Title: A Cupcake Tops Sasuke
Author: desolate butterfly
Genre: drabble, crack/humour, inanimate object smut
Pairing: Cupcake/Sasuke
Rating: R for um, well...it's rated R.
Summary: Sasuke thought that he would be able to top the innocent looking cupcake with its sweet sweet frosting. But he was wrong, so wrong.

Sasuke really didn't know where he'd gone wrong. It had looked like a safe assumption.

After all, the cupcake was so soft and sweet looking, with angelic fluffy white icing and utterly gay rainbow candy bits on the top. It just had to be uke.

Okay, so Sasuke had been wrong about Pound cake (who had turned out to be able to do what its name suggested quite adeptly), and Devil's Food cake (who had tied Sasuke up and got his good clothes all dirty) but this? This was Cupcake.

There was no way Sasuke could lose to Cupcake.

Which was why Sasuke didn't understand why he was on the bottom again, moaning as Cupcake scraped his candy bits across his sensitive parts.

"This isn't fair..."

"Shut up, bitch, and take it." Cupcake tweaked his nipple mercilessly and started thrusting again. Soon, white icing coated Sasuke's lips and dribbled down his chin, making him cough.

He knew there was a reason he hated sweets.



Poor Sasuke.