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Need For Speed

Jinx's New Room

"I don't care who you are," Jinx said to the hexed Madame Rouge. "No one messes with me."

Madame Rouge gave a small smile, rubbed her chin and stood up. "Hmm. We'll be in touch."

Jinx glared after her. Keep in touch with her? Yeah right. Jinx hoped she never saw her again. She couldn't believe her idol talked down to her like that. It certainly wasn't the way she expected things to be when she met Madame Rouge.

"She gone?" whispered See-More from above.

Jinx nodded and See-More landed next her. His giant all-seeing eye came back into its socket. "So, um…the research lab's having a special on computers. Steal one, get one free. You in?"

"Nah," said Jinx. "You go ahead."

"Right," said See-More, a little disappointed. "See ya."

See-More turned and left her alone. See-More didn't want to go shoplifting without Jinx. He was hoping they could make a date out of it.

"Oh well," he mumbled," maybe next time."

He was just about to return to Hive Five headquarters when he thought of something. Maybe he could steal a present for Jinx. That would win over her perfectly. While he was looking for the perfect gift, Jinx was looking for herself. She could not believe what she had just done. She let Kid Flash go free and she talked down to Madame Rouge—her idol. Jinx never even fathomed talking to Madame Rouge like that. It made her question everything about her self.

"What did I just do?" she asked herself as she looked at her reflection in a store window. "Did I really say that? To Madame Rouge—of all people?"

Jinx groaned and shook her head. It was incredible. Talking to Madame Rouge like that did make her felt good but she felt kind of stupid at the same time. Now Madame Rouge may think she's a good guy and will start going after her. So much for impressing the Brotherhood of Evil. Maybe it was all for the best. Now she was even with Kid flash. That's right. He could've just turned her into jail but he didn't. She could have handed him over to the Brother of Evil, but she didn't. They're fair and square now. It was strange though. Aren't the good guys supposed to put the bad guys in jail? He had said he wanted to get to know her first. Since when do do-gooders say things like that? He knows that she's bad luck but he acts like it's no big deal. It's almost as if…he accepted her for who she is. But if he was smart, he'd run away and never come back. She was already bad luck to her team. What were they going to think of her when they find out she let him go? Were they going to go after Kid Flash themselves? Or maybe they'd just laugh at her. She could see it now.

"I knew you just couldn't turn your boyfriend in!" Gizmo would snigger.

"You let that feller go?" Billy would ask, cloning himself as he asked more questions. "And you shouted at that French gal? And you hit her? Did you whassel too? Ooo---eee! Well slap butter on me and call me a biscuit!"

"Hey, while you were out, did you happen to get any pizza?" Mammoth would query. "I'm starving."

See-More, having been there to witness it, wouldn't say anything on the matter. Or maybe he would. "You should have come with me. There was a sale on CD players too!"

Kyd Wykkyd wouldn't say anything. He probably would just shake his head at her and go to his room. Why didn't he ever say anything? Was he really mute or did he think he was just too good to talk to his own team?

Jinx didn't want to go back to Headquarters after what just happened. Not just yet. It was still fresh in her mind. Walking into that garage, Kid Flash revealing himself and asking, "Jinx? Are you…you?"

What an idiot. Why didn't he just vibrate himself through a wall if he knew she was coming? He was too trusting. He knew she was a bad guy. He knew she was after him. He let her catch him. Maybe he wanted her to. When she proved who she really was by making that water pipe come out of the ground and splash him, she thought he looked so nice the way his wet red hair fell around his face.

"What happened? Did you run out of gas?"

"For now. I'll get my strength back in a minute."

He really did look cute with his hair like that. Jinx smiled at the memory then gasped when she realized what she was doing.

"Get a grip!" she scowled at herself.

This was stupid, thinking of Kid Flash now. So what if he was good looking? And witty? And he gave her flowers? He was a superhero. She was a super villain. Well, she used to think so, anyway. She just had to find someway to get him out of her mind. She looked at the rose in her hand and prepared to hex it. She stopped herself before she made the rose wilt. There was no point in wilting the rose, really. She ought to keep it and press it in one of her books. After all, it was just a rose. What harm could there be in a rose?

Jinx walked to the park and sat by a fountain to think. It was getting late. She was getting tired. But she just couldn't go back to Head Quarters now. She was enjoying herself a little bit. There were no five guys, sometimes fifty—depending on how many copies Billy had of himself—around her all the time. Jinx tilted her head back on the bench and looked up at the stars. The guys wouldn't mind if she didn't come back right away. They wouldn't even care. Why was she in the Hive Five anyway? All those guys drove her nuts.

