Rebirth of the Airbenders

Aang and Katara waited patiently for thier first born, a boy, to be brought to them. The kind Waterbender healers had just taken him to clean him. An older woman walked in with thier son and set him on Katara's chest. Aang leaned in to Katara's bedto see his son at a closer look.

"He looks just like you Aang," Katara said in a weak voice. Her eyes drooped; Aang was speechless, he couldn't believe that was his son.

"I wonder if he'll be a Water or Airbender?" Aang pondered as Katara handed the baby to him. At that moment, the baby boy scrunched his nose up and sneezed with such a force that he flew more than two feet in the air and then landed back in Aang's arms. Katara and Aang looked at each other.

"Definately an Airbender," the two new parents said in unison. Aang and Katara had just singlehandedly saved the Air Nation from extinction.

Yup, pretty weird. I came up with this after think of the Air Nation being extinct. Because if the Air Nation was extinct, the Avatar cycle would be broken when the next Airbender Avatar was to come. Oh, I couldn't think of a name for the baby, oh well. :)