as they rode home, terri talked so much, jay thought that she hadnt had time to breath. thats what he loved about her. She was shy when you first meet her but after there was no stopping her. They finally made to her house and they went straight to her room. she heard her dad yell up to keep the door open.

"You're prolly tired hearing me talk."
"No i love to hear whats going on since i last talked to you"
"yeah but still i want to hear whats going on with you"
"Well i moved into a new apartment"
"oh really? thats the school?"
"whats else happend since i last talked to you?"
" know how Robin was and is still in love with me?"
"Yeah..." not sure where this was going.
"Well i didnt want to worry you over the phone,but she strated acting like my girlfriend again. i kept explaining that you were my girlfriend but she didnt listen. i locked out off my apartment because she always drop over when she wanted."
"what happened after she foun that out?"
"she tried to ask my friends to get her in. she turned into real psycho. im glad i found you."
She stared at him for a minute then she kissed out of no where. it came more passionate then the one at the mall. the moed back to where Terri was on top of Jay. it seemed like only minutes until the heard her mom scream up to them it was dinner time. Terri looked at the clock and they had been like for an hour.