Story Title: Road Trip To Nowhere

Chapter Title: The Hard Way by Keith Urban. I am addicted to his new CD. It's so good.

Rating: M, for a little reunited lovin'.

Summary: They have the summer ahead of them. A lot can change in a summer.

AN: I finished the other story I was working on. I have a lot of free time on my hands this weekend. I'm home alone with nothing to do. So you guys get this a little earlier than I planned.

It' just who we are baby

We've come to far to start over now

I know what you're thinking

I'm not always easy to be around

Rory slept next to him as they drove over the Connecticut/ New York state line. The lights reflected on the water looked magical. He didn't want her to miss this. He nudged her arm making her groan. She opened one eye glaring at him. Tristan pointed out the window not wanting to ruin the moment. Rory gasped taking in the beautiful scene out her window.

They drove over the other side of the bridge hand in hand. She put her head on his shoulder bringing his arm around her shoulders. He kissed her temple before pulling into a gas station. Rory got out to stretch while Tristan pumped gas. She put her chin on his shoulder kissing behind his ear.

"Find the nearest motel."

"You mean hotel."

"We're doing this right. Seedy motels; maybe a Motel 6 or a Ho-Ho…if you're lucky."


"Howard Johnson. You've never seen Just Married?"


"I'm offended. But like I said, stop at the nearest motel."

"As you wish."

"Quoting my favorite movie will get me in your bed." She said kissing before nibbling on his ear.

"I'll have to remember that." He said rubbing her arms.

Twenty minutes later they were at the front desk of a motel. Tristan put a credit card on the counter and the clerk stared at it like it would bite him. Rory pulled out fifty dollars rolling her eyes. She pulled Tristan out of the building once they were given their key.

"What was that about?"

"I don't know. Maybe he has something against credit cards." Rory said against his neck.

Tristan fumbled with the key before the door opened. Rory pulled him in pulling off his shirt in the process. Her hands were on his chest before he shut the door.

"Easy Ror." He said pushing her onto the bed.

Rory leaned up on her elbows to kiss him. Her hands were in his hair running her fingers through the bristles. Tristan slowly unbuttoned her shirt grazing his fingers over her breast. Rory pulled her shirt off as Tristan undid his belt. Rory pulled it out of the loops as Tristan kicked off his shoes. He lay on top of her putting his hands between them. Rory leaned up so he could unclasp her bra.

Their jeans and underwear flew off before they were in a tangle of limbs. It was quick; but neither cared. They just wanted to feel each others skin against the others. They lay in each other's arms trying to catch their breath. Tristan ran his hands down her arms loving the feel of her underneath his touch. He never wanted to leave this bed. Not unless he had to. It didn't matter that the blanket scratched against their bare skin. Or that the sheets stank of cigar smoke and cheap wine. On second thought…they could sleep on the floor.

"Rory?" He whispered in her ear.

"Hmm?" Her voice was thick with sleep.

"This bed stinks. We should sleep on the floor."

"We'll buy some Febreeze tomorrow."

"What about tonight?"

Rory groaned in frustration. She got off the bed; pulling her pillow with her. Tristan pulled on his pants before going outside. He came back with a sleeping bag. He laid it out on then climbed in pulling Rory close to him.

"I need to desensitize you." She said rolling over to face him.

"What are you talking about?"

"You're too pampered."

"I never said I wasn't." He said laughing.

"At least you know what's going on." Rory said closing her eyes.

They tried to drown out the noise around them. They shut out the sounds of the people having sex next door. Which Tristan said they should make their own noise to drown them out. Which earned him a smack and Rory told him to go to sleep. He fell asleep finally drowning out the cars on the highway.

AN2: I know it's short. But the chapters get longer as they go along I promise. I have a couple more chapters written already. And if you guys have any places you want Rory and Tristan to see let me know. I've already got Philadelphia and DC in there but I can always use suggestions. One more thing, anybody know what movie Tristan quoted from? If you guess it right I might give you a cookie.