Title: The Soul Has Bandaged Moments

Author: serendu

Disclaimers: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by J.K Rowling and Bloomsbury Publishing also Kawoosh! Productions and Gekko Film Corporation, and Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer Television. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Pairing: None

Author Notes: Written in about half an hour when I should have been listening to a Spanish audio training session. In work. Bad me. Yes, I know I have about 10 unfinished fics. Yes I know this one could be another – but for now – it's a one shot. All mistakes are my own. Anything spectacularly (and embarrassingly) obvious please let me know and I will do my best to change it.

Harry Potter was 18 when he first stepped into Atlantis.

After being welcomed as part of a large group by Doctor Weir, the new intake of personnel was quickly and efficiently dispersed by the more seasoned Atlantis residents.

Harry, having been escorted around as part of a smaller group by Major Lorne, sighed as the door closed automatically behind him. Ignoring unpacking his belongings, he walked past the bed to look out across the ocean outside his window.

He took a deep breath before turning away and began unpacking his belongings, a bitter smile on his face. Well Dumbledore, he thought, lets see if you can find me here.

It had all started days after the death of Sirius. Harry, finally back at the Dursleys had gone to run an errand for his aunt to the local supermarket, For once, he had not sensed his usual guard as provided by him by Dumbledore and the rest of the Order. Guessing that he had five minutes to himself, he lingered in the short alleyway between the supermarket and Privet Drive before he returned to yet another day of being ignored in his bedroom.

Harry wondered later whether it was fate or just pure chance that had led Dudley and his gang of cohorts into the same alley. Harry, his hands full of heavy shopping bags, hoped that for once Dudley would just ignore him.

Dudley's face, on seeing Harry, gained a malevolent look that Harry knew all too well. He braced himself for the inevitable. C'mon whoever from the Order is on duty! I'm about to have Dudley start on me!

Dudley grinned when he noted the full shopping bags. 'Well, well, well, if it isn't the freak!' He smirked. 'I was just saying to the lads how I wanted to try out my new training from boxing.' He paused. 'And now I've found the perfect target.'

For a split second Harry thought about running. Dudley stepped forward and raised his right fist, before punching him hard in the stomach. Harry doubled over, dropping the bags whilst Dudley hit him with his left fist in the face and Dudley's friends chanted 'Hit him harder, hit him again!'

'Hey! Leave him alone!'

Dudley's fist was about to strike Harry for the umpteenth time when a hand caught it and forced it back. There, standing taller and much fitter than Dudley, a strange man pushed Dudley away from the now cringing and kneeling Harry. The stranger eyed Dudley's gang, before glancing down to Harry to see the damage Dudley had caused.

The gang, instinctively recognising a threat when they saw one, took off back down the alley whilst the stranger seemed occupied with Harry's injuries. Dudley still stood there, cradling his wrist, which was hurting from the force the stranger had used to stop him.

The stranger had by now satisfied himself that Harry's injuries weren't quite as bad as they had originally appeared. He turned to Dudley. 'Get out of here kid, before I do to you what you did to him.'

Dudley took off, whimpering and still holding his wrist.

'You ok kid?'

Harry blinked up at the blurry figure in front of him.

The stranger noticed the unfocussed gaze directed his way and glanced around the alley. Noticing something he took a step away, bent over and picked something Harry couldn't see properly.

'These yours?' He offered a slightly bent pair of glasses to Harry.

Harry took them gratefully, noting with relief that his glasses were only bent, not broken and now he had his glasses on, he noticed that the shopping bags appeared to be ok too. Sighing with relief, he took the offered hand of the stranger to get up.

Blinking at the stranger, Harry looked more closely at the stranger. The stranger, seeing he was being examined saw Harry's puzzled look at his clothes. 'I'm in the R.A.F kid.' He said. Seeing this meant nothing he explained, 'Royal Air Force? Planes?' He saw the still confused look on Harry's face. 'Maybe your head got hit harder than I thought…'

'No – I'm fine – I just need to get these bags home.' He said, stumbling over to the shopping bags, shielding his eyes from the sun peaking through the gaps in the wall near the bags.

'Here, let me give you a hand with those.' He picked up Harry's shopping bags, 'My name's Alan by the way. Where are we headed then? I was just on my way from the careers office with some leaflets for the local school.' He shifted the bags into one hand as he saw how pale Harry was in the sunlight and then steadied Harry with his free hand, helping him as they made their way slowly to Privet Drive.

Harry smiled as he unpacked his clothes. He remembered the day Alan turned up in his life vividly. Alan, not content with helping him home, had invited himself in to make sure that Harry really was ok, only to be amazed that Dudley was there too, whimpering and complaining to his mother about how 'the Freak had made him hurt his hand when he should have been bringing the shopping home'.

That had cued off a very loud discussion between Alan and Petunia when she had blamed Harry for the whole episode. Dudley made himself scarce when he realised Harry had brought home the man who had stopped Dudley punching Harry. The discussion had only gotten louder when Vernon had come home from work.

Alan had ended up being forcibly removed by Vernon (with some very reluctant help from Dudley), but only after Vernon had gotten his gun and shouted, 'Get out of my house you bounder!' and waved the gun threateningly at Alan. Alan had still managed to pass Harry a copy of a leaflet about joining up which also had the address of the local armed forces careers office printed on the back.

Harry had wasted no time the next day as soon as he realised that Dumbledore had not provided him with a guard in the morning. He nipped out of the garden whilst Petunia's back was turned, checked that no one in the street could see him and then ran as quickly as he could towards the careers office not far from the supermarket – this time avoiding the alleyway. Within an hour he had managed to sign up.

Alan hadn't wasted any time either. Twenty fours hours after Harry had left Privet Drive for good; the police turned up with a warrant and arrested Vernon Dursley for firearms offences.

Two days after that, local police stated that they were investigating allegations against both Vernon Dursley and Petunia Dursley in regards to child abuse.

The next week it appeared in the local paper that the string of crimes by a gang led by one Dudley Dursley would be curtailed due to the ASBOs they had all been given.

It was a whole month before the Order of the Phoenix found out.