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The Unauthorized Un-Rated Version of

Lizzie McGuire Movie

Based upon the novelized version of the screenplay

Adapted by Lude

Chapter Fourteen

Drunk off their asses, Gordo, Larry, and Ethan hardly made it back to the hotel before pasting out. And thus, with their male escorts gone, Lizzie and Kate slowly staggered to their own room.

After a long day of insatiable fucking, Lizzie was completely wiped out. Not even brothering to say a word or remove her clothes she immediately crawled into bed. And Kate followed Lizzie's led.

After turning off the light, Lizzie rolled into ball. But suddenly Lizzie giggled when she hear a clamor come from across the room. Lizzie laughed. She hadn't forgotten just how loud Kate could be when she masturbated.

It had three years since the last time they had slept together. While it-started kind creepy, that day had turned out to a very eventful one. Lizzie and Kate had both been made to run laps after school by Mr. Lude their P.E. teacher. This was because Lizzie had accidentally tripped and fallen, knocking over Kate, and a huge stack of volleyballs and athletic equipment in the process. Well, after they finished their run, he'd bent them over his knee. He'd pulled down their gum shorts and panties to spank their naked butts. Then they teamed up to suck his cock. And following such a harrowing experience, the girls had decided to hit the shower as soon as they got to Lizzie's house.

After making sure they were alone, Lizzie stepped in and the warm refreshing water. She let the spray hit her face and run down her sweaty body. Under the shower spray, she groped blindly for the soap tray but found it to be empty. Lizzie wiped the water away from her eyes.

"You looking for this?" Kate Sanders asked. Totally naked, she smiled at Lizzie with soap in hand.

"Hand it over." Lizzie chuckled gleefully.

Kate smiled and gave her the soap. "So, what time did you say your father would be home?"

"Nine PM," Lizzie answered.

A wicked looking half smile grew on Kate's face. "Can I join you?"

"Umm sure, no prob," McGuire replied, standing to the side to let Kate share the warm spray with her.

Having desired our cute heroine for a very good long time now, Kate couldn't help herself. She stared open mouth at Lizzie McGuire's body, especially her mouth-wateringly delicious looking pussy.

"Hey, Lizzie? Can I help you lather up?" Kate asked hopefully, even though she knew Lizzie would probably shrug it off as a joke like she usually did.

"Sure, Kate," she said. Unbeknownst to her friend, Lizzie was aware of Kate's hidden desires.

Kate smiled back. Then she began by lathering up both of Lizzie's boobs. After they showered together, she decided that it would be a great time for another little experiment before Lizzie's father came home at nine. And after they dried off, Kate led Lizzie to her parent's bedroom.

The night went by quickly. After putting on loads of makeup, they played dressed, trying on her mother's sexy underwear. While all of the clothes were too big, both girls taught they definitely looked hot in Jo McGuire's g-strings, thongs, and black corsets. It was nine PM when Kate decided they should change yet again. And she smiled, as the pile of clothes on the floor grew larger.

Envying Kate's slightly larger butt, Lizzie had to hold up the thong she was now trying on. Both girls were topless, dressed in only black thongs when Sam McGuire walked in on them. She noticed that Kate didn't seem to be surprised at all. But when Lizzie slapped both her hands up against her face in surprise, her thong fell to her feet.

Sam started at Lizzie and Kate's flawless forms. His eyes to burning, he explored her soft preteen titties down past their flat belly stopping at the almost-hairless honey-blonde snatch nestled between her lean legs. Lizzie felt enraptured by her father before she reached down and snatched up her thong.

"I'm sorry daddy, we didn't mean any harm."

"What the hell…" Sam spoke almost incoherently, his eyes still slowly taking in Kate and Lizzie's mostly-nude forms.

Lizzie's face grew red when she saw how he stared at her boobies. And again her thong fell from her cute little ass, when she wrapped her arms around her chest.

Upon reading them the riot act, Lizzie noticed that her father was fighting a smile. "Girls, I don't want any excuses. Clean this mess up and get to your Room."

But getting to work quickly, when Kate bent over and wiggled her ass up right in front of him his face turned pale. "Okay. That's Okay. Just go to Lizzie's room."

In Lizzie's room five minutes, Kate's face lit up when she heard the shower come on in McGuire's bedroom. With a sudden clap of her hands, she got to her feet. "Lizzie, we need another shower."

Lizzie looked at her questioningly, but Kate was insistent. "Take off your clothes."

Lizzie did as she was told. And moments later, they wrapped towels around themselves.

Kate then took Lizzie's hand and led her out into the hall.

Lizzie looked back at her own bathroom. "Where are we going?"

"Listen. Can't you hear your dad's in his shower?" Kate got into Lizzie face, towering above her.

"But…" Lizzie tried to protest but Kate cut her short.

"No buts…we're going to join him…right now!" Kate seemed ready to raise her fist.

Unable to resist, Lizzie followed Kate into her parent's bathroom. And, after dropping their towels, they got into the shower with Sam. "My dream is coming true," Kate whispered.

Kate slid the glass doors close. They stood there naked and vulnerable, until Lizzie looked down and focused her eyes on her father's big cock meat.

Standing naked in the steaming spray, Sam McGuire didn't say a word. He didn't cringe, and didn't cover himself. His bottom lip dropped as he just started at Lizzie and Kate's perfect young bodies.

Taken back by his exquisitely beautiful body, Kate whispered. "Oh, Mr. McGuire, you've got such a cute butt." And Lizzie had to omit that she agreed with her friend.

