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Summary: When someone is killing women in the village, who better to call then Detectives Uzumaki and Uchiha. But when even they can't solve it, Tsunade calls in someone with the Sight. The ability to see things from the past or future along with other mind powers. But while Naruto is fine with it, Sasuke thinks it's a waste of time…especially when he finds out who it is…mixed feelings and lemons later! SasXSak, HinXKiba, ShikXTem, slight ItaXSak& slight TenXKak

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(hey, I'm Caleb, Dravas' cousin. I'm taking credit for writing the tenten & kakashi lemons! Ha! Yeah, she asked me to write this because she said I understand the perveted mind of Kakashi better than she does…and supposedly I'm mega perve. So enjoy and I'll be writing side by side with Dravas from now on.)

Tenten walked seductively towards Kakashi who was sitting lazily on his heart-shaped bed. (Dravas' idea.) She wore nothing but a leather, weapon's belt, fully equipped with kunai, handcuffs (cliché I know)and other ninja weapons, that covered her pussy. Her long chestnut hair was loosely over-lapping her breasts.

Kakashi's eyes scanned her hungerly. He just wanted to screw her senseless, but he knew she'd make him wait. Teasing him…taunting him...making him mad with lust. Takes how Tenten wanted it. She liked it rough, painful and long, that way she'd scream his name during her orgasm, the peak of pleasure.

The silver-haired Jounin remained still as the brunette slid up his leg to meet his lips and it had begun. Kakashi gripped Tenten's arms and forced her roughly into the bed, causing her to groan slightly. He pushed aside her hair to reveal the largest breasts in all of Konoha. Licking his lips, like a little boy looking at a sack of his favourite candy. Kakashi quickly, roughly massaged her right boob while he bit the nipple of the other one, making her cry out in agony. To soothe her pain, Kakashi let his tongue lazily stroke it before sucking on it like a newborn baby.

"Kakashi!" she moaned as she forced him into the bed, putting herself on top of him. Removing her kunai, Tenten slit right through Kakashi's uniform, revealing a pale, well-toned body. With lust in her brown irises, she nibbled on his collarbone as her hands worked on his pants. Sitting up, Tenten slipped her hands around Kakashi's member and expertly moved her palms up and down.

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One night hunger:

The sun was slowly declining, but Sakura hadn't noticed. She hadn't really slept that night because she felt somewhat guilty for not telling Kakashi everything. So Sakura sat on her bed, arguing with herself.

-Why didn't you tell him about Itachi!-

'I don't want him to worry about me…they do that enough already.'

-You are so stupid! It means they care!-

'Yeah well they care a little too much…'

"Miss Haruno," a voice said. Sakura lokked up to see a young woman in a nurse's uniform.

"Yeah?" the pink-haired girl asked. The nurse walked up to the bed. "The doctor said you'll be fine and you can go if you want." Sakura smiled as she pulled the blankets off of her. "Arigato!…I mean thanks." she exclaimed as she ran out the door and down the plain white hallways.

-What now?-

'Excuse me?'

-What are you going to do next? Go tell your partners about Itachi or avoid it until another girl dies?-

'Shut up! I… I …I don't want another death…but I have do something first.'

-Yeah what?-

'Visit my old house……'

-………………oh yes today's the five year anniversary…Sakura you sure…you haven't been back there since that night and it might bring up old memories and what happens the…-

'Stop acting like the guys! I can handle myself!'

-But you just recovered! What…-

'Do you have an off-switch?'

-Hahaha. You're so fucking funny.-

Sasuke sat in the safety of his rat-invested basement. His crimson eyes half lidded and their cat-like pupils narrowed quickly as his 'other' half slowly took hold of his body. His ebony hair turned navy as he began to transform into his vampire state, which helped conceal his identity. Finally, to black angelic wings sprouted from his back, ripping his shirt. Sasuke didn't really fight against his vampire self taking control. He knew if he did, the vampire would come out anytime and kill a human. Sasuke didn't want to hurt the villagers out of his own weakness to control himself.

-Rats, rats and more rats! When you were with Onochimaru you got a fresh whore ever week. Now you get these disease invested rats.-

'Stop complaining and just eat.'

-grrrr…sniff, sniff. Mmm.-

'What? What do you smell?'


'So? See lives on the other side of the village'

-But her parents' home is on this street.-

'What's she doing there?'

-Let's go ask her.-

'No eat first!'

-I'm not hungry for rats…I want something much sweeter.-

'You twisted bastard.'

