Untitled for now..
by. blue-azn-rain

Summary..Kinomoto Sakura is your average high school senior. She studies, has a job, friends and is a part of a few clubs. Li Syaoran is your typical high school jock. He works out, talks big, and has girls on his mind all the time. They've known each other for as long as they can remember but have never bothered to speak a word to each other. But then...what? Read on, dear reader.

Chapter One

Seventeen-year-old Kinomoto Sakura rushed out the door of her pale yellow, two story house, determined to make it to school on time, a task that has always been difficult for her. She sprinted through the wrought-iron gates that separated their house from the outside world and ran down the sidewalk in the direction of her school.

Rounding a sharp corner--and almost falling over--the young, emerald-eyed lady spotted her school at the end of the seemingly loooong street. Picking up the pace, Sakura guestimated that she might actually make it on time. She burst through the school doors and rushed through the halls to the lockers to change into slippers, then up the stairs to her homeroom and into her class just as the bell rang for school to start.

Breathing out a sigh of relief, she took her seat next to the window as all the eyes followed her. She sat quietly, steadying her breathing, as the sensei relayed the daily news and such to the class. After about ten minutes, the sensei wrapped up the news and gave them their twenty minutes to finish homework for their other classes or whatever else they needed to do.

Sakura, the perfect student she is, finished all her homework the night before, so as always, was left bored out of her mind when the sensei finished the announcements early. With nothing else to do, she allowed her eyes to wander about the room.

The cheerleaders were in their usual group gossiping about nonsense. The brainiacs discussed last nights homework like the jocks discussed last night's soccer game and upcoming sports events. Some of the musicians sat around and chatted about a CD new release. Two or three students, who considered themselves artists, gathered around a compostion and excitedly chattered about the piece of art. Which left Sakura, who was uniquely classed as a 'normal' student, to sit and do absolutely nothing.

How she wished her dearest second cousin and best friend, Daidouji Tomoyo, would return from her trip to America. Unfortunately for Sakura, Tomoyo was an up-and-coming fashion designer, and traveled to many different countries for fashion shows of her own and of other renowned designers. As you might have guessed, Tomoyo was flat-out rich, so this was easily allowed and encouraged by her eccentric mother, Sonomi.

It was times like these that Sakura longed for her friend the most, but it would be another week before Tomoyo's return so she just had to make it through the week.

Glancing up at the square clock above the chalkboard, Sakura was relieved to see that only five minutes remained before her first period class, history. She began to stare down the clock, demanding it to speed up. Sadly, the five minutes seemed to take longer than five minutes should so she decided to turn away and look out the window instead. Less than twenty seconds later, the bell rang for them to move on to their first period classes.

Grabbing her bag, she left her windowseat and headed for the seemingly bulging door. A second before she reached the opening, she absent-mindedly looked down at the pink slippers on her feet and collided with a five foot ten, muscular body.

" Sorry," she quickly apologized, and headed on down the hall, only to hear a masculine voice call after her.

" Hey! You think 'sorry's' gonna cut it?"

Turning, she saw it was the chocolate-haired, amber-eyed captain of the soccer team, Li Syaoran. Don't tell me I bumped into him. To most others, he was the big man on campus. To Sakura, he was the annoying little brat she knew from kindergarten. Their parents were business partners so they saw each other often at the must-go business parties and banquets, but they rarely exchanged words.

Sighing, she replied, " My greatest apologies, oh Honorable Soccer Captain. I shall never make contact with your divine body ever again."

With these words said, she turned and ran to her history class, leaving the friends of the 'Honorable Soccer Captain' laughing their heads off.

What do you think? I'm sorry it's kinda short. I wanna get some opinions on it before I continue. I am currently blank when it comes to this title so if you all could please suggest some titles, it would be greatly appreciated. I hope you all enjoyed it.

And so she disappears through curtains of blue rain..