And so i find myself writing a story about Naruto in a way inpsired by a picture i saw somewhere that i forgot otherwise i would give you the link to it so you could see it too... Now aparently the picture had some kind of purpose to the original idea of naruto but i've decided i'm gonna write a what if story containing only two elements of that. both should be figured out in this chapter. By the way just so you all know, the pairings in this story will most likely be revealed later so just keep your pants on... or boxers... or whatever it is your wearing at your waist... and if your not wearing anything for the grace of the Kyuubi put something on damn it!

Side note: All the kids in naruto are four at the time of the attack.

Disclaimer: Even if I did own Naruto(Which I don't!) I'd still write fanfiction for it. I just love what if stories. Peace Peopleses!

Chapter one: Demon Attack

A giant golden yellow fox demon was attacking the Village Hidden in the Leaves, it's nine tails wreacking havoc. The current Hokage, a young man who had a foreign name, was leading his people into an all out last resort attack. Already too many of their men had died and if the Yondaime, Ozell, had anything to say in the matter, no more beyond tonight would fall.

The giant demon, that called himself Arashi, was beginning to tire after three days of constant battle, this was their only chance to attack him. Didn't these mortals know when to give up. He could see one with long red hair leading this new group into an attack. He could clearly sense that this one was the strongest of them. Still Arashi would have no problem.

How wrong the demon lord was.

Ozell began doing the handsealls for the Jutsu that he had come up with his sensei, Jiraiya. He knew it was a last ditch effort and that even if it didn't work he would die, but it was better than just letting the demon destroy his village. With the final hand seal in place he called out the dreaded Nin-justsu. "Zetsumei Kami Ken!" (Death God Blade)

The god of death being summoned required a sacrifice, and Ozell offered up himself. Zatsumei had a feral grin on his dark red face as he was given a solid body. In seconds he changed it to a style of his liking before he looked at the Great Demon Fox. Ozells pale skin became dark red, his hair ghostly white, his eyes became a pale grey barely distinguishable from the rest of the eye.

The fox knew it was outmatched, but it didn't back down. Arashi would never back down from a challenge. He charged at the death god.

Zastumei smirked and pulled the knife he carried out of it's sheath, then with a single touch of the blade to Arashi's fur, the great fox died. It looked merely as if he had tripped over Zatsumei as his body left the ground for a moment before landing and skidding for a good half kilometer.

Zatumei turned around to Admire his work before leaving Ozell's body.

You may say your parting words before I take your soul, Zatsumei projected to Ozell. Ozell's body went back to normal, his hair once again becoming red, his eyes turning back to the odd half brown half grey coloring.

The village's ninja rushed to their leader. Yamanaka Inoichi, a recently promoted jounin, supported their leader quietly. He and Ozell were good friends despite the rivalry in their clans, but Inoichi could find no words to give to his dying friend.

Suddenly a yelping and sounds of cursing were heard. Hyuuga Hizashi suddenly came forth with a nine tailed orange-red fox demon with black feet the size of a small football that had been knocked out with a well placed blow from the jyuuken. By the bite marks on the Nara man's arms behind him, this fox must have been a biter.

"We found this kit protecting the fox's body," said Hizashi as he approached the two friends. Ozell looked at the young kit without contempt as many would have thought he would, but instead sympathy. They had probably killed this little kit's only family. He knew for a fact that the only way a male demon would raise a kit was if the mother had died.

"The demon's offspring no doubt," said a brash woman from the Inuzuka clan," I say we kill it. Before it has a chance to become strong like it's sire." This was corrused by many a yell of concurrence.

"No," the Yondaime croaked out, "Do not harm him."

"But Hokage-sama-"

"It is our responsibility to account for the innocent," Ozell cut off one ninja.

"But a demon is hardly innocent! Just look at it! It's a monster!" yelled the Inuzuka. Another corrus of agreement.

The hokage held up his hand, and all went quiet.

"Please," he said softly," Accept it as my dying wish. Perhaps if we teach this fox human morals it will grow up to protect this village."

All were silent, but they nodded their heads in affiermation. The hokage smiled and said one last thing before his soul left his body to be devoured by the death god, Zatsumei.

"Good bye... My friends," and then the hokage's eyes closed for the last time and his final breath left his lungs.

(( About six hours later, in the Hokage tower holding cell))

The little fox woke up, hungry and affraid, in the confines of a jail cell mesh wiring over the bars so he could not escape. He yipped in fear. He could not remember who he was, what had happened, or what he had done to be put in this small cell, but he knew it didn't feel safe and he wanted out. Apparently the hit from the Hyuuga had affected his memory.

