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Andros: Nooooooooo!!

Tal: Muhahahahahah!

Andros: Oh no! What have I done?

Tal: Haha, loser :P

Not mine;

What's Left of Me
by DarkHonda aka Tal


Chapter 15: Scruddly

He was thrown in what seemed like a large room, almost as large as the holding bay, it was dark and surprisingly, not as cold as Andros thought it was going to be; the shove Ecliptor gave him made him fall, which didn't improve his headache, only made him want to vomit. The signs of an obvious concussion weren't as obvious and as important as always, he just didn't care. Right now, he had to deal with Scruddly, he couldn't even allow himself to try and talk to Karone. He scanned the dark room, narrowing his eyes with hopes of identifying some kind of movement, but failed as he couldn't recognize anything around him. Suddenly he was grabbed and flung into the air while hands – or paws? – were holding him around his stomach. Andros looked back in alarm, how come he hasn't noticed the movement? He struggled against the grab around him yet failed miserably; the hold around him was just too strong. He couldn't do anything but be shaken from side to side uncontrollably, it didn't help much to his head though. The thing that grabbed him, Scruddly, was taking him somewhere, Andros felt he was being moved between all of those shakes and shocks and when Scruddly stepped into an inquisitive ray of light that entered the room Andros could see a gigantic, purple paw wrapped around him. It had long green claws which he was afraid would tore his skin soon enough, unless he do something. 'Here goes…' he thought before taking a deep breath;

"Scruddly?" He asked almost gently. The monster growled and stopped shaking him, looking at him, that ray of light fell upon its face and Andros discovered it wasn't quite a monster, more like an over grown, purple skinned, and vicious looking… teddy bear. Andros gulped, in contrary to a normal teddy bear this one was beastly, gruesome and to tell the truth – ugly to the bone. Was this Karone's pet? The monster then returned to shaking the red ranger, making him feel as helpless as earlier;

"Scruddd-dlyyyyyy!" Andros yelled as he was dangling from side to side, the pet froze.

"Scruddly?" It asked in a beastly voice.

"Scruddly put me down, please." Andros requested civilly, the monster growled.

"Uh-Oh!" Andros frowned, the monster did seem to understand him, maybe he could be… friends with it? Maybe he could persuade it not to throw him all around and pity his aching head.

"Scruddly, please! You're hurting me!" Andros shouted, "I hit my head and you dangling me around is making it worse!" He exclaimed, the monster made a disappointed noise and dropped the red ranger, making him fall down and hit his arms and legs. Andros was speechless, he didn't really think it would work, but there can be miracles, can there? He was so awed that he didn't even feel the pain caused when he hit the ground.

"Thank you." He told the monster, then turned to face it. "I'm Andros." He introduced himself.

"Scruddly," The monster growled and Andros nodded with a faint smile.

"Yes, yes, I know, you're Astronema's pet, aren't you?" He asked and Scruddly nodded and then growled.

"Tonema!" He exclaimed in a thick growl, "Scruddly to miss Tonema!" Andros gaped, that monster was Astronema's pet! Who knew bad guys have pets?

"Well, her real name isn't Astronema, it's Karone," Andros insisted to explain.

"'one?" The monster asked.

"Yes, she's my sister, Scruddly," Andros sighed, "But she doesn't know it yet, Darkonda kidnapped her when we were little," He said softly and Scruddly let out a comforting groan. Andros felt a bit relieved, finally he could tell someone, let all his feelings at the open.

"I miss her, or at least, the girl she used to be. We used to play hours together, she was my favourite playmate ever. We used to play the telekinesis ball, hide and seek and I even used to read her before we went to bed every night."

"Ohhh," Scruddly seemed to understand.

"Do you think she'll ever believe me? I want her to be the sister I miss." Andros said tiredly, leaning against the wall. "What am I saying, Scruddly, she'll never listen to me and I'm doomed to stay in here forever or at least, until she finds the best way to kill her own brother." Andros said quietly, suddenly he felt he was being grabbed again, then pressed against purplish chest, so hard that it was difficult to breathe.

"Scrud-ly-" he barely manage to say, "put-me-down," he choked on his words, "I-can't-breathe," He said in a near whisper.

"Put him down, Scruddly," A gentle woman voice came from the darkness and as Andros was no gently put down on his feet, Astronema – Karone stepped into the light, her face a mix of confusion, agony and loss.

"Andros?" She asked and he found himself calmer from the tone of her voice.

"Karone," He said softly, pushing himself up on his feet, "You're really here…"

"Are you really my brother? How do you know?" She asked, hesitation clear in her voice, Andros sighed and took off the two lockets that were hung around his neck. He handed both to her;

"We were both given twin lockets, so we would never lose each other, when we fought and I tore it away from you, I knew." He gulped. "You're my sister, it's been playing on my mind, how we fought each other," He watched the effect of his words on her face, has it turned a bit, softer? More tender, maybe? He wasn't sure, she could still kill him in a bit. 'This is it,' he thought as he's taken a deep breath.

"Power down!" He said and his spandex clothing evaporated, leaving him in simple jeans and tee shirt. She frowned upon his action.

"What did you that for?" Her voice was harsher, he shook his head.

"Karone –"

"Don't call me that, I'm Astronema!" her voice rose in anger.

"I know who you are, and I'm not going to fight my own sister anymore," he said stubbornly, suddenly feeling much stronger with his decision. "I'll wait until you decide where and who you belong with, I just hope I won't die until then." He stated coolly.

"Fine!" She snapped and turned around. "Scruddly, you can play with the red ranger as you wish!" she obeyed and disappeared in silvery-purplish sparkles. Once she was gone, Andros let himself fall to the hard, cold floor, covering his face with his hands.

"I'll never get her to understand," he voiced his thoughts in desperation, "We'll be fighting each other until death." He added and Scruddly howled in sorrow as he put his paw comfortingly on Andros' back.