Title: J'veux du soleil

Author: Shanee

Pairing/Characters: LoVe and MaDi, Veronica, Logan, Keith, Wallace, Mac, Dick,, Weevil, Carmen, Meg, Duncan, Celeste, Jake, Cliff, Madison, Joy & Evan.

Rating: PG-13. It's a soft one.

Spoiler: through 1.21 and eventually through 2.22 but AU since the night of Shelly Pomroy's party.

Disclaimer: VM's characters and universe belong to Rob Thomas.

Summary: AU. Where we deal with what happened at Shelly Pomroy's party and where Veronica gets closure, and finds that her friends are the best she could dream of.

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Epilogue: Life would go on

Five years later

"Mommy!!!!!!!" The brunette girl yelled as soon as she saw the limo pass the gate and the crowd of paparazzi waiting outside the estate.

"Joy, hush, you'll wake up Tim," her twin brother reproached her, gesturing to their two years old cousin sleeping in a chair nearby.

Evan was exhausted by the tyke who, his father's true son, was the living image of ADHD, and had only fell asleep an half an hour ago. But Joy ignored him and ran towards the limo.

"Hello Peanut," said her father, climbing down the car and blocking her the view.

"Move Daddy, I want to see mommy."

Her father chuckled and obeyed her order. Immediately, the little girl entered the car and hugged her mother.

"I missed you, Mommy."

"I missed you too, Baby Girl."

The seven year old frowned a bit and sighed. "I'm not your baby girl anymore. Bella is."

"You'll always be my baby girl, as you'll always be your father's peanut, even when you'll be married with grandchildren."

"Something that isn't going to happen before thirty years, at the very least," said her dad, and her mom rolled her eyes up.

Joy smiled, then turned towards the baby safety seats where her family's new additions were sleeping.

"They're less red and wrinkled," she stated, proudly. "They're cute now."

Her mother chuckled and her father laughed deeply.

"Well, Peanut, what do you say if we let mommy leave the limo and if we show the babies their new home?"

Joy agreed and left the car, leaving her father the space to help her mother with the babies. Outside, her brother was waiting with her aunt Mac.

"I hope they'll be less tiresome than Tim," said Evan at his sister.

"They're babies, silly. They won't play at SSX with you right now."


"Evan Echolls! Watch this mouth," warned him his father, sternly.

"Sorry Daddy."

Logan shook his head, amused, and messed with his son's hair. As soon as Veronica was comfortably sat in the sofa and the newborns put in their respective cradles, he took his eldest son in his arms and sat him on the counter.

"Are you jealous of the babies, buddy?"

Evan wrinkled his face and slowly lowered his head: "A bit."


"They're going to cry a lot, they won't be fun to be around and you and mom won't have time for us anymore."

"I can't tell you that they won't cry, because it is what babies do, that and eat, sleep and poop, but I can promise you that your mom and I will always have time for you and your sister. Sure the babies are going to take a lot of our time, but so do you and Joy. Do you really think than your sister will allow someone else to be the lead in the Echolls Family Show?" Logan winked at his son, and Evan shook his head. Yeah, there was no chance in hell that Joy would let the newborns take the light of her.

Reassured, Evan jumped off the counter and went to hug his mom. Then he kissed softly his baby brother and sister's forehead.

"Welcome home Bella and... Mom, how did you finally name him?"

"Danny, well Daniel Keith," replied Veronica. Logan and she had been uncertain on how to name their second boy. For a long time, he was supposed to be KJ, for Keith Junior, but then Daniel had had his heart attack and the baby received his name, in homage of his great grandfather that was fighting Death. Thankfully, Daniel had woken up from his coma and he was expected the following week to come and see his namesake.

"Cool. Welcome home, Danny. If you're nice, I'll lend you my toys."

The door opened and Tim rushed towards it, screaming like a banshee: "Daddy!!!"

"Hi Pumpkin. Give me a hug… Well where is my Goddaughter?"

"She's right here, Richard, asleep."

"Oh. Be quiet Timmy, you don't want to hear the wrath of the Mars women, especially when you wake them up."