Soon enough he heard someone coming and hid under the cot in his cell, wrapping himself in three of his tails so only his bright blue eyes shown through. He saw two strange tall creatures stop infront of his cell and begin working with the lock.

After a moment the shorter of the two giants opened the cage and the taller of the two platinum robes walked in. The door closed behind him. He briefly wondered if this creature was brought here for the same reason as him, although he didn't know he was the reason he was there in the first place.

The tall creature kneeled down before him and his hid his eyes too, his body quivering in fear. He heard it making some strange sounds which slowly translated into words which he wasn't sure how he understood.

"Don't worry little one, I wont hurt you," it's voice was kind and gentle. He decided to peak out from behind his tails.

When he did a delicious smell hit his nose. He saw that the giant was holding out one of it's limbs and on the end of it was a piece of charred meat. Just then the kit's hunger decided to reassert itself by growling loudly.

" Would you like some? It's good, see," the giant broke off a piece of the charred meat and ate it. Slowly the kit came forward, snuffling at the ground but keeping it's eyes on the giant. Once it was close enough it carefully nipped at the charred meat till it was all gone. With a fully belly, the kit forgot it's fear and jumped into the giants lap, which looked very comfortable, and yawned cutely.

The giant smiled and tickled it under it's chin for a moment before taking the tired kit carefully in his arms and standing up. he headed to the door of the cage and knocked twice. The shorter giant from earlier came back and opened the door.

Before the kit fell asleep in the giant's arms he heard a small conversation between the two creatures.

"Are you sure you want to do this, Yamanaka-san? He is a demon after all."

"Yes, I'm sure, Kakashi-kun. Besides, Ino has been begging for a pet for some time now," his voice still sounded kind but it held a loving tone to it now. Just after that the young kit fell asleep.

((Quick author's note))

I know it's moving a little quick but i want to get to the main part of the story as fast as i can ok? when i get hooked up on beginnings that's normally what makes me quit writing.

((Four years later))

An alarm clock buzzed loudly for about two seconds before a small hand shot out to silence it. Ino Yamanaka got out of bed grumbling. A single lock of her short hair hung in her eyes before she pushed it behind her ear. After getting out of bed she walked over to the small doggy bed in the corner of her room. It contained a small orange-red nine tailed fox. She smiled at her pet for a moment, wondering how it slept through her alarm clock going off when it was supposed to have hearing hundreds of times more sensitive than her own.

She scratched behind his ears and it immediately woke him up. He rolled over onto his back, opening it's deep blue eyes, and it's tongue lolling out the side of it's mouth. Ino giggled at her cute little fox before rubbing it's belly.

"Good morning, Kyuubi-kun," she said cheerily. Kyuubi allways cheered her up in the mornings.

The kit rolled back over onto it's feet and yipped happily at her. Instead of a collar like most pets wore, her's wore a miniature pair of ninja goggles on it's forhead. To Ino it was the cutest thing she could immagine. Reluctantly she got up to go take her morning shower before she had to head to the ninja training academy.

Twenty minutes later she came out in the clothes her mother had laid out for her. She gave Kyuubi a quick treat before heading out to the academy. As soon as she was gone, Kyuubi closed his eyes and focused his chakra in his entire body.

Slowly the young demon fox became a young boy. He had striking blond hair, a blue shirt with a swirl on it, orange shorts(his favorite color), and the same pair of ninja goggles only bigger to fit his head. He also had whisker shaped marks on his cheeks, and the same bright blue eyes as when he was in kitsune form.

He hopped down the stairs, bowing to both Inoichi and his wife and giving them a morning greeting before bolting out the door to head for the ninja accademy. He ignored the glares from the villagers who knew what he was and kept running. He past Ino on his way and only glanced at her for a moment before continuing on his way to the academy.

He was hoping to get there early so he could see Sakura-chan. She was Ino's friend once, but was now her rival over Sasuke. Naruto had a small crush on her. The pink haired girl was kinda loud and sometimes mean when he tried to talk to her, but he thought she was pretty.

He noticed out of the corner of his eyes that the young Hyuuga girl watched him, almost to the point of freaking him out till he figured out a while back ago that the Hyuuga Hinata had a crush on him. It made him smile a little inside but he knew she wasn't the type for him. She was just too shy.

He wanted someone outgoin, someone who could take charge, someone more like Ino-chan. Sakura was right up his alley, he believed. Unfortunately for him, as mentioned before, she was after Sasuke. Along with most of the other girls in class.