Lizzie laughed. "Yeah right, I bet you say that to all our friends dads." Rolling her eyes, her gaze drifted down to her father's waist. She stopped laughing when she saw the large ten-inch piece of meat between her father's legs. "Father's with really big cocks that is!"

"Thanks." Sam showed a wolf like grin.

Lizzie's eyes widened with surprise when Kate took the soap from Sam McGuire's hands and began to work it in her hands, building up a good thick lather. "Here, let me wash you."

But Lizzie became even more shocked by the why her father smiled lustfully at them and what he said next. "Sweeeet!"

Kate soaped up Sam's shoulders and back and worked her way down to his ass. She lingered there, rubbing and soaping, slowly enjoying the smooth curves. She promptly began massaging and squeezing it.

While joining dad in shower had been Kate's idea, suddenly Lizzie's blood began to burn with jealousy. Staring at her father's growing cock and licked her lips, a cute little grin grew on her face.

"Let us wash that for you, daddy," Lizzie said with a big smile. "I want to wash your cock." She took the soap from Kate. The flaxen fawn then ran the bar between her fingers before rubbing the suds onto her dad's cock meat. And it jerked pleasurably in her fingers.

"Oh, Lizzie," he groaned.

Kate moved to join Lizzie. And both prick-hungry pixies wrapped their fingers around his cock, feeling it grow as they stroked it into a full-blown erection. His erection felt so hot that steam seemed to rise from it.

As both teen teases soaped Sam's balls and lathered up his pubic thatch, he played with first one of their nipples and then the other. And when Kate rinsed away the soap from Sam's stiff prick and hairy balls, he stood under the spray, his eyes roaming their unblemished bodies.

Sam reached out and touched Lizzie's peachy pink slit. He ran his wet fingertips around and around, bringing forth her boiling juices which dribbled from her clenched slit. Lizzie closed her eyes enjoying the thrill as her father played with her pussy.

"You know," Kate said. "We've never done anything like this before, but..." She bit her lower lip and seemed nervous for a second. Then Kate rose up onto her tiptoes, and kissed Sam full on the mouth, and kept on kissing him. Keeping her hands tight, she didn't hold back with her lips or her tongue.

Lizzie was almost too stunned to react, but instinct quickly took over, and she joined in, adding her mouth to theirs. This was her first real kiss, and Lizzie was determined to give it everything she had. Eventually, after what seemed like a very long time, she broke off. "Oh, daddy," Lizzie said, struggling to control her breathing, "I just had to do that."

Sam smiled down. "Lizzie, there's nothing to be sorry about." And reinsured by what he told her, she smiled back up at him.

"Oh yes," Kate moaned. "That was sensational! Please don't take this the wrong way," she said nervously, "but, well, we really want you ..." She looked down wantonly at his long, hard cock. "And you seem to like want we're doing."

"You crazy kids," Sam laughed. "What a predicament. I guess…now come here and suck Daddies cock." And while Lizzie hesitated, Kate didn't hesitate to see if she could handle a world-class schlong like his. "Come on, Kate. Show me what you've got."

"What about…me?" Lizzie blubbered.

"Lick my balls while Kate wraps her little mouth around my loaf of hot pastrami."

"You sure do like to give orders, don't you," Lizzie observed as she watched
her pretty pre-teen best friend position herself beneath his super-sized manhood.

Sam's face lit up, giving his undivided attention to the innocent... well, not-so-innocent, but innocent enough...lovelies groveling beneath his awesome manliness. "You heard me, girls. Lizzie, you man my balls. Kate, let's see if you can handle some man-cock now." They nodded up at him with anxious smiles on their faces, and they locked eyes with him. "Shit," he exclaimed. "You even look in a guy's eyes, didn't you? Christ, I am so hard," he bellowed as he watched them lick their lips and drool over his meat. "Wow, and that drooling is so cool."

"You ain't seen nothing yet, big daddy," Kate grinned as she wiped her spit-smeared lips slowly down the entire ten-inches of his ramrod. Not to be outdone in the tongue department, Lizzie immediately found the sensitive spot at the bottom of his shaft and teased the flap of skin between his cock and scrotum. Running his hands through their soft blond hair, Sam guided their young, wet mouths into every nook and cranny along his cock and ball-sack.

"Jesus Christ," he yipped when Kate turned his cock sideways, and began gumming it like an ear of corn. As she ran her mouth down the length, he pulled Lizzie up by the hair and poised her mouth sideways on the other side of his cock. Now both girls were corn-cobbing his cock on either side. After two pleasurable minutes that, however, he grasped them by the hair and made them stop their movement.

Now, as their mouths were poised on either side of his ten-inch monster, he began thrusting his stallion in the crevice between their respective sets of lips. Fucking his cock between their mouths while they slurped away, he suddenly pulled his prick out from between them and their lips smashed into one another's. They only hesitated for a moment, before both their tongues darted out and they locked lips licks like two teenagers making out after the senior prom. "That's it, kiss each other," he goaded them as they sucked face and swapped serious spit. Then, he reinserted his tool and fucked them between their lips again while they giggled uncontrollably. He pulled his cock away again, and this time there was no hesitation as they dove into each other's eager mouths. As they kissed, Sam spanked his cock up against their panting faces and jacked the golf-ball-sized head up against the wet smear of their joined lips. "That's it. That's my girls. That's my Kate and Lizzie. God, you're such naughty little sluts. Just the way I always knew you'd be with me if I ever had the chance." They giggled and stared right in his eyes as they kissed each other and his cock.

"Let me suck it, please?" Kate pouted. "I want to suck your big cock so much..."

"How 'bout you, Lizzie," he goaded. "What do you want?"