Sakura walked quickly down the familiar alley that used to be the short-cut to her house. But now it only led to the old abandoned crime scene and a lot of memories that she couldn't all remember. She emerged from the alley to see the old brick house she had once lived in. It looked the same except the grass was over-grown and the weeds had attacked the garden her mother had been so proud of. The pink-haired girl walked to space where a door had once been, but now an X of yellow crime scene tape covered the gap. The memory of a younger her running to her dad as he walked through the door after work flashed before her, as if she was waking a movie.

She stepped under the tape and walked into the dead house. Blood still covered the walls like paint. Her parents' blood. Sakura clenched her hands into fists at the memory of her walking into the room to find her mum and dad, Itachi and that bastard Ketsueki. The twenty-one year old walked to the staircase and ran up them, they groaned and cracked a little under her weight, not use to being stepped on for quite a while.

Sakura moved into her old room. The purple(HA! No cliché pink) paint was peeling off the walls and everything was covered in a thick layer of dust. Outside her window stood her mum's favourite flower tree, in which she had named her daughter by the same name. Sakura. Cherry Blossoms.

Sitting in the tree, watching his prey, was a familiar red eyed young man. His eyes stalked the pink blossom that he had once dreamed of. When he had left the village, Sasuke realized how much Sakura actually meant to him and he even loved her, but Sasuke thought that her love was only a crush, like all the other girls' so-called admirations. Thinking this, he suppressed the emotions and soon locked them away. The Uchiha smirked to himself when he imagined her under him. Licking his lips, Sasuke realized that his heart was racing faster and his breathes were heavier.

-Time to have some fun.-

'No! Stop! Don't touch Sakura.'

-You're such a wimp! A younger you would have screwed her in a heart beat if you had her in this position!-

'I've grown up!……what position?'

-Alone in a house with an open window and no chance that anyone would disturb you. You interested?-

'Shut up.'

Before he knew it, Sasuke was standing behind the cherry-blossom-haired young woman. He watched her looking at a family photo. Sasuke could barely control himself.

Sakura felt someone behind her and she reached for her kunai. "I wouldn't try it, kunoichi. I don't want to have to kill you." he said. Sakura pulled out her weapon as she turned to face him.

"Try to bite me and I'll kill you." she snarled. A smirk crossed his lips, revealing his whitish-yellow fangs. Sakura glared at him. "A vampire, just my luck." she snarled.

Sasuke spread out his wings. "Will you try to kill me, cherry blossom?" he said as his wings shrunk into his back until they disappeared. Sakura stared at him. "How'd you know… are you helping Itachi!" she demanded.

Sasuke stared at her in shock. "Itachi! What would I help him for?" he demanded. But then he realized what she meant. "Itachi is the on killing all those girls!" he snarled between his teeth. His crimson eyes ablaze with hatred.

'He hates Itachi too, like Sasuke…'

Sakura quickly swung her kunai at him, but Sasuke moved rapidly pinned her to the floor. Her kunai forced from her hand and she watched as it lowly fell to the floor, the sound of metal against wood echoed in her ears. She was unarmed, with a vampire, who was genetically stronger than any human, holding her down.

"Well little blossom. What do you do now?" he asked a smirk tugged the corner of his lips as he leaned closer to her. Sakura began to squirm and tried to kick him.

"Get off me, you fucking leech!" she screamed coldly. Her jaded eyes searching for a weak spot or an escape. Smirking she lift her knee under the navy haired vampire, hitting hi hard where the sun never shines.(his crotch for those who don't get it)

'Don't rapist ever learn?'

Sasuke howled in agony as he let go of Sakura, who pushed him off and began to run. She burst out of the room and to the stairs. Her heart was beating so fast and hard that it hurt with every step.

' What's this feeling? I feel like… like I know that vamp?'

(Sakura, and almost everybody else, doesn't know Sasuke's a vampire.)

"Fuck!" sasuke howled in pain. Baring his sharp canine teeth in anger.

Suddenly, the twenty-one year old was jammed against the wall, her wrists held high over her head by chakra. She could see it, feel it but not break it. Icy breathe prickled her cheek, averting her attention from her hands to the person before her. Her orbs met the unfortunately familiar red ones. Sasuke had her. She couldn't run away anymore. She couldn't escape this time and that old , should've expected, trick wouldn't work a second time. His flower struggled furiously against him, but when she saw it was useless she simply glared at him with narrow eyes.

Sasuke had never seen her like this. Sakura was always the happy-go-lucky, smiley (creepy in my opinion. Over-cheerful people scare me.) one, who cared for everything. That was the girl he'd known, loved, rejected and left.

