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Silver Promise

Kiss me just once... and I will die happy...

Seth hates his principal. He hates her because she sent him away. She told him that it was okay to go and to him it doesn't matter that Shane was the one wanting to leave. Because he could never blame the ex-soldier, now current soldier for anything. So he hates his principal instead.

He already hated her before so it's not that big a stretch… because she got to touch him. But at the same token he'd kind-of liked her for that too because there was no world where Shane would ever touch him, at least she had kept him near… for a while and Seth had been able to live with that. But Shane's been MIA from Seth's life since June though and time isn't making the infatuation any better. His hand use to shake whenever Shane would accidentally brush against him. Now they shake when he realizes he may never see the other again. Mostly though he tries not to think about that possibility. Prefers to think of Shane walking up the driveway.

It occurred to Seth awhile ago that he's more than a little addicted. Actually now that Shane's been absent for awhile Seth in no doubt that he's an addict. At least at night. During the day, he's okay mostly, he can function, get through school, get through dinner and homework and everything else without anyone ever knowing how badly he misses the other.

It's when he wakes up in the middle of the night that it's the worst and the silver circlet that he'd love to put on his ring-finger, but is too big to fit on anything but his thumb is the only thing that keeps him from falling to bits.

The ring he'd stolen, well had attempted to steal from Shane… The other had busted him in the act and looking back its really not shocking why.

"Trying to rob me kid." And looking back on it Shane had sounded more amused than anything. At the time though his heart had jumped up into his throat.

"Shane I wasn't…" How could he explain what he'd wanted without giving everything away.

"I course not…" Shane had drawled thickly, taking the circlet from him and turning it over in his hand. God those hands…

"It's not worth anything." Shane had explained, had smirked in that damned way that had gotten Seth into all this trouble in the first place.

"I wasn't…" Seth had swallowed thickly.

"Give me your hand…" And Seth had held it out lamely. Heart fluttering violently as Shane's hand closed over his lightly, the cool bit of silver sliding up his finger.

"I know what you want." You couldn't possibly… Seth's mind had moaned painfully.

"And I'm coming back for what's mine!" Shane had smiled and caused another violent shudder. He'd meant the ring, had given it to Seth as a way to assure him he was coming back… for what was his. The ring… and perhaps the principal… During daylight hours Seth knew this, excepted what little he could have from Shane. But at night his damned sentimentalities took him for a ride. Head playing war with heart.

At night he couldn't help but wish, couldn't help but think… Couldn't help but want those long strong hands all over him and Seth wishes he could go back to those naïve fantasies where Shane had just touched him, kissed him. Because Seth had never known exactly where it was supposed to go after that… Unfortunately in one of his more daring moments he looked in up on the Internet… Now he can't stop the bright, hot, vivid images that flit beneath his lids every time he shuts his eyes…

It's passed three in the morning and Seth feels tears gathering at how quiet and lonely it is. His room is dark save for the small square of ghostly light pouring in the window… Seth curls in on himself, tucking hands into his chest, feeling the large chunk of metal pressing into his warm flesh… It's the only thing that keeps him going… Knowing that Shane will keep his word and come back… for what's his… He just wishes it were him.