"I want to lick your balls, Daddy, and your asshole, too," she snickered under her breath.

"Well, then get to it, and make me proud."

Kate smiled and stretched her jaws as far apart as they could, letting a flood of drool coat her lips and the inside of her mouth. Then, confidently and with great concentration she inhaled the huge prick-helmet of her best friend's father with a slurping, sucking fury.

Sam tried to hold back and keep in mind she was only eleven-years-old, but her precocious cock sucking skill made him forget his reservations and he drove his dick in
further like Kate was one of the fifty dollar whores who regularly serviced his insatiable appetite for oral sex. He could feel her resisting him slightly, as he fed inch after thick, veiny inch into her gobbling mouth. She was trying to hold his full onslaught with her little hands, but he pulled them down and plowed in further. It's time for some tough love, he told himself. 'It's for her own good. The quicker she learns, the quicker she'll
be able to get over it.

Sam still couldn't believe it was an eleven-year-old virgin servicing his monster tool so well. Despite her jitters, he was giving her even more of his ten-inches with every thrust.

'Man, it's huge...' Kate wrestled with the monster prying her narrow jaws apart. 'He doesn't even have it halfway in yet.' She found herself panicking. Although she'd taken lots of cocks before, they'd been thinner and much easier to control - the difference between a wiener and a foot long hot dog from the ball park. With only five inches jammed in her mouth, she already felt like her mouth was going to tear apart. She was trying to let Sam know by her movements that he was too big, but he didn't seem to be paying attention.

He'd taken her hands away and was now cramming even more of his cock into her mouth. She fought to accommodate each successive thrust, gradually finding it easier and easier to take more and more he stretched out her jaws even further and plumbed his plump cock-head deeper. I guess I'll just have to grin and bear it... She smiled up at him like the little trouper she was and took yet another inch. She felt herself retch slightly as Sam's cock-head bumped into her tonsils and pushed back against the all of her throat. "Uccckkk .." she gagged, suddenly knowing the humiliation of hurling with some guy's cock crammed in your mouth.

"That's it, Kate, fight it," he egged her on, refusing to remove his cock from her dry-heaving mouth. "You're almost there. That's your gag point," he rocked his cock back and forth the bump on her throat, and she kept retching and spewing up spit and vomit. "If we can get it past there, we'll be deep throating, baby. You'll be deep throating your Daddies
ten-inch dick. You want to do that for your Daddy, don't you...?" he grunted as he tried to piledrive another inch into her windpipe. "You'll be a real star, then, an eleven-year-old girl deep-throating a ten-inch cock. You don't see that every day. Now come on. Fight it. That's it," he cajoled as he slammed even more into her esophagus. "That's eight whole inches, baby," he cheered as she slowly began to relax, and the spewing and gagging
subsided. "I told you, baby. See, you should always listen to your Sam. He knows the score. He'll make an all-star cocksucker out of you yet. That's nine inches, sweetheart. Feel that, Kate? That's nine inches of man-cock plowing into your windpipe, baby. God, that's awesome. Just one more now, one more inch..." he grunted as he rammed the last of his cock home, bottoming out in her windpipe while she struggled to stay conscious. "Oh, fuck, yeah, now suck my balls, Lizzie. Bite 'em. And drive that tongue up my asshole..."

Wondering when he'd get to her, Lizzie fumed. 'Kate's such a show off. It's no fair. I'm his daughter. It's just not fair. Why does Kate gobble up all the glory? Here I am,
sucking his balls and licking ass. It's like that's all I'm good for. It's not fair.
' Lizzie snaked her tongue so far up his asshole she tasted what she knew had to be shit, but she didn't care anymore. She was bound and determined to make him call out her name, too, just like he was doing with Kate. She wanted to hear him cheering her on.

"Oh, Christ, Lizzie," Sam gasped. "It's like you have your whole fucking pretty little face shoved up my asshole. Fuck…that feels soooo good."

"UUMMPPPHHH" Kate squealed wildly, waving her arms around. 'Uh, guys, I'm choking to death here!' She tried to pull Sam's cock out of her windpipe, but he left it there a moment longer before he slid it out. Suddenly he was grabbing her by the hair and tilting her head back. He grabbed Lizzie's head now, too, and brought it up. Then he grabbed a hank of hair from each of their heads and gathered it in one handful. He yanked
back so that their heads were side by side and staring into the flaring nostril of his piss-hole. Then with his other hand he stroked his cock savagely and beat the hot stiff meat across the lips, noses, cheeks and eyelids of the two girls.

"Fuck!" he screamed at the top of his lungs as a geyser of hot, creamy cum sputtered and then spewed over both their lovely faces. He smeared his scum across their lips and cheeks like whipped cream and then pressed their faces together. Instinctively, they opened their mouths and began kissing again, sharing his seed between them as only
two best friends could. As they swapped Sam's cum and their spit, Lizzie was seized with an idea.

Having seen it in a movie once, she stretched out her lips and let a thin layer of cum and spit develop over her mouth. Then she blew bubbles with the frothy concoction. Kate giggled when she saw what Lizzie was doing and followed suit. Sam watched in utter
rapture as his seriously under-aged daughter and her jail-bait best friend, blew bubbles with his cum. The image took him back to when they were so much younger, sitting in the park blowing bubbles, the two prettiest, happiest little girls in the world. Now they had been defiled beyond all hope of innocence, and he had had a large part in that. Yet, they still blew cum bubbles with darling little bug-eyed smiles on their faces, just like
those little girls in the park. 'Oh God, I've gotta fuck them...' A wolf-like grin grew on his face. "So what's next?"

