Title: Hunter

Rating: T to be safe for now

Spoilers: Season 1

Warnings: Angst, violence, snark all the good stuff.

Summary: After Devil's Trap the Winchester men meet a young woman who's family the demon destroyed as well but they get more then they bargained for with Jack Fontenot.

Disclaimer: Supernatural is not mine and never will be, thanks for reminding me.

The Winchesters spent five months recuperating from the accident. Five months after the six weeks Dean had to be kept in the hospital for. He was in the worst shape of all three men needing multiple surgeries just to get him stabilized, he was kept in a chemical induced coma after he woke to searing pain during his third week in the hospital. When they were sure he'd slept through the worst of it they bought him out if it. The doctors and nurses whispered the whole time about how unbelievable it was that he was even still alive, the accident had basically disemboweled him although they weren't sure how.

Talk like that did not comfort Sam or John as they waited, crazed with worry for Dean to wake up. John was in pretty bad shape himself with a broken collar bone, a punctured lung and a bullet wound in his leg. He glared at Sam when the doctors asked him how it got there, when he woke up four days into their stay.

"Hunting accident." He replied gruffly. Sam rolled his eyes at him in his corner of his dad and brother's shared recovery room. He wasn't going to have this argument with him again, especially not with Dean lying there half dead a few feet from them.

Sam was the least injured, broken arm, a concussion and a busted knee. He awoke two days before their dad and hadn't let him forget it for a second.

"Have a nice nap dad?" Sam asked innocently eating from his tray of hospital food.

"Shut the hell up Sam." John growled. Sam laughed into his coffee cup wondering if this was where all the toxic junk in those little red boxes went. It certainly tasted that way.

The nurses took pity on Sam. With a little help from his patented puppy dog look and the fact that he'd just been hit by a semi he was allowed to stay in the hospital room twenty fours seven even when he was well enough to be discharged. They set up a cot and he barely budged from his family's side for much longer than a bathroom break. Eventually the kindly nurses stopped bringing him food too, thinking it was unhealthy for him to spend all that time stuck in the hospital room. The irony was not lost on him. He now had to venture out into the cafeteria himself to get food or starve. He tried stealing his dad's food but got yelled at by the head nurse, while John watched laughing. Bastard ratted him out.

When Dean finally woke up the first words out of his mouth were "Where's my car?" Sam felt like laughing and crying at the same time. John never felt so relieved in his life.

"Bobby's got it, he's gonna try to fix it up. Saved us from having to answer some awkward questions about the trunk." John told his oldest son.

"Oh." Dean said groggily before falling back to sleep instantly. When he woke up next he demanded a catalogue of Sam and John's injuries and wanted to know everything that had been done for them.

"Mr. Whitehall, I promise that your father and your brother are fine what you need to worry about right now is you getting better." Doctor Markham tried to assure him with the utmost politeness after being drilled for answers for over an hour. Apparently the "Whitehall" family had excellent insurance. Fake but excellent. All the poor man came in for was a look in on his newly conscious patient, instead he got an agitated overprotective Dean Winchester making up for lost time.

"Thank You Doctor." Sam said intervening as Dean was about to reply. He escorted the nice man out of the room before the snark hit the fan.

"So dad what's next on the demon agenda?" Dean asked when the doc was out of earshot.

"Nothing until you get better." John said sternly. Dean looked like hell, pale and still a bit glassy eyed. All the question asking fun seemed to have taken a lot out of him.

"Come on dad I'm good to go." Dean whined, the effect somewhat blown because his head swayed while he said it like he was going to fall asleep again right then and there.

"Dean. No." John said shortly. He'd have no argument about this.

"I moved my pinky today, see." Dean said demonstrating the power of his pinky while his father watched amused.

"I can be lethal with this thing." Dean assured his dad seriously. John shook his head, Dean was goofy enough as it was, the pain meds were just making him worse.

"I'm sure you can, son," John said placating the drugged up man, "But lets spare the demon world the awesome power of your little finger until we're all better. Sammy's still limping anyway."

It was a cheap shot but he knew Dean wouldn't make a move until at least Sam was back to 100.

"Fine but only cause a Sammy." Dean said starting to sound groggy again. He'd only been awake for a few days but he still slept a lot.

"What's because of Sammy?" Sam picked that moment to come back into the room.

"We're not leaving this hospital until you're all better and I won't hear any bitching over it." Dean said as sternly as he could with an I.V., heart rate machines and a catheter.

"O-kay." Sam said frowning in his father's direction, having a feeling he had something to do with that statement.

"Listen to your brother Sam." John commanded biting back laughter. He forgot how funny his boys could be together. He'd forgotten a lot of things but he intended to relearn all those things now.

Sam was about to say something when Dean closed his eyes and starting snoring.

"Did he start in on daytime television while I was gone?" Sam asked his dad.

"No, just his pinky of doom." John said sitting back in his chair by Dean's bedside.

"What the hell?" Sam asked.

"I think the pain meds are making him a little…" John trailed not knowing the word for what his son was right now.

"Yeah wait till he sees that fabric softener bear again." Sam said smiling softly.

"His arch foe." He explained at the elder Winchester's look of confusion.

"When did he start a crusade against him?" John asked laughing, he wanted to know everything his sons had been up to while he was gone. He knew the facts of what they were doing, hunting, but he wanted to know the other stuff, the stories, jokes, all the stuff he didn't appreciate before getting rammed by an eighteen wheeler.

"When he was in the hospital for his heart." Sam explained wincing at the memory. It still stung to remember that he called their dad for help and he never came.

"Sam…" John started seeing the look in his son's eyes. It was hard to stay away when he got that phone call, too painful to speak of. But he assured himself the whole time that Dean would make it, that Sam would never let his brother die without a fight. And he was right, but it didn't stop the guilt of not being there and it didn't give him any explanation to give to his youngest when he looked at him with that question in his eyes.

"I can't imagine what you went through back then." John finally said lamely. He was a Winchester, they, as a rule, were no good with words and talking. Even Sammy was bad at it and he was always trying to practice on him and Dean. Bad genes.

"Dad I don't want to hear it. I don't want to argue about anything I just want…" Sam said softly looking down at the floor.

'See.' John thought to himself mentally proving Winchester genes theory.

"I understand." John said silently relieved not be having this conversation. The silence permeated the room.

"No bugs!" Dean suddenly cried out in his sleep twitching. John and Sam looked at each other and burst out laughing, the tension affectively broken.

"Did you speak to Missouri?" John asked Sam moments later.

"Yep, out in the hall. She said as soon as he can be moved to come on down to Kansas." Sam said. He was anxious to see her again, see if she could train him some, answer some more questions now than she could before.

"Good, good." John said absently nodding. He was already deep in thought over what they should do once the boys were healthy again.