Midnight smiled happily

No, I don't own pokemon. In fact, I don't own any show you see on TV, or even any copyrighted thing in existence as far as I know. I do own Midnight and her town, Nightshade.

Chapter One

Unexpected Encounter

Midnight smiled happily. Today her parents had allowed her to get her pokemon. Unlike most trainers, she would not be receiving a pre-caught and tamed pokemon. In her town, Nightshade, most trainers went out to find their main pokemon. Some took loaned pokemon with them for the capture, but most, like Midnight, did not. The area had many rare pokemon for some reason, and most trainers could find a pokemon that best fit them.

Midnight hiked into the woods. She saw spearow, pidgey, caterpie, sandshrews, and a manky. None of these pokemon had any appeal to her. She knew their evolved forms, but was only a bit more interested. Fearows were overly aggressive. Pidgeot was nice, but she wasn't much interested. Getting a butterfree made her pause, but she wanted a stronger pokemon then the slow, winged bug. She had learned that its wings could be damaged easily in battle, too. Sandslash weren't very interesting, and Primeape was not something she wanted to train, not liking fighting type pokemon much.

According to the tradition of Nightshade, the first pokemon you saw that you liked you tried to catch, and it would be your main pokemon. Sometimes trainers who wanted a strong pokemon would catch a few others first, but she didn't think that was fair.

What pokemon did she want? An eevee would be nice, especially one that would evolve into a umbreon or espeon. Sneasle were interesting, and a challenge to raise as so little was known about them. She would love a houndour, having liked the pokemon for years. She liked golducks, and was partial to psyducks. Lapras, Marril or horsea would be nice. A gyarados would be wonderful. Natu or a staru would be fine. Because of the many pokemon she liked, Midnight had decided to get the first one she found. And if she happened to see a legendary pokemon like Lugia, she would chase it to the ends of the earth!

Midnight was so deep in thought she did not pay attention. She tripped on a rock and fell over the edge of the huge chasm. Screaming, she fell towards the far-away bottom.

Opening her eyes, she realized she had stopped falling. A blue glow surrounded her and she was lifted out.

Landing on the ground, she looked at the pokemon who had just saved her. "What are you?" she said as she whipped out her pokedex. "No available data" it said.

[I am Mewtwo, the clone of mew. Are you all right?] asked the large white and purple pokemon.

"Cool. An unknown pokemon! Pokeball, go!" she yelled.

Raising his hand/paw, Mewtwo exploded the pokeball in midair. [I save your life and you repay me by trying to enslave me?] he said incredulous.

"Pokemon are meant to be captured and used for battle." Midnight replied.

Mewtwo looked at her. [Perhaps you should be made to see things differently. I was created by that same arrogance, the idea that pokemon are meant for nothing but humans.]

"What do you mean?" Midnight said, a little afraid.

The super pokemon did not reply, but only narrowed his eyes, which were now glowing blue. Midnight felt funny.

"What are you doing?" she said desperately.

[Some pokemon no longer exist. It upsets the balance and causes problems. Perhaps this will give you a different view on things.]

The change completed, Midnight fell to the ground and Mewtwo teleported away. Before she fainted, she thought she heard him say, [There were never supposed to be three, but the other two were greatly feared. Five as the evo, without one all would suffer. Balance through the-] before darkness claimed her.

Well, what did you think so far? If you are wondering what is going on, here's a hint- evo isn't the name of any pokemon as far as I know. Mewtwo is referring to something very like that, though. Can you guess what pokemon it is?

Just out of curiosity, are the three legendary creatures (like entei) cats or dogs? I would like to know if Nintendo said anything about it.