" Danny was too struck to even hear Joey. The woman was wearing blue trousers with a matching blue top which had an X on it. She had long urban hair with two white stripes, framing her angelic face. Her body was laid out perfectly, and she looked very much alive.

"Let…me check." said Danny as he bent down to check her pulse. He nodded and stood up quickly, scared of bodies. "No, there's no pulse."

"Then how did she die. Form the looks of it, she has no injuries." Danny shrugged and looked to Joey.

"This is none of our business; we need to inform the police." Joey nodded, but couldn't keep his eyes off of the beauty in front of him.

"Okay, you go back to the house and I'll stay here." he told his brother. Danny looked at him confused.

"Why don't you just come with me."

"'Coz I wanna check to see if there's any injuries." Danny rolled his eyes.

"What, just 'coz ya found a dead body ya think ya a doctor now?"

"Look, I know the basics, just hurry up okay?" Danny looked at him brother for a second and started to run off back from the direction they had come from.

Joey looked down to the body. "Who would wanna kill such a beautiful person, or maybe you just died." He started to brush her hair to the side to see more of her face. It was then he felt something strange. Joey started to feel so weak, like all his energy was being drained or something.

He saw his veins popping out and looked to the girl's face to see the exact same reaction. Suddenly her eyes opened to reveal total black pupils. He gasped and managed to pull himself back, but fell into unconsciousness as too much energy was taken.

The girl gasped as she came to grip with herself, and her black pupils changed to a beautiful emerald colour. She looked over to the man she just absorbed and felt a sudden emotion of guilt.

She stood up slowly, and looked around her. She recognised this place.

"Alkali lake." she whispered. She remembered everything what had happened, but why was she still alive, that was something she needed to find out. Once again she looked down to the man she absorbed, all his memories in her head and started to walk off the same path Danny walked.

As she walked past the plant life, they began to slowly die, though she did not notice.

Rose Cabin

"Yeah…Rose Cabin…Danny O'Thomas…thanks, bye." Danny put the phone down and sighed. Of all things that had to happen today, finding a dead body just had to be one of them. He started to feel sorry for the woman, what had she done, or what did she die of?

He walked towards the fireplace and sighed. 'Poor girl.' he thought. 'I'd better get back to Joey before he gets freaked out.' As Danny turned around to go to the door, he gasped as he saw the girl…dead girl he saw only moments ago. She looked at him, recognising his face.

"Danny?" she asked him. Danny backed away to the wall and quickly grabbed a log of wood on the fireplace. "That's ya name right?"

"Who-who the hell are you!" he shouted. "A z-z-z-ombie?" She smiled.

"No, mah names Rogue." she replied. "Ah'm not here t' hurt ya, so ya might as well put the log down." Danny started to shake.

"You were dead, I checked your pulse!" Danny shouted again. "Where's my brother!"

"Ya brother's fine, an' the reason why ah'm standin' in front o' you know is 'coz ah'm a mutants." she explained. Danny looked at her, not knowing if he should believe her.

"A mutant?"

"Yeah, mah ability is…havin' nine lives." she lied. "Ah also have other mutant abilities." Danny gripped onto the wood harder.

"So how come ya was dead?" he asked her.

"'Coz ah wo' in a fight between this guy." she said. "Striker…look, ah know this is weird, an; ah know ya probably don' like mutants, but ah-."

"Actually I do like mutants…what I don't like are zombies." he said. Rogue smiled.

"Looks like we already have somethin' in common."

"I don't mind mutants 'coz I am one." Rogue nodded.

"Ah already gathered from Joey's memories, but there also tellin' me ya not proud of it."

"Look, lets not get onto my family business okay. Where's my brother?"

"He's where ya found me; he accidentally touched me an' ah absorbed him."

"Absorbed him?"

"Yeah, it's one o' mah mutant abilities." Rogue could sense all this talking was calming him down, but she also figured he didn't have the answers he was looking for.

"Say if I believed you, what would ya business be here?" he asked, still holding onto his log.

"Ah want answers is all, but ah'm guessin' ya can' give me them." said Rogue. Danny looked her up and down.

"What's with the costume?"

"Ah was part o' a team called the X Men."

"Was?" he asked.

"Thangs changed."

"Look, I suggest you leave, the police are gonna be here any moment and there gonna be lookin' for ya." Danny said. "I'll tell them what your mutant powers are, but not your…name." Rogue rolled her eyes, Rogue was a god name.

"Thanks, ah owe ya, an' ya brother will come round in a couple o' hours." said Rogue as she started to exit. Now all she needed to do was find out what was wrong with her.

Alkali Forest

Rogue had been walking for some time, not knowing where she was going. She had attempted to fly a few times with her telekinesis, but she still couldn't control it very well.

She stopped when she felt a small pain in her head. It was very unusual, like someone shouting inside her head. At first she carried on walking, but the pain got really intense and caused her to fall on the ground.

"What the hell is that?" she said as she noise in her head got louder. "Get outta mah head!" the noise wouldn't stop though. The plant life around her started to die like earlier, the trees leaves started to come off. Rogue watched it all happen, but couldn't do anything about it. She was too busy rolling around on the floor in pain.

Then, just like it came, it disappeared in an instant. Rogue slowly got up and looked at the mess she had caused around her. Surely she couldn't have done all that? And what was that noise?

"What's happening t' me?" she asked herself. And it was a good question. First she had died, yet came back to life. She had a strange dream that something fiery was attacking her, then the noise in her head, and now her powers had gone to the extreme!

She needed to find the X Men; she needed to know what happened after they left her for dead. Maybe one of them used their mutant powers to bring her back, but she was sure that they couldn't do that. All she knew is that she had to head to the Xavier institute; otherwise, her powers might hurt someone…

Okay so I know it may be a slow start, but the chapters are going to be longer, more dramatic and romance! Obviously the stories taking on a different story line, but most things will be the same.

Next chapter (Will be very long) –Rogue seeks the X Men, but runs into some other people who sensed her power, and offer her a deal she can't refuse.