Lizzie couldn't think of anything to say. Her eyes lock on her father's boner, she just nodded her head.

"I've thought about this a lot," Kate continued, "and it's more than just a crush. I've known you like three years now. You're so sweet and hot ... well, I want you to be my first."

"I want you too daddy..." Lizzie added, not quite able to believe what she was saying, even as she was messaging her father's balls.

"You know what we want, right?" Kate urged, her eyes pleading for him to understand. "We want you so bad."

Lizzie thought her stomach was going to do flip flops, until Sam smiled. "Yes…I want you girls too. But are you sure about this?" The look on his showed that he didn't want them to do anything they would later regret, but Lizzie and Kate were simply irresistible.

Kate looked away for a moment, as if thinking. Then she looked directly at Sam, wide-eyed and serious. "Oh, definitely. I want you to fuck me," she whispered breathlessly, "All the way."

Sam smiled when Lizzie and Kate both dropped to their knees. And taking a half a step forward he took hold of his erection. With both preteen girls kneeling together, he began rubbing his cock against their pretty faces. His smile grew bigger as Lizzie began licking his nuts as Kate brushed her tongue a long the length of his cock.

He lowered his mouth to Lizzie's and engaged her in a very passionate French kiss even as Kate began frantically sucking on his cock again.

When their kiss was broken, Lizzie moaned with excitement. She began working over her father's big balls and ass like a stress ball with her hands. And with her tongue, she feasted on his sensitive butt whole again. But just then, Kate began to gag and pulled her mouth off of Sam's cock.

Ever the impatient imp, Lizzie leaned forward and stuck out her tongue. Licking the head of her father's hard cock, tasting his pre-cum, she found it was salty and meaty.

"Lizzie, that feels so good," Sam wailed in ecstasy. "Suck it. Suck my cock now!"

"Oh, big daddy, you're so big! Do you think it will fit?" now teased Kate, watching in wonder as father and daughter joined in lustful bliss.

Not listening to Kate's chatter, Lizzie embracing her father's dick in one petite hand, and lowered her mouth until her lips engulfed his mushroom head. She sucked the knob for a minute, running her tongue around and around the rim just as Mr. Lude liked her to do. Her eyes growing even larger, Lizzie's lips were pushed far apart. But because he was her father, it felt a little weird, until she discovered that she especially liked brushing her tongue across his pre-cum covered tip.

"Oh, my sweet little girl!"

Lizzie decided to suckle on the helmet-shaped crown, bobbing her head as she slurped. At the same time she jacked the shaft with both her dainty fists. Soon her rhythm was perfect; each down stroke of her lips met with an upstroke of her hand. And her father pleasurably moaned. "Oh, baby. That's the style. Suck daddy's dick."

She pulled her father's hard dick out of her mouth with a loud pop and licked down the shaft to his hairy balls. Then daddy's little girl scooped his balls into her palm and pressed them against her lips, kissing, licking, and sucking. Lizzie could feel her father's knees weaken as his naughty nymph sucked on his nuts.

"Oh, God," Sam almost screamed. "Teabag me!"

He was in paradise. With his daughter's warm mouth re-engulfing the head of his cock, shivers of pleasure ran up his spine. Her tongue darted and flicked over the nerves in his cockhead. She bobbed her head up and down while she still fondled his balls. He moaned in response. He knew the moment was near when he looked down and saw Lizzie's lips were stretched obscenely around his cockhead, her blonde hair was sensuously wet from
the shower and cum.

Lizzie continued bobbing her head up and down on his cock rhythmically, using her
fingers now to stroke the underside of his penis. Her mouth muscles ached and her cunt was wet. Faster and faster she sucked and pumped. And her father's legs began to shake.

Just then Sam moaned as he shot his hot cum into Lizzie's mouth. His cock jerked again and again, filling her mouth with her father's favorable salty seed. She kept her lips tight, trying to get his entire gift. Just as she'd been taught, Lizzie swallowed each spurt, loving the taste and the sensation of his hot jizz in her mouth.

Lizzie sucked and swallowed until Sam had no more cum to give. She swirled her tongue around and around the cockhead until she released his dick. But just then, Lizzie's face turned red when her natural shyness resumed control. She looked down at her feet.

"Daddy, I…I" Lizzie stammered. Embarrassed, Lizzie turned her back on her father, offering him a nice view of her fine and very curvy ass. But Lizzie had to turn around to watch what happen next.

Lizzie tried to put up the pretense that she didn't cared how the shower turned out. But it really turned her on watching Kate take her father's big cock in her hands and begin to roughly knead it, squeezing a bit hard on his balls at the same time.

Then sudden, without much in the way of ceremony, Sam dropped to his knees. Quickly finding her clit, Sam lustfully fingered it. Then mounting her, his dick pressed into Kate's pussy. He began French kissing Kate, adding even more to both Kate and also Lizzie's excitement.

He pressed harder and Kate could feel his hardness prod apart her split peach. His throbbing cock sensed the heat of her sopping womanhood as his bulbous tip found its way inside. Slowly Sam slid his stiff dick into her supple, virgin cunt. She let out a small gasp as his cockhead pushed aside the outer walls. And as Sam felt Kate's tender walls wrap around his hard flesh, Sam mimed her moans from deep down in his throat.

Encouraged by her lust, Sam lunged forward. Lifting Kate's ass off the floor, he impaled her. And with one deep thrust, he tore open her tiny hymen, his swollen cock stretching her virgin sex to a new limit.

