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What's Left of Me,

by DarkHonda aka Tal.

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Here goes nothing...


TJ and Ashley were sitting in the Surf Spot, in front of each one of them there was a huge plate with fries and hamburger. TJ loaded ketchup on his fries and started eating while Ashley was busy complaining.

"Teej, it's the forth time this week we're eating hamburgers! My body isn't build for the huge amounts of meat! Next time, we eat Chinese food," she threatened before taking a bite.

"As you wish my lady, now pass me the ketchup."

"But you just..." She stuttered opening her mouth, shocked. Even though she knew TJ long enough to know he was addicted to ketchup, it never ceased to surprise her. She closed her mouth speechless, beginning to have interest in her own plate.

"Come on, you know how much DECA hates me and the ketchup on the megaship is never as good as here." TJ explained, still waiting for her to hand him the ketchup. He gazed at her, clearly waiting for the ketchup, yet she wasn't quite willing to hand it over. "Ashley.." He growled, if there was one thing he hated was messing around with his food.

"Whatever," She smiled wickedlyand handed him the ketchup, knowing exactly what feeling she evoked. "There ya go, Ketchup Boy." She added withan amusedglint in her eyes. They barely finished eating their hamburgers when theircommunicators beeped. They looked around and went to the Surf Spot'sdeserted entrance, there TJ answered the call.

"TJ here," He whispered.

"A monster is attacking in Angel Grove Center along with Darkonda and Quantrons."

"Thanks DECA, we'll be right there." Both of them ran to Angel Grove Center, which wasn't far from the Surf Spot. People were running to their direction, screaming and trying to avoid the scary alien monsters. Ashley and TJ ran toward the monster, it was a gruesome creature, tall and in a sickening shade of gray. It had a deadly tail with poisonous horns on it. It looked skilled with using his tail without mentioning it was armed with agigantic club.
Trying to reach the monster, Ashley fought several Quantrons while TJ was battling with a bunch of them on his own.

"Well, hello rangers, care for a game?" Asked the monster as it noticed the rangers.

"The only game you're gonna get is one where YOU are over!" shouted TJ, evading from a Qunatron blow and shoving him off of him. Ashley fought a bunch of Quantrons who charged on her, she was doing pretty well but knew she won't be able to keep it up for long. They knew theyhad to morph or else they wouldn't stand a chance; the Quantrons clearly had the numerical advantage along with the skilled Darkonda and a hideous monster.
Evading the Quantrons both rangers ran to a near by corner, hoping to gain enough time to morph, the Quantrons werea bit confused from the two rangers' withdrawn but were, envetually, chasing them. Yet before the Quantrons could find the rangers-

"Let's rocket!" they cried together after defeating the Quantrons.

Darkonda laughed, "You Power-Punks will never give up, huh? Not even when you don't stand a chance?"

"Never! Star Slinger!" shouted Ashley and charged on him, wanting to end this battle and go back to her normal day. Darkonda laughed and took out his sword, after a few blows and one foul kick to her stomach Ashley fell, not able to get up.

"Ashley! Are you alright?" Aredspace ranger jumped in front of her, posing protectively in front of herand started fighting Darkonda. "Ash?" He looked back at her, worriedly, in a split of a second before returning his full attention to the fight.

"I'm fine!" She answered quickly, refusing to give up. She tried to get up once more, this time with success, relieved to discover all her teammates on the improvised battlefield.

Zhane and Cassie were finishing off all of the remaining Quantrons while TJ and Carlos were fighting that giant monster, not with such luck though. She progressed towards the monster, shooting yellow beams onto the Quantrons. When she finally reached TJ and Carlos were both lying on the ground, defeated.

"You guys are alright?" She asked while kicking and shooting at the monster. It wasn't affected so much, actually, it wasn't affected at all, because the next thing the monster did was tocatchAshley by the throat and lift her up, choking her.

The black and blue rangers tried to attack the monster but were too weak. The monster dropped her only to slash the two rangers with its tail once and then hit her legs with the club. She heard the "crack" sound of the breaking of her bones and then screamed. The pain was sharp and endless, boring through her, she was demorphed. The pain busied her mind, as if her body concentrated in not hurting, but it didn't stop. Finally, she fainted, her screams stopped.

"Ashley! Get up!" Cassie screamed at her, "Get up! Ashley!" She was busy fighting Ecliptor and Zhane was fighting Astronema who in the meantime joined the 'party'.

TJ and Carlos were on the ground trying to get up,yet they couldn't they were injuredbadly, yet watching Ashley being beaten tounconsciousness was even more painful.

Only seconds before the club hit her once more, Andros showed up next to her blocking the club with his Spiral Saber. Apparently satisfied,Astronema and Ecliptor disappeared, the monster and Darkonda right behind them. The rangers were shocked, it was thefirst time they have losta battle, and even further- they could lose Ashley.

"Power down!" Cassie ran to Ashley's direction, "Ashley! Answer me, Ashley!" She knelt beside her best friend, tears falling from her eyes. Andros ran to their direction as if his life depended on seeing Ashley. Zhane was helping TJ and Carlos stand up, they walked slowly to the others, bruised and weak, each of them was supported by Zhane's shoulder. Andros waited before getting even nearer to Ashley, he was afraid of what he would see and thereforeonly dared looking at her when his whole team was next to him. 'This way,' he thought, 'We can support each other.'

Finally having a good look on her, Andros shivered, her legs were covered with blood and her face bruised. Too afraid to touch her or hurt her even more, he turned to his communicator.

"DECA, teleport Ashley to one of the infirmary beds right away." He commanded quietly, almost sounding completely calm. When Ashley was gone with a yellow shimmer, he turned to his communicator once again. "DECA, teleport five to the infirmary."