Title: Children of Medusa

Author: Blackest Grim

Rating: M

Summery: It all started when Harry's senses of hearing, sight, and smell increased, just before his sixth year ended. As he got to the Dursley, his last remaining 'family', he noticed slight changes in his appearance, then the fact that he was getting very fast, faster than a human is supposed to be. A week before his birthday he screams to no one, wanting to know what is happening to him, as if answering him a book falls out of nowhere and a voice is heard, he trusts this voice. The book holds all his questions' answers, and the voice, Lady Medusa herself helps him threw a wild ride that his life is going to become.

Warnings: SLASH- by now you should know me well enough to know what SLASH is, as I don't have a story without it in it, but if you are a first time reader I should hope you know what it is and like it if you continue reading. DE Harry, Slytherin Harry, Creature Harry, Dark but not evil Harry, manipulative Dumbledore, evil Ron, good Hermione.

Parings: LV (TMR) /HP

Spoilers: Books 1-4 , this is taking place in Harry's seventh year, but nothing from the 5th and 6th books did happened, except for the dementors and 'Toad Lady' in the 5th book, and the Order of the Phoenix; Harry also know the Prophecy.





Harry and Tom talking mentally

Lady Medusa

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Chapter: The startling friendship

Harry's eyebrows twitched, 'I really should see Poppy about that.'

Hermione and Ron were fighting again, and it was getting on his last nerve. Lately he realized him hearing is increasing greatly, so, as you can imagine, even though the Gryffindor's friends were on the other side of the common room, he heard them like they were yelling in his ear.

Finally, deciding he had enough, he stood up and grabbing his stuff he marched out of Gryffindor tower, slamming the portrait door.

He ignored the fat lady's complaints and made his way to the dungeons, he didn't care that it was after curfew, he didn't care that he was marching into the enemy's territory, and he really, really didn't give a bloody fuck if Snape caught him down here. All he knew is that, he likes the darkness, he likes the coldness, and he loves the beautiful silence.

Going to 'his' corner of the dungeons he slid down the wall to sit on the floor, sighing in contemns at the dead quietness that surrounded him. He let his mind wonder.

He loved his friends, yes, but the more they fought, the more he was wishing that he let the hat put him in Slytherin. He knew in his heart that he was a snake, not a lion, he found no place for him in that bloody tower.

He was also drifting farther and farther away from the light. Dumbledore knew the prophecy, knew that he needed to train if ever hoped to defeat Tom, yet he refused to let him get the help he needed to train.

So Harry started to train himself, he knew that he could easily hold his own in a fight against a Death Eater with all the dark magic he knew, he is now officially a Dark Wizard, and he is very proud of this fact. He improved in Potions, scaring the shit out of Snape, he also trained himself to become a animagus and he perfected wandless magic.

He was shocked to find himself when he found out his animagus form is a serpent, he nearly fainted when he found the kind of serpent, a King Serpent, a Basilisk. He loved his animagus form, instead of the green scales and red main like the king serpent he found in to chamber, His form's scales were a beautiful back that shined silver in light, his main is a brilliant silver with green feathers thrown in here and there.

Harry was rudely interrupted from his thought when the sound of footsteps hit his ears. He did not move from his spot, he knew the sent, it was his newest friend, his only Slytherin friend at the moment. He knew that if he didn't have inhanced hearing he would never have heard the person's light foot falls.

"Hello Harry." The voice is calm, and very worm sounding. Harry looks at the person when they sit next to him.

"Hello Draco, what are you doing up?"

Draco gave him a look, "I would ask the same thing."

A silence fell over them as they looked at the far wall. Draco finally spoke, "I remember this place."

Harry glanced at him, "How ever could you forget it? This is where Hogwarts' biggest enemies' finally made a truce."

Draco chuckled, the sound of honey, "Of course, how could I forget?"

Harry smiled to himself, looking back to the far wall, yes, how could he forget? He was nearly raped…


Harry had once again left the tower in fury of his warring friends, it was only a week before charismas break. After ten minutes he stopped, he slid down to the floor. After a few calming minutes he heard footsteps with his steadily increasing hearing. There were four sets, all run directly towards him, he stood and waited in the shadows.

What stopped him from running away was the fact that he smelled fear from one set, lust from the others. They were going to rape the first, he just knew it.

"Stop running slut!"

"We know that you love it!"

"You're just a sex slave, just like the rest of your kind!"