"Hi, Uncle Richard," said Joy. "Isn't she beautiful?"

"Yes, almost as pretty as her older sister."

Joy grinned, than took her brother and her cousin by the hands and led them outside the living room, leaving the grown-ups and the newborns alone.

"Why do you insist with this name, Ronnie? You know I don't like it."

"Your loss. I don't want my daughter calling you Dick. She knows enough dirty words for a seven years old."

Dick sat and pretended pouting, until Mac came back into the room and he started smirking at the girl.

"Stop it, Dick," said the brunette, while ignoring him.

"Oh, Come on, Mackie, look at them, they're so cute. Don't tell me you're not a bit envious?"

"Envious of what? The stretch marks? The painful enormous breasts? The mood swings? The fat ankles? The agony of birthing? No, thank you, I'll pass. I already went through that once, I won't do it again."

Logan and Veronica watched them bickering, highly entertained.

"You don't think that, Mac."

"I do," protested the girl, lying through gritted teeth. "You only want another child to have bigger breasts to play with. If you want huge unnatural boobs, go and fuck Madison, she'll be more than happy to have you back."

"I already told you, I don't want Madison. She's not the one I proposed to."

"You only proposed because you knocked me up."

"That's not true. You also are the best fuck I ever had…"

Mac stood up and glared at the blond man, while Veronica intervened: "Dick!"

But Dick didn't take offence of the interruptions and resumed: "You don't give a fuck if I'm an insufferable moron, you don't take shit from anyone, especially from me, you make me laugh, you make me cry, you love me…"

"As if!"

"And you made me fall in love with you, so deeply, that your life won't be enough for me to climb out this hole. But it's okay, because I don't want to, even if you turn me down every fucking proposal."

Dick finally paused and looked at his girlfriend with a cocky smirk. Mac looked anything but pleased, her arms firmly crossed against her chest, her foot tapping the ground in an angry gesture.

"Are you done sweet-talking me?"

"Yes. Are you going to let me knock you up?"


"Please, Mackie?"

"No way in hell!"

"Are you going to marry me?"

"Do I look like I want to marry you?"

"Yes," Dick nodded, enthusiastically, and Veronica and Logan chuckled.

"Shut up, the peanut gallery!" Mac glared at her friends.

"Are you going to let me bang you?"


"Good." Dick rose and took Mac by the arm. "Logan, Veronica, we'll entrust you with Tim's safety. We'll be back as soon as his little sister is on the way."

"I said no, Dick."

"You always say no, and you always end up screaming yes."

Dick piloted Mac outside the house and towards their own place, which was the estate next door.

Later that day, when the newborns, their brother, sister and cousin were asleep, and Logan was cuddling to his wife, Veronica started laughing.

"Did I tickle you?"

"No, I'm thinking about Mac's face tomorrow."

"This girl sure can blush… Do you think she will ever accept?"

"The baby or the marriage proposal?"

"I have no doubt that Dick will succeed into knocking her up. No, I was thinking about his proposal."

"Maybe one day. You can never know with Mac. Maybe if Dick withdraw sex…"

"It could work, except that Dick would never do such a thing."

Veronica burst out laughing, and then they heard it, a faint noise coming from the nursery and getting louder and louder.

"I'll get her."

Logan left their bedroom and came back with a famished baby.

"Hey there, beautiful. It's not a stomach you have, it's an empty pit."

"Hand her to me."

Veronica took her latest daughter into her arms and started breastfeeding her. Logan watched the pair in awe.

"You know what I regret the most?"

"That I made you wait two years before letting you knock me up?"

"It was worth the wait. No, I should have be there for you the first time. I would have loved holding your hand through Joy and Evan's birth, helping you with their first months, waking up in the middle of the night to bottle them, while letting you sleep."

Veronica smiled and kissed him deeply. "I love you…" She whispered.

"I love you too."

"But don't pull a Dick on me, you will have to wait for the next one."

"Was the pun intended?" Logan teased her.

"What do you think?" Veronica teased him back.