Kate squealed as her hymen broke. A loud moan of pleasure followed when he penetrated deeper into her tiny cunt. Her eyes bugged out as his shaft speared her. "Oh, jezzzus! Oh fuck yeah, oh yeeeeees, fuck me," she cried out. "Fuck my pussy, oh yeah, Daddy!"

"God, you're tight." Sam pushed again and this time his whole cock went in, even as Lizzie slid two fingers into her father's butt hole. She slid them in and out in the rapid rhythmic pace Mr. Lude liked.

As they rocked back and forth, Sam had trouble steadying himself. Shaking from the girl's double attack, waves of passion shot through him. And he shook wildly as Kate's tight cunt held his cock vice-like even as Lizzie simultaneously finger and tongue fucked his anus.

Kate closed her eyes and fell silent as Sam began to move in and out of her fresh cleft. Her cunt wall quivering around his dick as he drove in, his dark pubic hairs mixing with her golden fleece. He withdrew and entered again and again, stretching her with each thrust. She let out another cry; trying to fuck back as best she could. Her grasp loosened a little and Sam began to fuck her even harder ... in and out. In and out ... her tight snatch felt amazing wrapped around his dick.

When he was all the way in Sam pushed up from this willing little seventh-grader and
fondled her slippery peaks. Then he began thrusting faster and faster. Kate felt herself filled with Sam's hard cock

Even though they weren't related the little father-fucker could feel his balls slap against her ass crack as he thrust ever forward. Kate began to beg. "Fuck me, daddy! Fuck me faster, daddy!"

Sam grinned as he thrust into his preteen lover. She was slick and tight and her inner muscles clenched around him like an oiled fist. Her cunt clamped his dick so hard it almost hurt.

"Oh God!" she gasped. "Oh, yes! Oh, daddy, do it faster!"

"Do you like it?" he grunted, pumping so hard and fast that her body shook. "Do you like my dick in you, Kate?" he asked.

"God, Yes! Yes, big daddy!" she groaned.

Sam grinned. He began serious fucking her. Coursing ripples of pleasure overwhelmed her sexual center, ripples that grew more frequent and intense. Soon the lusty pair was in perfect rhythm. Sam's lunges were met by Kate's pelvic thrusts. A thin sheen of sweat gleamed on their lustrous flesh. They didn't notice their hasty hearts or their heavy breathing and shower around them became a blur.

Kate knew this was her moment, she would never know another like it. Together she and Sam had changed her forever. She felt as if this was the last minute of her life and she wanted it to go on forever, terrified of letting him go. The randy young blonde wrapped her ankles around Sam's neck and pulled him even deeper inside. She matched his every stroke with one of her own. Her heart and lungs were out of control as she plunged into the abyss.

As Kate felt her orgasm build, she knew he was going to cum... and soon. Sliding her legs down, the supple girl entwined him, her heels tapping his ass. Her stomach jerked and her legs became weak as the ravaged teen felt his hard cock penetrate her again and again.

The gorgeous little girl shivered, then moaned, before screamed slipped from her lips. "OH FUCK! FUCK ME, DADDY! FUCK ME!" With Sam's cock impaled deep inside her adolescent cunt, Kate was unaware she had screamed. Her body trembled out of control and new emotions shredded her young body in this one flawless instant.

Sam took one pert breast between his slick fingers and twisted. He torqued the nipple until it burned then moved to the other. The fresh-fucked-teen shuddered in climax again, slamming her hips upward with each stroke like a wild thing. Finally he let go of her tits and kissed her as deeply as he could, which she returned.

Returning his kiss, Kate gasped for breath. She sighed as Sam continued sliding in and out of her. "Oh, it feels so good to have a big handsome man fucking my cunt."

Suddenly, Kate felt something new. Sam's cock began wildly jerking. "Fuck!" he shouted out as his erection swelled, his butt muscles tightened, his balls throbbed, and he ejaculated loads of hot semen into Kate's tight, 12-year-old pussy.

"O God, that feels so good. Here I cum!" Sam yelled out, filling Kate's pussy with his thick milky cum. And her face only inches away, Sam noticed Lizzie's blue-green eyes shoot-wide.

Her pussy already filled with Sam's cock, Kate was flooded with his boiling seed. There was no room for the hot jets of cum burning into her. The pressure of the building load squeezed the molten seed past the seamless joint where the skintight O-ring of her snug little fuck hole encircled his swollen cock. With each in-stroke Sam pumped her full. And with each outstroke his jism squirted out of her perfect, pink pussy. The adorable blonde could feel the expelled spume run out of her tight pussy and dripped like hot wax down her smooth inner thighs and into her humid ass crack. And Lizzie licked it all up!

Just then Kate came too. "Oh yaaaaah I'm cuuuuuuuuuuuuming ohhhhhh!"

Bending forward, Lizzie did her best to lick up Sam and Kate's cum from his cock and balls. And just then, moving quickly, with his fleshy spike still hard, Sam pulled out of Kate's cunt and put it into Lizzie's mouth. "There you go, honey. Clean daddy's cock."

Sensuously tasting her father, Lizzie happily sipped the mix of juices. And practicing what Mr. Lude had taught her, she drew her mouth forcefully around her father's cock. She kept her lips tight, trying to get all of his semen. She tried to swallow each spurt, loving the taste and sensation of hot daddy cum in her mouth and throat. Still, some of it flowed out and trickled down her chin and on to his legs.

"Huummmm!" Her father gasped. "O - Yea baby. I think you should join the navy, because you certainly like semen!"

"Daddy, don't be silly. It's your cum I want."

"That's fine with me. Now finish drinking it all, my little sexy toy."

