Seems to be a trend--so I'm putting all my short episode tags up here (I'm still going to post longer ones seperatly, I think...) This is set between episodes 23 & 24 of the first season

It was a stupid thing to do. Every bit of training he had was telling him so. The place was probably compromised already. His apartment hadn't been, but he moved around enough these days that not even Section Nine knew exactly where he was living at any given time. Well, the Major undoubtedly knew, but she was an exception to nearly every rule in the book.

Which brought him back to his current situation. Risking his neck... for what? A stupid watch. He couldn't even pretend he had a better reason. The major wouldn't come back--she had more sense than he did. No, it was his stupid loyalty driving him on. He knew it meant something to her, even if she pretended it didn't. He'd lost his temper with her--that last little bit of feigned indifference had been too much.

Maybe this was his apology. Maybe it was just his way of pretending he knew he'd see her again. Atonement or delusion, it didn't matter. He wasn't about to turn back now.