"Is Jinx here?" See-More asked the other guys when he came back to Hive Five Headquarters.

"No, I thought she was with you," Mammoth said. "What happened, did you catch Kid Flash?"

"Not really," See-More said.

"You two snot-brains let him get away, didn't you?" Gizmo demanded, who was trying to repair all the damage Kid Flash did to HQ.

"I didn't," said See-More, "Jinx did."

"What?" Gizmo dropped the wrench he was using. "She was the one who was saying we had to catch the junk eater and she let him go? That girl is such a lam-o-zoid!"

See-More set down the bags and boxes he had in his arms, turned the dial on his visor and shot Gizmo in the back with a laser.

"Ow! What was that for, you one-eyed geek?"

"Leave Jinx alone," See-More muttered, "she had her reasons for letting Kid Flash go. You weren't there and you didn't see what Madame Rouge said to her. Jinx was her biggest fan—we always knew that."

"She was?" Billy asked.

"I didn't know that, did you, Billy?" Billy number two asked Billy number three.

"So where is that woman now?" Mammoth asked. "Did she go back to the Brotherhood of Evil?"

"Seems that way," See-More said, "and I hope we don't see her again. Jinx really got her good. You guys should've seen it! It was cool!"

"I've seen Jinx hex things hundreds of times," Gizmo said impatiently. "I've got more important things to worry about here. This junk eater really made a mess of things!"

"Ooh, what'd ya bring, See-More?" Billy asked See-More as Billy's clones began looking at the bags.

"Hey, get out of there!" See-More shouted. "Those are for Jinx!"

"All of them?"

"Yeah," See-More said as he picked the articles up. "I thought I'd redecorate Jinx's room for her. You can help if you want too."

"Redecorating Jinx's room?" Billy asked. "I've always been afraid to go in there."

"Ooh, me too, Billy," said another Billy clone.

See-More walked to Jinx's room and began his little project. "I hope this will cheer Jinx up."

He was done within an hour, closed the door to Jinx's new room and he stepped out. "Is Jinx here yet?"

"No," said Mammoth.

"I wonder where she is," See-More said, "you think we should go looking for her?"

"She'll be fine," Mammoth insisted. "She can hold her own—I've seen her do it."

Jinx felt cold. She shivered and jerked up from the bench. She had fallen asleep. "How long have I been out here?" she wondered out loud.

Jinx stood up and wrapped her arms around herself. She should probably get back now. She went to the direction of Hive Five Headquarters, yawning. She put in the code and entered the doors.

"Hey guys," she murmured once she got into the living room.

"Jinx, there you are!" See-more exclaimed, rushing over to her. "Where've you been all this time? I was just about to go looking for you!"

"I—I just went out for a walk," Jinx replied.

"Come on," See-More said, grabbing her hand. "I've got something I want to show you."

"If it's a TV, I don't want to see it," Jinx said, "I just want to go to my room."

"That's where I'm taking you," See-More said.

See-More pushed Jinx to her room. All the black and purple in the room had changed to green and white.

"See-More, what'd you do to my room?" Jinx demanded.

"After Kid Flash trashed it," See-More said, "I fixed it up for ya."

There were magic eye posters on the walls, the carpet was green and her dresser had a mirror that was shaped like an eye. It looked more like See-More's room than anything else.

"Like it?" See-More inquired.

"Well, it's different," said Jinx as she walked to her new bed. "Thanks, you shouldn't have."

"You're welcome," See-More said, smiling. He was expecting a hug or something but Jinx just sat on her bed. See-More frowned. "Are you okay?"

"Sure, why wouldn't I be?" Jinx forced a smile.

"It has been one crazy night," said See-More, "we try to do crime, we get busted, our place gets trashed and Madame Rouge humiliated you."

"Oh, yeah, well," said Jinx, "it's all right. We'll be able to fix the tower up and I don't care if we see Madame Rouge ever again."

"That makes two of us," See-More said and he finally noticed the rose in her hand. His eye changed into an exclamation point. "Hey, what's with the rose?"

"Oh, this?" Jinx glanced down at it. "I uh, found it."

"Found it?"

"Yeah, relax," said Jinx, "it's just a rose."

"Yeah," said See-More and to himself he added mentally, 'just a rose from Kid Flash.'

"Well, I'm pretty tired," said Jinx, "I think I'll try out my new bed now."

"Sure," See-More nodded, "good night, Jinx."

See-More walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. Jinx sniffed her rose and picked up a book of myths. She opened the book to the middle and pressed the rose inside. She slid the book back onto the bookshelf. Yawning, Jinx walked to her dresser and pulled out her pajamas. See-More was right. It had been one crazy night. How was she supposed to get any sleep? After dressing into her silky purple pajamas, she climbed into bed and stared at the ceiling. All she could think about was Kid Flash.