Lizzie resumed playing with her father's penis, rubbing, licking and sucking, taking it deep into her mouth again and again. Lizzie swirled her tongue around and around his cock head and sucked until he had not no more cum to give her.

"Hummm." Sam smiled. "Lizzie, you're quite a good cock sucker!"

Lizzie smiled wickedly back. Noticing a string of cum clung between her mouth and her father's manhood; she bent down to lick up all of his sperm that had escaped her mouth. "I want lots of lesions, Daddy. I want to be your little cock hungry slut! Make me your little whore!"

Sam happily moaned and groaned. His teeth showed from ear to ear as Lizzie took him deeper, until he felt his cock-head slip past her tonsils! "That's is Lizzie. That feels so good. Daddy's girl is a natural born deep throatier!" And taking hold of her head, he began humping his cock in and out of her throat.

After Sam had pushed and pulled the whole of his ten-inch cock ten or twelve times into his daughter's mouth, Lizzie realized that she couldn't breathe when there was a sudden tickle as her father pushed down into her throat. Then she stopped sucking and held the head of her father's cock inside her throat again for a long moment. But immediately the tickled grew into a gagging reflex, and her stomach started flip-flopping. The fear of vomiting caused her to pull back and her father's penis popped out of her mouth.

I'm sorry daddy," Lizzie said sadly, looking him in the eye. Having deep throat Mr. Lude big cock numerous times, the sick feeling in Lizzie's stomach really surprised her.

Just then, having recovered her breath, Kate stood up. She began Frenching the still gasping Lizzie, enjoying the feeling of having her modest preteen tits mashed against Lizzie's own smaller boobs.

Lizzie felt hot delight as Kate licked her father's love juices out of her mouth. Their lips remained passionately locked until she motioned for Lizzie to lay down on the shower floor. Kate then quickly straddled Lizzie's face and began roughly grinding her pussy into her beautiful face, even as she assaulted her tits. And watching from the shower floor next to them, Sam smiled as he eagerly stroked his cock hard again.

Eating out her friend's pussy, Kate raked her waist over Lizzie's face. Grinding hard, she squeezed Lizzie's little ripe melons. Her body shook and her back arched and then came to the greatest orgasm of her life. Her girl cum was smeared all over Lizzie's face in their hot six-nine on the floor.

Soon Sam was hard again, and he moved above Lizzie's backside. "Now, my juicy little cunt," he spoke cheerfully. "It time for me to take that sweet little ass of yours."

Sam then rolled onto his side and faced her. He let his eyes wander over her smooth, curvy form. They inched closer together and Lizzie instinctively reached down to stroke his cock as he softly squeezed one of her enticing breasts. He then gently pushed her onto her back and raised himself above her. While gently caressed her cheek with his right hand, Sam leaned down and kissed her.

It was simple and loving, at first. Lizzie wrapped her arms around his neck as she opened her mouth to receive his tongue. Sam explored her mouth as Lizzie's tongue pressed back agley. Their two hungry tongues tangled back and forth until Sam relented and let her tongue slip inside his mouth. At the same time, his hand drifted down towards her virginity and he began to rub her through her panties as she withdrew a little and began to suck on his tongue. Breathing heavily, she then looked into his eyes and gave him another tender, loving kiss. He returned it gratefully, Sam's body slowly beginning to relax, even though his penis was still hard.

She then released his dick, as she said, "Daddy, I want you inside me. I want you to fuck me." He paused and looked down into his daughter's bright eyes. They were at other point of no return and she felt his hesitation.

"Are you sure?" he seriously asked. But He almost laughed when he notice a bead of cum drip from her hair and hang down to her left nipple.

"Yes, more than I've ever been sure of anything. Fuck me, daddy," she whispered. Then switching to a silly imitation of Vietnamese whore voice, she said, "I show you good time. I wanted you to fuck me for long time."

"But we really should wait until your older," he told her.

Lizzie looked up at him with a pouty, disappointed face. "Daddy, if you're worried. Why don't you put on a rubber? They give them to us at school. I can get my purse." Lizzie offered as she resumed stroking his cock.

"You are such a demanding little brat, you know that?" he said, madding his way down to Lizzie's trimmed blonde bush. Kneeling in front of her, he pulled her slim body down and spread her legs.

"Wrong, I'm a cute and sexy demanding little brat hoe," said Lizzie with an adorable grin.

Sam let her stew for along moment before he said, "But there is something else I really want to do to you. And I know you'll really like it."

He then knelt before Lizzie and spread her legs. And she giggled as his hands slithered up her inner thighs. Her skin was like warm velvet, soft and supple with youth. Lizzie moaned with anticipation. She could hardly wait for the touch of her father's tongue. He kissed her ticklish, smooth teen's thighs, raising goose bumps as he went.

Inhaling Lizzie's musky scent, Sam grinning wolfishly. "Mmmm," said Sam. Yes, you are. Your pussy is so sexy, so sexy."

"Okay. Then lick it!" she demanded. "I'm so wet. I wet for you, Daddy! Lick my fucking pussy."

Indeed she was. Sam's mouth salivated. He saw tiny droplets of Lizzie's womanly secretions glistening on her labia. Swabbed his tongue up and down her pussy, he collected each drop, getting a gratifying moan from Lizzie. Thus encouraged, Sam slipped a finger inside even as he gave her aching love button a kiss.

