-1Summary: When someone is killing women in the village, who better to call then Detectives Uzimaki and Uchiha. But when even they can't solve it, Tsunade calls in someone with the Sight. The ability to see things from the past or future along with other mind powers. But while Naruto is fine with it, Sasuke thinks it's a waste of time…especially when he finds out who it is…mixed feelings and lemons later! SasXSak, HinXKiba, ShikXTem, slight ItaXSak& slight TenXKak

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1: New but old partner

The corpse wasdrained of all her blood. Her throat and chest were ripped open and her crimson stained bones were sticking out of the lifeless cadaver. Her face was terror-stricken and drained of all colour. The girl's clothes were ripped apart but her body was torn to shreads. Her organs and flesh lay scattered beside the main body. But there was no blood to be seen.(Yes I'm kinda explicate and my mind is fucked up….badly) Werewolf Detective Naruto Uzimaki knelt beside the body.

"Fuck! This is the eighth one in two months! This guy must have a boring night life." he said sarcastically. His partner, vampire Detective Uchiha Sasuke, glared at him.

"Shut up Naruto! This isn't time for your stupid jokes." he hissed coldly.

Sasuke glanced at the body and then up at the quarter moon. She couldn't be more than sixteen, the youngest of the eight dead. Her dirty blonde hair blood stained and her face fixed in a terrified expression. Sasuke didn't really care for people, but her expression made his stomach turn. He knew it could only be two supernatural beings. A vampire like himself or a demon.

"Eight young, so far, single women…" Sasuke said glancing at the body and then at his partner.

"A stalker?…that means…." Naruto stared up at him with his deep blue pools wide and Sasuke nodded.

"He already knows his next victim."

Tsunade slammed her fist against her desk. "WHAT!" she yelled angrily.

"I want every available Chunin and Jounin patrolling the streets! And everyone else has to be inside by 10 o'clock pm or will be arrested and interrogated for the murders. Understand!"

She hung up and sat down, rubbing her temples in frustration.

Eight girls in two months….my god! If this isn't stopped, there won't be any women left in the village! But there's always….

Tsunade picked up the receiver and dialled some numbers quickly. She waited only one ring before a cool and young female voice said, "Hi Tsunade-san."

Her voice was calm but there was a hint of annoyance in it. Tsunade ignored it.

"I suppose you already know what I want from you." she stated bluntly.

The other woman hesitated. "I was wondering when you'd get around to calling me….but the answers no. I'm retired….a medic now. Ask Hinata for help with this." she said.

"But she isn't as good as you are, Sakura! You know you can out match her easily! Sakura…you know you can stop all these murders."

Besides she'd kill me if I pulled her away from her honeymoon and Kiba

( NOTE: Kiba and Hinata got married. YAY! Don, don dondon, don, don dondon! Yes I need mental help, I know…..)

Tsunade knew she hit a soft spot. Sakura always wanted to help people and stop killings in the world. Especially after her parents were both killed by an Akatsuki member with a grudge against her.


Sakura walked into the kitchen with a kunai held at her side. She sensed a familiar chakra. But one she had hoped she'd never feel again. Raising her kunai, Sakura walked into the living room to see a sight that still haunts her. Her mum and dad lay on the floor, their bodies torn up and their blood stained the walls.

"So, Angel, you're home." said a cool voice. Her orbs widened as she felt another jolt of chakra, but this one was much stronger. She turned to meet two crimson Sharingan eyes looking at her in amusement.

"I..I-t-a-chi…." she gasped in terror as the S-class murderer approached her. Sakura raised her weapon to him. But he was unafraid of a simple dagger. Behind him, leaning against the blood-stained wall was the man that Sakura had once helped caught and Itachi had let out….Ketsueki.

(if you know what his name means then you probably find it ironic that his parents named him that and he went on to be a mass murderer. For those who don't get a Japanese/English dictionary! Or visit my profile)

"Bastard…" the petal-haired girl hissed bravely at the second man.

He smirked. " Hello, cherry. It's been a while." he said.

"Not long enough, you fucking ugly son of a bitch!" Sakura snarled. Itachi chuckled and her fear took over again.

"Our little angel has quite a tongue." he hissed as held up the girl's chin. Sakura gulped, waiting to die.

-SAKURA! You have a KUNAI in your hand! USE IT!-inner Sakura ordered

With a sudden movement, the pink-haired chunin swung at the S-class ninja. But he caught it. Smirking he said, "Naughty little girl. Don't try that again."

Just then Sakura heard the sound of voices and sensed the Hokage. "Itachi-san, we have to get out of here! Kill the bitch and let's go!" Ketsueki hissed. Itachi smirked.

He plunged the kunai into her shoulder and vanished, but Sakura didn't understand. Itachi had to have known that wouldn't kill her….so why do it? Unless he didn't want her dead…. Sakura shook of the thought and pulled the kunai out of her shoulder. Tears, angry tears came to her eyes.

"I failed you, but I'll kill them." That was the last time anyone ever saw Sakura cry. After that, she had trained harder and alone.


But Sakura didn't answer.

What the hell is wrong with her?

Suddenly, Tsunade remembered something. "It's that Uchiha boy. You already know he's on this case….don't you?" asked Tsunade though she knew the answer.

Sakura had avoided Sasuke since he rejected her love for him and she said that she lost all feelings for the dark-haired Uchiha. But that was nine years ago… and Tsunade knew that deep down, Sakura probably still loved him.

"Yes, I know…and I'll do this only because I don't want to see anymore deaths or mourning when I can help." the twenty-one year old said and hung up.

Naruto leaned against his chair. Scanning the crime scene photos. He had seen the same thing eight times now. Naruto felt something stir inside of him.

Kyubi…he's restless and he smells blood..

He pulled up his shirt to reveal the painted mark.

"Fucking shit!" Sasuke hissed as he stepped into the office. Naruto pulled down his shirt and straightened up.

"What? Another murder?" Naruto asked. Sauske shook his head as he crumpled the paper he held and threw it at Naruto, who caught it and opened it. Tsunade's seal was imprinted on the top. He read:

" To Uzimaki and Uchiha,

I am sending you a specialist on unsolvable, no evidence cases such as these. She has the Sight. She will help this case whether you want her to or not! So be descent!

Sincerely, Tsunade,

5th Hokage."

The Sight was the ability to see into people's thoughts and memories. And sometimes to see the future or past. Sakura discovered she had it when she was fourteen, while Sasuke was away.

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