It was two months later and Veronica was fuming. She was waiting for the gate to open and was trying her best not to scream or to push the accelerator.

"I'm that close to drive on them," she groaned, throwing daggers at the crowd of journalists and paparazzi installed in front of her house.

"Why are they here, mommy?" asked Joy in the backseat.

"They're here because they're vultures."

"Mrs. Echolls, what can you tell us about your husband's infidelity? Did you know?" yelled a man.

"What are they talking about, mommy?" asked Evan.

"They're talking bullshit. Don't listen to them."

"Did Daddy cheat on you?" Evan's voice was trembling and Veronica could see tears into her oldest son's eyes.

"No, sweetie. He didn't. They're just looking for scandal anywhere."

Veronica parked the car and climbed down. She saw a woman coming towards her and smiled.

"I'm so glad you're here, Alicia."

"Grandma!" yelled the twins and threw themselves at their step-grandmother.

"Daisy and Jackson are in the backyard," Alicia told them and the twin rushed there, leaving the two women taking care of Bella and Danny.

Joy and Evan found their youngest aunt and oldest cousin playing with Sneaky, Back Up's offspring. Daisy was Alicia and Keith's daughter, a five years old girl with green eyes, tanned skin and dirty blond hair. Jackson was Jackie and Wallace's six and a half years old son and he was Evan's best friend.

"Do you know why there is a crowd outside?" Joy asked them.

Daisy shook her head, but Jackson pulled a tabloid from his bag.

"Don't show it to your mom, or Dad will kill me."


The two boys started a ball game with the puppy and Joy sat into a sofa, looking through the magazine. Daisy sat beside her.

"Can you read it to me?"

"Sure. Another Echols scandal avoided, by Cassandra Tippleton. There is two L at Echolls, Miss Simpleton. Twenty-three years old Veronica Mars-Echolls cleared her husband Logan Echolls, promising young movie producer and son of latest movie star and murderer Aaron Echolls, from the accusations of Willow Carpenter. Miss Carpenter, a twenty-four years old actress, extra in several soap operas, declared last week that Echolls was the father of her unborn son and asked him to assume his paternity. Mrs. Mars-Echolls, who gave birth two months ago to the couple's second pair of twins, succeeded to prove that Miss Carpenter was lying and declared that she never had any doubt about her husband's fidelity. Logan Echolls married his high-school love three years ago, after recognizing the paternity of twins Joy and Evan Echolls. Veronica Mars-Echolls, student in law-school, is also known as Lilly Bella Donovan, the promising actress from "Dilligan's Pride". Despite her claims that she never intended to make a carrier in Hollywood, Mrs. Mars-Echolls played second lead into two of her husband's productions… Well, Mommy rocks."

"Who's Aaron Echolls?"

"He was Daddy's father. He died in jail four years ago. Luckily I never met him. He was a mean bastard."

"Why was he in jail?"

"He murdered Daddy's first girlfriend and Mommy's best friend, then he tried to kill Grampy."



"I hope his death was painful."

"Daisy!" Joy smiled at her aunt, half-shocked half-proud to see the sweet child react that way.

"No one mess with daddy!" stated the girl, looking exactly like her older sister at this moment.

Later that day, ignoring the crowd of curious outside the gate, several cars parked into the Echolls lane. It was Thanksgiving and they wouldn't allow a wannabee actress and her lies damage the fest and their family reunion.

Helped by Alicia and her housekeeper, Veronica had spent the afternoon cooking for their invitees. It was tiring and she promised herself that next year, either they'd hire a caterer or they'd go to someone else's place. Dick and Mac, with little Tim, had shown up the first, but as soon as Timmy was under the watchful eye of the babysitter, the couple had scampered away, probably to one of the guest rooms, and had been no use for preparing the dinner.

Keith had arrived shortly after, only to be assaulted by the five children who wanted to hear stories from his wonderful job as PI. Meg and her husband, Leo, were right on time, despite the ruckus that their sweet three years old daughter, Amy, had been obstinate to cause before they left home. They were soon followed by the Fennel family, basketball star Wallace, his seven months pregnant wife Jackie and his youngest son, Ashton. While the adults regrouped into the living room, the two kids ran towards Keith, wanting to hear their share of stories.