Lizzie parted her legs into a wide "A"; opening her outer lips, spreading the fine golden blonde curls and revealing her pink wet folds. Lizzie pussy was soaking with her juices, as he rimmed his tongue around her cunt lips, scarcely touching the folds of her fragile lips. He knew that tongue teasing his young daughter would make her orgasms wilder, more powerful. He then flattened his tongue as wide as it would go, and gave her pussy a luxurious tonguing from bottom to top. She moaned as went. He began to lick her outer lips, alternating sides as he probed for her sensitive spots. He slipped another finger inside and slowly fucked her with it.

"Ooh, Daddy! I want more." She paused for only a moment before uttering. "Please! Give me more." She begged as she squeezed and stroked his cock while pushing his head down with the other hand.

Her father quickly complied as he twisted his fingers around and hooked them, looking for her elusive g-spot. He didn't really notice anything different about her reaction, she was still moaning and sighing contentedly, her left hand holding his head in place. Not that he was going to leave until he got a face full of her girl cum. Her clitoris certainly took notice of his actions and was definitely ready for some TLC as she was beginning to fidget and squirm. She had a light sheen of sweat on her body, and there was a hint of desperation in her eyes. He gave her pussy one last lick, and then gently squeezed the area around her clit, making her jump and giggle a little.

He continued to circle his tongue around and around, each pass moving deeper and deeper. Finally his tongue penetrated her virgin cleft, and his tongue brushed against her perfect, never violated maidenhood. Lizzie gasped with delight as orgasm after orgasm gripping her body while pinching and massaged her taut nipples. The touch of her own fingers up inside her pussy had never been as satisfying as her father's tongue.

Sam stopped for a moment. "Who's the demanding little cunt now?" he said smugly.

Lizzie sat up and practically smothered Sam with her pussy. "I am! Now finish my little cunt, Daddy!" said Lizzie gyrating her hips about his mouth.

"All right you horny slut. You want it hard and fast? You got it!" Sam immediately increased his speed. She shrieked her approval, gripped his head and shoulders as he plunged into her spread-open gash, tongue fucking her as hard as possible. He went deep, flicking and twisting his tongue. Lizzie's moans becoming screams of delight.

"Oh God daddy, eat me!" She groaned, "Oh, fucken yes. EAT MY CUNT! I'm your whore!" While she continued to moan, her cunt juices coated his face as well as her own thighs. Then at last, her muscles clenched and she emitted a high-pitched half-squeal, half-scream. Afterwards, she looked up at her father with happy, lusty eyes.

Lizzie then lifted one foot, placing it over his shoulder, giving him better access to her oozing orifice. It wasn't long before her knees shook and she began to cum a third time, with her father's tongue buried deep in her cunt.

He slowed his spiraling tongue, sparking tiny flames inside Lizzie. He slid out of her snatch then licked up and down the length of her wet pussy, lapping up the cum chowder from the insides of her thighs. "This is fantastic!" mewed Lizzie.

Just then Sam wrapped his lips around her clit and gave it a quick little suck. In response, his daughter almost bucked him off the bed.

"OH MY GOD!" she squealed. "Oh god, please don't do that again." The lust her voice betrayed her words. So her father sucked it again, even harder. She thrashed back even harder and then wrapped her legs tightly around his head. "Oh god. You are not going to do that again."

"Soo yummmmy. What do you think?" he mumbled while trapped by her legs in a rather desirable prison.

"Ohhhh," she was still clearly enjoying his efforts. "What did you say?" Then he sucked it again as hard as he could. She cried out and released his head. Sam then said, "I said, 'Huummmm! Sensitive!"

But instead of responding to his taught verbally, she swiftly sat up, frantically grabbed him by the back of his the neck, and pulled his mouth back into her pussy. "You can't stop until finish your meal!"

'Sure, what ever you say,' he thought, 'I'll finish you off.' He licked his fingers, and stuck them back inside her sopping vagina as he continued to fuck her slit with his tongue.

Afterward her fifth orgasm, they had to shower to get all of her cum out of his hair. This all seemed to be part of the game they were playing. After Lizzie helped to wash down his whole body, he knelt in front of her and ate out her sweet wet pussy again. She had never been licked out before like this and she wrapped her legs around his neck to pull his face into her as hard as she could.

Cumming again, she shouted out, "OOOH GOOOODDD! Daddy! I'm your sex toy! I'm your slut! Your fucking crack hoe!"

She loved her father now more than ever, both as a parent and as her lover. Five more times Sam brought her to climax, finally, Lizzie had all she could take and rolled on her side in a fetal position. She lay there for a few minutes, while Sam let her catch her breath. Then without further comment she pushed him on to his back and proceeded to climb on top of his chest, positioning herself so she could easily reach his cock with her hands and mouth, and placing her soaking wet pussy directly in his face. Using her newly found skills in fellatio she proceeded to suck on his dick as he again feasted on her succulent young pussy. This time there wasn't any hesitance on her part. She knew what she wanted and how to make it happen, just as a good friend had taught her.

Turning her eyes to his, she said, "O – Daddy, I want you to eat my pussy all the time!"

As their trip through orgasmic heaven continued, his face became covered again with her juices as he tongued out her pulsating womanhood, until…. Jo McGuire, his wife, walked in on them. Having gotten off work early, she'd hoped to surprise them. But upon hearing both their shouts of pleasure, she was the one who was surprised when she discovered her husband in bed with her fourteen-year old daughter doing a six-nine as Kate watched. While Lizzie's throbbing legs were wrapped around his head and Sam ate out her juicy pussy, his cock was deep inside of her mouth.

"Sam, I know we agreed that you would talk to our daughter about sex. But honey, I didn't know you where going to give her and Kate lessons…without me!"