Harry's eyes widened, "The first is a veela." He whispered to himself.

He know knew that he could not run, he would not allow a innocent veela be raped, he had studied veela, among other creatures, the worst thing you could do to a veela is rape it, epically before he found his mate, who would not except them because of their loss of innocence from someone else, and because of this both would die.

As they came in sight Harry pulled out his wand, readying to defend the veela. Three yards from Harry the veela spotted him, stopping, thinking that he was trapped by his attackers.

Harry growled at the veela, that he now recognized, "Don't stop Malfoy; I have no intention of raping you!"

Malfoy seemed to trust that statement, with one look over his shoulder he zipped around Harry and, to Harry's amazement, hid behind him, going no further.

This is when the attackers spotted him, the took out their wands, intending to get him out of their way of the veela that hid behind him. Harry raised an eyebrow, he pointed his wand, and wordlessly sent his new favorite spell at them.

They stopped dead in their tracks, quit literary.

With three thumps Harry felt Draco look around him, "You killed them, Potter?"

Harry looked at him, "Yes, by law it is allowed to do suck if it means protecting a veela, I thought you would have known that."

Draco glared at him, "Of course I knew that! I'm just trying to get over the fact that's it is you that protected me! Using a very Dark spell"

Harry raised an eyebrow at him, "I understand that," He turned to the three bodies, "now let's see who your lovely attackers are."

Harry and Draco approached the bodies, the Slytherin a little more slowly. Harry leaned down, turning the bodies over, "Ravenclaws, you would think that they are smarted than that!"

"Those three have been giving me looks since the start of year…" Draco thought out loud.

"Are you mated?"

Draco looked at him in shock, "What?"

Harry looked him in the eye, "Are you mated?"

Draco took a step back, "Why?"

Harry sighed, staying kneeled down, "I meant what I said earlier, I have no intention of doing anything sexual with you. You have nothing to worry about."

Draco looked at him for a second, and then sat down beside him, "Yes, I have a mate, and why aren't you affected by the veela charm?"

Harry sat as well, "Who?"

Draco shook a finger at him, "No, I asked a question first."

Harry looked at the far wall, "Lately I've been feeling weird, my senses are increasing, I heard you coming ten minuets before they shouted, I could even smell you. I looked through as many magical creature books as I could get my hands on, that's how I know about veela mates, and I found nothing that fits…"

Draco frowned, "What made you think you could be a magical creature?"

Harry looked at him, "When Moony, Professor Lupin, was teaching he mentioned that most magical creatures have a life mate, and is often expressed by a sense of want, or need deep with in your heart. I have that feeling. Before you say anything, I know that humans have life mates as well," Draco shut his mouth.

"But do humans have enhanced senses of smell, hearing, and sight?"

Draco looked at his lap, "No, no they don't."

They sat like that for a moment, the silence leaving them to their thought.

"My mate is Lucius."

Harry looked at Draco in shock, "What?"

Draco looked at him, "Lucius Malfoy, my father, he's my mate."

Harry looked at him for a moment, making Draco wiggle in uneasiness, "Wow that certainly makes it easier to find him."

For the first time since leaving his mate and father at the train station Draco laughed, Harry soon joined him.

"You're the first one to take it that well." Draco stated as they stopped.

Harry smiled at him, "Who am I to judge who your mate is, as long as he isn't your great, great, great, great, great, great grandpa, I'm fine."

Draco raised an eyes brow at him, "And the gender?"

Harry shrugged, "I'm gay Malfoy."


Harry frowned at him, "What?"

"Call me Draco; I want to be friends with you."

Harry smiled; "In that case you have to call me Harry, Draco."

The Slytherin smiled at him, he held out his hand, "Start over new?"

Harry grinned, and took his hand.

/End flashback/

They had kept their friendship a secret, what with them being on two different sides of the war. After much consideration, they mailed Lucius and told him what happened.

Even though Lucius did not like Harry, he was eternally grateful that he saved his mate while they were separated, he even agreed to search Harry's symptoms in his large library of books on Magical creatures, dark or not.

He found nothing.


Harry snapped out of memory lane, "Hmmm?"

"We should get to bed, the train leaves tomorrow and you want as much sleep as possible with how your 'family' treats you."

Oh, yes, Harry and Draco now know everything about each other's past.

Harry pushed against the wall, standing, he then turned to help Draco up, "I guess your right, see you tomorrow."

With a quick brotherly hug they when back to their dorms.


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