Title: Children of Medusa

Author: Blackest Grim

Rating: M

Beta: Purki

Summery: It all started when Harry's senses of hearing, sight, and smell increased, just before his sixth year ended. As he got to the Dursley, his last remaining 'family', he noticed slight changes in his appearance, then the fact that he was getting very fast, faster than a human is supposed to be. A week before his birthday he screams to no one, wanting to know what is happening to him, as if answering him a book falls out of nowhere and a voice is heard, he trusts this voice. The book holds all his questions' answers, and the voice, Lady Medusa herself helps him threw a wild ride that his life is going to become.

Warnings: SLASH- by now you should know me well enough to know what SLASH is, as I don't have a story without it in it, but if you are a first time reader I should hope you know what it is and like it if you continue reading. DE Harry, Slytherin Harry, Creature Harry, Dark but not evil Harry, manipulative Dumbledore, evil Ron, good Hermione. Veela Draco and Lucius. Incest.

Parings: LV (TMR) /HP, LM/DM

Spoilers: Books 1-4 , this is taking place in Harry's seventh year, but nothing from the 5th and 6th books did happened, except for the dementors and 'Toad Lady' in the 5th book, and the Order of the Phoenix; Harry also know the Prophecy. Oh, yes, Sirius did go through the veil, but I'll bring him back, don't you worry about that.





Harry and Tom talking mentally

Lady Medusa



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Chapter: Phoenix and Basilisk

Harry stared at the door before him, the one with a silver snake on it.

His mate's door.

Before he had even entered the house again he had let down all his masks and glammers, letting his snake form show, now his tail could be seen twitching nervously. With a deep breath he slowly opened the door, he is surprised that he is able to open it with out any spells hitting him, after a thought he realized Meddy probably helped him with that.

As he stepped in he saw a study, lavished in greens, blacks and silvers, Harry smiled, Slytherin to the end…

Harry Potter?

Harry whipped around to find a snake standing eye to eye with him, Nagini!

The cobra seemed to smile, Lady Medusa mentioned that my master's mate would confront him tonight, but I had not been expecting you, take care of him, he will need you. She pointed with her tail, He is through that door, having another nightmare again it seems.

With that she lowered and slithered away, Harry let out a breath he didn't realize he had been holding in and whispered, You have my promise.

Turning around a little less nervous than he was before he walked to the door between him and his mate, and opened it, in the middle of the room stood a bed, a very elegant bed, something you would imagine in the Malfoy's house. In the bed lay a restless figure, twisting and turning like someone having a nightmare, like Nagini had predicted.

With a frown he walked to the bed and kneeled down, all nervousness gone; reaching out he touched his love's face, he stilled.

His eyes opened.

Their eyes met.

Silence took over the room, making Harry feel butterflies in his stomach, Tom?

Tom blinked, not recognizing the figure in front of him at first, just knowing that it is his long awaited mate, My Mate?

He put his hand on the other's that had yet to leave his face. Harry smiled and rested his chin on the bed before him, Yes, do you know who I am?

Tom looked into his mate's eyes, his green eyes that he is sure he had seen before, he gasped as realization downed of his sleepy mind, Potter?

When his mates hand was not moved Harry climbed onto the bed, lay next to his mate when he moved to make room, Call me Harry. He leaned up and kissed Tom's chin, shaking his out of his mind.

But I have done nothing good to you; you must think me horrid…

Harry rested his head on Tom's chest, I did, but you are my mate and couldn't have known what you were doing, I don't blame you, I blame Dumbledore. He ruined my life, not you.


Harry took up all his Gryffindor courage and kissed him, on the lips this time, as he pulled away he looked in to his love's red eyes, I love you, nothing can change that, if I hadn't have forgiven you I would have ran when Meddy told me you were my mate.

Tom went to speak, than stopped, Harry felt the butterflies again. Finally he spoke, Why Meddy, why not some other nickname?

Harry couldn't help it, he laughed.

Tom frowned; he didn't like being laughed at, What?

Harry calmed down, It fits, Meddy, she likes to meddle.

Tom cracked a smile, and joined Harry as he started to laugh.

I just love how you two find comfort in making fun of me. Her every word was covered in sarcasm.

The two dark wizards just started to laugh harder.

/the next morning/

It was a beautiful morning, it was as if Mother Nature was reflecting on the emotions of Harry Potter. He was the happiest he had been, well, in his life. For once it felt as if the emotional and physical scars of his past didn't exist. Not a single nightmare had occurred while he slept with his mate right next to him, and Tom's night was free as well.

So as they woke they forgot the war that took place in the wizarding world, they were in their own little world, mind only on their mate.

But it seemed that Lady Fate would not allow them to be happy as a house elf popped into Tom's rooms.

"Mister Riddle! Master Lucius has an urgent message for Mister Riddle; Master Lucius says that something bad happens." The house elf had caught them as they had just gotten out of the shower and pulling up their boxers, but at her urgent word they hurried as their world of happiness disappeared.

They got ready for a battle, not knowing what to expect, just knowing it was bad news. As soon as they finished they shared a kiss and left with the elf as a guide.

As Harry and Tom made it to the study, as Tom had figured out where the elf was taking them, they felt an odd sensation, something warning them.

Harry looked up at his much taller mate, Do you feel that?

Tom's grip on Harry's hand tightened, Yes, Medusa, are you there?

Yes, so you both feel it? They nodded their heads though she already knew the answer, What does it feel like to you?

Harry shivered, Like Happiness, light, and healing, but for some reason, in a bad way.

Tome agreed, I felt this before, and it was nothing good.

To a human this feeling would be good, but for a Basilisk it is very bad, this feeling is what I installed in you because it means a Phoenix is near by, the only thing that can kill you. This was no joke; her voice was more serious than they had ever heard it before.

Tom and Harry froze, not wanting to get any closer. Meddy put a mental hand on their shoulders, Stay here; I'll go check it out.

She didn't have to tell them more than once.

As her essence made it to the study she found a phoenix, just like she thought, she called out to it, What are you doing here bird?!

The bird turned it's head around looking for her, Lady Medusa, I am not here to harm any one, I am just looking for Harry, to make sure my idiot of a Master did not harm him

Medusa glared, He might not have hurt him physically, but he sure as hell hurt him mentally, nearly making it impossible to meet his mate!

Fawks flapped his wings, scaring everyone in the office, You think I would have allowed that if I had known?! Harry Potter is a descendent of Godric, a line that I have sworn to protect, I could care less if he is one of your chosen!

This shut Medusa up, So you have no intensions of hurting him or his mate?

Fawks shook his head, No, I will protect his mate as well, besides, I've grown attached to Harry. I like him.

Medusa had one more question, And what about Dumbledore?

Fawks glared, For what he has done I have severed my ties to him as master and Phoenix, I will even help Tom and Harry kill and spy on him if need be.

Medusa considered it, Okay, I'll go tell Harry and Tom it is safe and explain to them what you just told me, but I swear, if you harm them I will set enough snakes on you that you will never see the light of day again.

Fawks gulped.


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