One more wish


Dib, the paranormal wannabe.

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Dib slammed his fist against the pop machine. It growled back at him, refusing to yield the orange soda that he paid for.

"Come on!" He yelled, punching rapidly against the glassy plastic coating. "Pleeeease, it's for the sake of humanity!" The machine growled in reply, and Dib growled right back at it.

"I have better things to do then-then," He narrowed his eyes," wait for you." He said wrathfully, walking way. As he did so, a blond girl walked up to the machine and pushed the orange button. Dib heard the ka-thud of the pop, but didn't see who got it or even if it was it, he didn't want to be late for Skool again.

"Hey, large headed boy!" A girl's voice called from behind, Dib ringed.

"For the last time, I do not have a big head!- Oh, hello." He looked farther down than he thought he would. The girl's head only came to his chest. Her eyes were unnaturally large and blue, and I won't describe the rest in much details but her womanhood was well noticeable. She was nudging an orange soda against his arm.

"Is that for me?" He asked, like the tone you would use for a little child," Thanks, I've been trying to get it all morning. I'm avoiding the milk from lunch. I think they put sleeping pills in it." He shifted his eye, as though to make sure no one is listening. "And I can't sleep on the job." He was waiting for her to call him crazy.

"What are you?" She said, to his surprise, but he could add in that he was crazy right then. Man, he thought, putting myself down.

"I'm going to be a paranormal detective." Dib said proudly.

"That's sooo cool!" She said, jumping up and down in the …well…girly-girl manner. "Is that like, alien and ghosts, or will you branch out later into demons, because it's well enough to mess with things that can make your living life miserable-" Dib cut her rambling off.

"Everything! I'll be the head of the Swollen Eye someday…So you like the paranormal too."

"Totally, all though I consider it to be just normal." And with that she skipped off. Dib noticed her clothes for the first time, a wool scarf, a thick small sweater, and blue shinny pants.

"Nice pants." He said, putting the soda in his pocket and walked off to Skool.

-In class-

"And that's when the light bulb was invented, from then on we were all doomed." Said Mrs Bitters, bitterly, when there was a knock on the door.

"H-hello?" Came a small voice, which Dib remembered from earlier. "I-is this class room-?"
"Yes, you were suppose to be here last week. Take a seat you worthless pile of flesh." The teacher snapped, and the small girl walked in.

"Class, this is Ishtar, Ishtar class. Now find a seat!" Ishtar kicked out an orange haired kid from his desk and sat down as the class said hello back. Dib narrowed his eyes at Zim, who was in front of her.

"Now, where was I…And then we were doomed. Shortly after, every house hold had a light bulbs, and they were all doomed."

Ishtar raised her hand, "Excuse me, why were they all doomed.?" Mrs Bitters narrowed her glasses, grabbed her desk apple and slithered over to her. "Don't ask stupid questions." And stuffed the apple in her mouth, which remained there no matter how hard she tried to pull it out.

-Five seconds before the lunch bell-

"And then the oceans will go dry and we'll all be doomed." The Lunch bell finally rang and the class ran out like Hell had broken lose underneath them. Dib stayed back, noticing how Ishtar waited for others to go before her.

"Hey, need help with that?" He pointed to the apple. She nodded rapidly. Dib grabbed the apple and pulled, taking it out.

"Thank you!" She squealed, and skipped away before he could say another word. He looked down at the apple, seeing the two puncture holes were the apple. The apple seemed deflated in the back, then he noticed a smaller hole. "Hmm, weird…" He scratched his head, threw the apple and went to lunch.


Narrator: Oh, Dib! Can't you put the pieces together? This blindness will cost you!

Dib: Where's that voice coming from? 00