The next morning while Jinx was still sleeping, See-More had somehow managed to talk the rest of the Hive Five into making breakfast for their only girl. They all seemed pleased to help, except for Gizmo.

"Why should we make breakfast for Miss Hex-a-lot?" Gizmo demanded.

"Because I think she deserves it," See-More said.

"Come on, Gizmo," said Mammoth, who was trying to make pancakes. "I think it will be fun. Jinx is the one who started the Hive Five in the first place. Oh no, I think I put too much water in…"

"Yeah, she's gonna love these grits!" said Billy.

"And biscuits and gravy!" said Billy number two.

"Just what Mama used to make!"

The Hive guys continued their breakfast concoction, making a couple of messes and even a fire along the way. Amazingly enough, it did not wake up Jinx. Once the guys were finished cooking, they placed the breakfast items on trays and want to Jinx's room.

"Rise and shine!" called See-More.

"Yeah, get up, junk eater," Gizmo muttered.

Moaning, Jinx sat up and gasped to see her room full of boys. She pulled her blankets up to her chin. "What are you perverts doing in my room? Were you watching me sleep?"

"No," said See-More, "we made you breakfast in bed."

"All of you?" Jinx demanded.

"Yup!" Four Billys said, all wearing chef hats.

Jinx looked her team over. They all were holding something different. Mammoth held some badly attempted pancakes, See-More sunny side up bacon and eggs in a smiley face. Gizmo held up cornflakes. Kyd Wykkyd held tea and toast and four Billy clones held southern dishes.

"What's that?" Jinx questioned, pointing to the dish on Billy number four's tray. It was pinkish white and had a strange looking texture.

"Chitlins!" he replied happily, holding it out and taking a big whiff of it.


"Pig intestines," See-More explained in a whisper.

"Oh…er…I'll pass on that, thanks."

"I told you she wouldn't like the chitlins, Billy," Billy number three said.

"You guys really didn't have to," said Jinx.

"Hey, you gave Madame Rouge a run for her money," said Mammoth and he set down the pancakes he made. "Um, I'm sorry if they didn't come out all right."

"Thanks, Mammoth," said Jinx, stabbing one pancake with her fork, causing flour to puff out and getting everywhere.

Mammoth groaned and shook his head as Gizmo laughed at him.

"Enjoy your breakfast," said See-More and all the boys walked out, Billy number four still holding the chitlins Jinx turned down. Jinx waved at them as they left and she looked at her many breakfast dishes. How was she supposed to eat all of this?

Jinx pushed the top pancake over and selected the second one. It was also pretty bad. It was too gooey. She dismissed the poorly made pancakes and turned to her happy face eggs and bacon. It was typical of See-More to make her a breakfast dish like this. She ate her eggs and to her relief they were made just fine. She tried a bit everyone's dishes, even a spoonful of Gizmo's cornflakes. Jinx wondered why the boys made her breakfast in bed. They had never done that. They had done nothing for her. They barely even listened to her. What happened to cause her team to change?

"I think Jinx is still bummed about what happened," See-More told the other boys after making breakfast for themselves. "I think we should cheer her up."

"How do we do that?" Gizmo demanded. "She's got a new room and we made her breakfast in bed."

"I'm sure there are plenty of things for us to do," See-More said, "we can spend time with her and give her stuff."

"Ooh, sounds like you're twitterpaited, See-More!" Billy chuckled.

"Hey, look, I don't think we give Jinx a lot of credit," See-More said softly, blushing a little. "We don't want her to get mad at us."

"Yeah, she gets pretty scary when she's mad," Mammoth agreed.

"I know," said Billy, "let's go cow tipping!"

"I don't think that will make her feel better, Billy," See-More said, "let's just do little things for her to make her feel involved. She's the leader of the Hive Five, after all. She's probably depressed that the one person she really looked up to made her feel small and insignificant."

"Jinx still has us," said Mammoth, "she's still part of the Hive Five. I feel kinda guilty we haven't given her much attention."

"You junk eaters really considering in doing this?" Gizmo demanded. "It's her fault for trusting Madame Rouge in the first place."

"Okay, fine," See-More groaned, "you don't have to help if you don't want to." See-More grunted and got to his feet. "I think I'll clean the tower and surprise Jinx."

"We'll go buy Jinx some new duds!" Billy announced all his clones agreed.

All the boys split up to work on making their leader feel special. However, it was a little too late for them to start noticing her. With all those boys she lived with, there was only one her mind.