"Come on, he doesn't have to know." Jack pleaded.

"If I let you drive Dean will kick my ass." Sam said looking straight ahead at the road as they followed John's pickup. Dean was in the backseat sleeping off his personal Farewell to Kansas bender from the night before. Jack was quiet for so long that Sam looked over at her and instantly regret it. She was giving him her best Bambi eyes, her lower lip trembling just a little bit.

Ten minutes later he was in passenger seat and she was starting the car ecstatically.

"You know it isn't fair, thathe got to go out and we had to stay behind and clean the weapons." Jack said conversationally.

"I still don't know how he played that one." Sam told her. She slid a sidelong glance at him and grinned evilly.

"What?" He asked smiling back at her wondering what she was thinking.

She didn't say anything, just reached for the buttons on the radio, changing it from the classic rock station playing softly to a station playing what Dean would call 'alternative emo shit'. Then she turned the volume as loud as it could go. Dean jumped hitting his head on the roof of the car.

"What the fuck Sam!" He demanded rubbing his aching head. Sam was laughing too hard to worry about Dean seeing Jack driving his beloved car.

"Sam?" Dean asked again rubbing his eyes. He looked at the drivers seat and instead of seeing his brother's head nearly touching the roof of the car he saw a head of red hair.

"Why the hell is she driving?" He demanded.

"What I can't hear you?" Jack said tapping her ear. Dean reached for the volume button and she swerved to the left of the road, causing Dean to fall back in his seat.

"Don't do that you'll distract me and I could crash." Jack scolded him. Dean growled at her and tried again. Jack swerved wider coming close to a telephone pole. Dean panicked at the thought of his car being hurt and stared wildly from her to Sam who was laughing madly.

John watched the car behind him swerve and took out his cell phone dialing Dean's number.

"Dean what the hell is going on back there?" John demanded. Music was pounding in the background so he barely hear anything.

"Dad, Jack won't let me change the station and Sam's laughing at me." Dean told him. John winced at the whiny tone his twenty seven year old was using.

"You told on us!" Jack's incredulous voice said. The car swerved again in the mirror.

"Stop trying to reach up here!" She was saying with laughter in her voice.

"Hey!" John yelled to be heard over the din.

"Stop messing around. Haven't we spent enough time in the hospital lately? Don't make pull over this car and come back there" John ordered. He heard Dean relay the message smugly and the volume decreased several notches on the radio.

John flipped closed the phone and thanked his lucky stars he was going in another direction later. They were driving him crazy.

The End (for now)

AN: Thanks to everyone for all the great reviews and feedback. I really appreciate it. I'll be writing more stories about Sam, Dean and Jack soon, I promise.