(in the story, Sasuke actually did love sakura, he just want to get stronger and kill itachi and thought he'd get her killed. But over the years, he suppressed his emotions even more.) He didn't know this girl. But it wasn't him in control that night.

Vampire-Sasuke brushed his lips onto hers and sakura tried to push him away.

-Kick his ass Sakura! Come on!-

Sasuke could feel her fighting him. "Relax, cherry." He said as he pressed his lips against hers roughly. Sakura to break through the chakra that held her wrists high above her head. Sasuke smirked in the kiss. "Feisty, little flower aren't you my lovely. But stop fighting me…stop fighting yourself…" he said before he kissed her passionately. Sakura stared at him fro a second and almost instantly, she kissed back, wrapping her pale arms around his neck. He couldn't help but grin. Sakura.

Within seconds, the vampire was pressing the flower against her bed, running his icy tongue down her neck and around her jaw. Sasuke moved down to her striped shirt and began to slowly, and tauntingly, undo every button with his teeth. Sakura couldn't control herself. She didn't want him to stop.

Throwing her shirt aside, he began to trail his tongue from her chin down to her bra. Looking up at Sakura, Sasuke undid the clasp to reveal two ample, pale lumps. He let his ice tongue drag lazily along her nipple as his other hand massaged the other roughly. She was getting impatient with him. Sakura knew that he was teasing her. Slowly feeding her desire, but not satisfying it …yet.

Sasuke positioned his mouth on top of Sakura's breast and sucked on it softly, like a baby drinking milk from his mother. The pink flower moaned softly as her fingers tangled around the navy spikes of the vampire, holding his head to her breast. His lips, hot kisses…his touch made the fire in her stomach rush and she arched her back, wordlessly urging him on. He released her breasts and once again trailed his tongue further down to her belly button. Nibbling on the smooth skin around the button, his hands reached for the woman's black skirt. Sasuke tore away the article of clothing and discarded onto the floor. He simply gazed at her for a moment.

Sakura saw pure lust in his crimson irises. He was probably restraining himself from tearing the away last barrier that was stopping him from screwing her senseless. Her underwear.

The girl's underwear was next. Only he made the process out longer, sliding his tongue around the silky material and slowly bringing it down her smooth thighs. Sakura moaned again, but was quickly silent, to Sasuke's dismay. He moved up to her again and nibbled on her earlobe. «Don't be quiet. I like it when you moan.» he said. «Besides, I'm going to make you scream in lust.» Sasuke whispered.

Her underwear gone quicker than he had expected. Sasuke lowered himself, letting his index finger enter her. Sakura moaned, arching her back slightly. Then he slipped two more fingers into her and earned a long moan from the cherry blossom.

Retracting his fingers, Sasuke licked them before sliding them across Sakura's lips. The vampire leaned forward to kiss her lips. Sakura tasted herself on his lips. Her sweet liquid was on his lips and in his mouth.

Before Sakura knew it, Sasuke was naked and leaning over her. Her eyes grew wide when she saw the size of his crotch.

Holy shit! No way that'll fit inside me?

-Oh this should be fun.-

Forcefully, Sasuke plunged himself into her petit form. To his surprise, she didn't scream and no blood leaked from her opening. Smirking, he leaned forward and whispered, «Not as innocent as I thought, blossom.» Sakura blushed when she remembered the night she lost her virginity to bushy-brows Rock Lee. The feel of green jumpsuit against her skin….Sakura shivered.

«Harder…» she moaned, trying to avoid that conversation. Sasuke didn't need to be told twice. Instantly, he moved quicker and slapping their hips together roughly. «Mmmmm.» Sakura moaned under him.

Faster and harder he moved until he felt his climax coming on and he guessed his cherry blossom was too. She arched her back, so he'd move further into her. All she felt was a wave of pleasure and wanted more. Sasuke felt his seed beginning to spill.

No! Stop! Get out of her now! I can't do this to her!

- not a chance…I'm having to much fun.

Sasuke regained control for a moment and began to pull out of her, but Sakura wrapped her legs around his waist. «No don't stop!»

-She is too I see.

Sweat rolled down her body and her breathing heavier. Sakura was going to pass out…she was going to scream.

«Sa-SASUKE!» the words left her lips just as her consciousness slipped away. The vampire stopped and looked down at the sleeping girl beneath him.

She…She called…

-your name. Sakura screamed your name during her orgasm. She loves you. Now get out of here before you bite her.

Sasuke weakly got dressed and disappeared during the night, but before he left, Sasuke dressed Sakura and left a cherry blossom in her palm.