The last to arrive were Carmen and her four years old daughter Lilly. Weevil had been invited, but since his current girlfriend wasn't welcome at the Echolls estate, he hadn't RSVP. Veronica hoped he wouldn't show up with her regardless, she didn't like the girl and wasn't the only one. Hannah had come between Jackie and Wallace, tried to do the same between Logan and Veronica and finally succeeded with Weevil and Carmen. Veronica had her suspicions that deep down Weevil was still in love with the fiery Latino beauty, but since he believed that high school love couldn't last, he didn't fight to win her back and contented himself with a cheap substitute of Lilly Kane.

As for Darryl and Cliff, they were late.

As soon as Logan left his office, after hanging up on his lawyer who didn't know the meaning of family time, the party begin. Everything related to business had been banished from the discussion, which means that sheriff first deputy Leo D'Amato, Keith, and Veronica were forbidden to talk about their favorite subject or should suffer demise. Strangely that didn't stop Jackie and Meg, the two stay-at-home moms, to ask Logan about his next movie project, nor did it stop Veronica to praise her step-brother about his part into the Lakers' latest victory. The atmosphere of the evening was joyful and relaxed. Everybody had something to say about everyone, an humiliating story, an old souvenir, a bit of gossip, anything to narrate with humor. Cliff, his special lady, and Darryl with a girl friend, that was a friend and female, but wasn't a girlfriend, had finally arrived right in time to join the teasing of Mac and Dick, who had taken a full hour before coming down.

"We can't rush perfection!" stated Dick, while his girlfriend's cheeks were a deep shade of red.

Mac tried her best to disappear into thin air, or at least behind a cushion on the sofa, to no avail, and glared at her boyfriend who was boasting.

"If you don't shut up immediately, Dick, I'll withhold your favorite toy for a month," she threatened him in a strong murmur.

That did the trick and Dick started imitating a panicked fish.

"What is this toy?" asked Wallace.

"Darla?" proposed Logan.

"Who's Darla?"

"His surfboard."

"Not, it's not Darla," mumbled Dick.

"Is it dirty?"

The smug smirk on Dick's face was the only reply they needed, and the women groaned.

"Don't answer that," warned Veronica, "there are kids in the room."

The intercom buzzed and Logan opened the gate to Weevil's bike. The four years old Lilly, that had nothing in common with her namesake except the love of her father, rushed towards the door and into her dad's arms.

"Hey, Weevil, it's good to see you," said Veronica when he entered.

"Well, it's good to be here. It has been quite long."

Weevil took a place at table and not before long the conversation resumed.

Things had changed, some for the best or other for the worst, and some hadn't. They were young even if they had already lived a lot. They didn't know what the future had in store for them, but at this moment, they were together and happy, and they didn't care. Jackie would fall in love with another man and divorce before her third son turns four, Meg would be widowed too soon and remarry with Wallace. Veronica would miscarriage twice before being able to have another child, an only child this time. Weevil would marry Hannah, have a son with her, before divorcing when she again went after Logan. Logan and Veronica would have a tense period and separate for a while, before getting back together even more in love than before and creating their last kid. Dick would have a car accident and stay incapacitated, Mac would finally accept to marry him and they would gave two sisters to Tim and Little Ricky. Cassidy would wait twelve years in death row and never apologize to his victims or theirs families. Darryl would turn out to be gay and with his beloved they would adopt two kids. Alicia would died from an ovarian cancer at the age of 59 and Keith would grieve her immensely, he would outlive her for thirteen years before dieing peacefully in his slumber, he would have the chance to see his second daughter and his first grandchildren graduating, getting married and starting their own families. Carmen and Weevil would finally be reunited at Lilly and Evan's wedding and they would get old together. Joy would never learn about Duncan, nor Evan would ever doubt being Logan's true son. Danny would end up being senator and Bella would be elected sheriff of Neptune two years after her grandfather's death. In all, life would simply go on.

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