He finally burst through the doors to class and walked up to the seat he usually took at the back of the class. A few seconds later both Ino-chan and Sakura-chan burst in arguing about who got their first. It was their early morning ritual really. They'd both be walking to the academy, then they'd meet each other and begin a civil conversation, which would turn not so civil as on would begin walking faster, the other not wanting to be outdone would match the pace then exceed it, and by the time they reached the academy both were running at full out just to say they had beat the other in something.

In truth they were very evenly matched. The only advantage that Ino-chan had was her clan jutsu, the Shintenshin, or mind transfer technique. Naruto figured that if they ever got in a fight they'd probably just end up knockig eachother out, and end it in a tie.

Soon enough he heard the squabbling of almost all the girls in the class over who would sit next to their precious Sasuke-kun. Naruto sniffed irately at the sole Uchiha. He always smelled like anger and obsession. He hated those smells. Naruto was taught that anger was a weakness, and when combined with obsession it could have dangerous results. He had no doubt the Uchiha would use each and everyone of those girls as mere stepping stones if they could get him what ever it was he was obsessed with.

Naruto swore on his ninth tail that if Sasuke-teme hurt Sakura-chan or Ino-chan, the Uchiha would pay dearly.

Sasuke as usual ignored everyone until their teachers walked into the room. one was a brown haired man with a scar across the bridge of his nose, the next was a silver haired man with silver hair and Naruto didn't like the way he smelled even more than Sasuke-teme. He smelled like blood.

"Good morning, class," The brown haired teacher said.

"Good morning, Sensei," they responded automatically. This too was ritual. After saying their morning greetings they immediately jumped right into the lesson. today they were learning about the henge technique. Naruto already knew plenty about it, but pretended to be learning anyways. After all, Konoha's number one prankster fox demon had to know how to disguise himself.

He didn't do anything too terrible, just things that would make some people laugh and others frown and occasionally get a detention. Those were the things that really got him in trouble.

When Ino-chan got home she was expecting her Kyuubi-kun to be there. When he wasn't she always worried he might have run off, even though he had always come back before. When he came back to her out of his detention she would always hold him securely and scold him for worrying her.

He smiled a little to himself. It felt good knowing someone cared for him, even if it was only in his fox form. But that was his true form anyways so no worries.

"Naruto!" Iruka-sensei's voice startled him out of his thoughts, "Well since you seem to not be paying attention you must already know about the henge justsu. Why don't you tell us all about it?" As mentioned before, he ofcourse knew all about the henge, but he acted the fool. The first lesson the academy ever taught was that one should never let anyone see their true self. So if Naruto acted the fool, everyone would think he was just another idiot. O fcourse the prankster thing was all him, he was a kitsune after all. Plus, it realIy was just funny seeing Mizuki-sensei's face practically glow red in anger when ever he was glued to his chair.

"Uh, heh heh," Naruto stammered uselessly as Iruka frowned.

"Naruto, pay attention. If I have to tell you again today you get a detention," iruka then went back into the lesson. Naruto decided to act like he was paying attention. He didn't want to worry Ino-chan today.

(( that day after school))

Naruto ran home ahead of Ino, as per usual, so he could be waiting for her when she got there like she expected him to be. Turning back to his true form was quicker than taking on a human form. Probably because it felt more natural. He quickly hurried up the stairs and laid down in his doggy bed. He gave a small yawn before resting his head on his paws and closing his bright blue eyes to enjoy a short nap.

After about fifteen minutes Ino came home and called his name, "Kyuubi-kun." His eyes opened and the closet thing he could manage of a smile appeared on his vulpine face. He got out of his little doggy bed and ran downstairs. As usual he tripped on the last step causing him to tip head over heels. He stopped rolling after a second, flat on his belly, his tails splayed out behind him.

Ino giggled before bending down to pick up her cute little pet, "Kyuubi-kun, you silly fox." She scolded him jokingly. Kyuubi just nuzzled into her arms. She took him to the tv room to watch a soap opera for an hour. Kyuubi didn't really pay attention to what as going on, instead deciding to finsh his nap in her lap while she absently pet him from head to mid back.

Kyuubi woke up a little later in his doggy bed and outside the sun was almost finished setting. He could smell miso soup and grilled chicken downstairs. He once again ran down the steps, tripping on the last one, and finally making it outside in the backyard to join Ino and her parents. Ino ofcourse slipped him small bits of chiken when her parents weren't looking, making him a very happy kit.

A/N; This is as good a place as any to end it. And a quick note to those who are gonna yell at me for naming a kawaii ninetailed fox form Naruto Kyuubi because it's an insult to the great demons image: I already know that. but i don't care. so you might as well just hold your tongues because it will do you know good to mention it.