So it was Lizzie who was surprised when, instead of hitting the roof, her mother looked happily down at them. Reaching down, Jo began stroking Sam's cock into Lizzie's mouth. But that wasn't all that Jo did. Our young beauties eyes shot even wider when Jo began eating her pussy too!

Having watching from the side lines, Kate began licking her lips. She slowly walked besides Jo. And with her look of horror long faded, she began massaging Jo big breast with one hand and rubbing between her legs with the other.

Then after giving Lizzie a long French kiss, Jo smirked happily. "His cum tastes good doesn't it. Make sure you swallow. Men like that…I like how you taste too." Then her head turned and she locked eyes with Kate. A coy grin grew on her face as she bent down and locked lips with Kate. "Well, I guess I'll leave you all alone…" She took Kate by the hand and led her to the door. "We'll be in my bedroom," she added with a chuckle.

After the door closed behind her, Lizzie straddled his chest and leaned down, her sticky little vagina rubbing against his stomach body. "Daddy, I'm not a baby any more. I'm twelve years old. I can handle this. Now, are you goanna fuck me or not?"

Shaking his head, Sam could only scrunch up his face and smile at her in disbelieve at what would have been his good fortune if she had just been a little older. But his resistance weakened as he looked into his child's wide, beautiful blue eyes.

Seemingly in defeat, Lizzie turned around on the bed and was about to get up. But instead, she got on all fours, with her back to him. Needing no more encouragement, he grabbed her shapely young buttocks and spread them. He toyed with her for a long moment, holding the tip his thick cock just inside of her spasming pussy to get it nice and wet.

With his cockhead just between her wet pussy lips, Lizzie moaned. "Oh daddy, Yea! Fuck me with your big beautiful cock!"

Her sweet ass began to wiggle, Lizzie pushed back for more. And knowing he could go no farther, Sam then repositioned his cockhead between her gorgeous buns. Nuzzling it in against her tiny anus, she let out a low whimper when he buried it couple of inches. Soon her tiny hole yielded under the pressure as he flexed his buttocks and shot his hips forward. His thick cockhead popped deep up her virgin asshole as he drove up her Hershey highway. Then throwing gentleness to the wind, he shoved her butt down on his cock. Her asshole gave, and half of his shaft disappeared into his young teenage daughter.

"Ooooooo, it still hurts!" she moaned. "But GOD, that feels so . . . oh, GOOD!"

Already loving annual sex, Lizzie was wild with lust. And close to the edge yet again, she couldn't get enough of the wonderfully feeling of getting fucked up the ass by her father's massive dick. Still, she shrieked in pain at the sudden invasion. But nothing could stop her horny father from forcing open her incredibly tight anus as he wantonly tried to bury his long, thick cock to the hilt.

Sam heard none of Lizzie's reaction. His mind was occupied by how her incredible vice-like rectum squeezed his cock. She couldn't help herself from wiggling back against him, wanting more of his oversized intruder buried up deep inside of her. She shut her eyes and gritted her teeth. Her rectum forcibly stretched wide open. Then shoving forward, Sam finally buried all ten long thick inches to the hilt into her tightly clenching asshole. After a few minutes she let out a low moan as he rammed his big cock home in one searing stroke, burying it to the hilt again.

Sam began to pump in and out, pushing back and forth on his shaft. Lizzie never stopped making noises that bounced in volume as he butt fucked her. Sam marveled at the way his beautiful daughter wiggled and pushed her gorgeous butt back to meet his deep hard thrusts as he fucked her like a sex machine. She worked her hips and milked his thick cock for all she was worth as he took her to butt fuck heaven.

Powering it to her, soon her cries turned into those of joy and unbridled lust. He was pumping her with long deep strokes now. He fucked his daughter's glove tight asshole with the stamina of a bull servicing his favorite cow. She screamed in joy as even more intense orgasms consumed her and she began to really hump her beautiful ass back forcefully to meet her father's hungry loins. She whimpered, writhing her buttocks erotically in his crotch as he pumped her. Then his hands moved down her body to squeeze her sweat breasts as he sodomized his beautiful daughter slowly, deeply and thoroughly. Eventually he felt the need to cum begin to tingle deep in his balls again.

"OHHHHHHHH LIZZIE," he moaned. "I'm getting close." He reached down with one hand and pushed a finger into her tight clit, doubling the sensations she was feeling.

"I'm going to cum too!" she yelled out.




AAAaaaaaAAA . . .!"

Soon his cum was running down her between her butt cheeks and down her legs. But continuing on, Sam thought his brain would explode as he butt-fuck the most beautiful creature to ever walk the face of the earth! He kept screwing her even though his balls were dry, pressing his body hard against hers. And Lizzie smiled even though her anus really hurt.

"Fuck me... fuck my pussy now... Ohhh..." Lizzie moaned as her father kept increasing his thrusts into her. His balls were covered with his daughter's juices as they slapped against her pussy, making more and more noise as he increased his speed.

About ten minutes later, he finally pulled out his cock. It was completely rubbed sore from Lizzie's tight little butt. But forgetting his early hesitation, with a wolfish grin, he wrapped his fingers around her firm little ass and laid Lizzie on her back. Then he grabbed his dick and began rubbing his helmeted tip up and down along her squishy little slit.

Covered in sweet, Lizzie's blood boiled. "YES, DADDY! Fuck me, she exclaimed. "I'm your little private whore. I want you to do me and Miranda in a threesome after were done, please!"

He took his time to rub it around on her clit and rub the length of her slit to make her purr and moan. Loving how she responded. Sam continued to rub his cock against her. She became wetter and slicker the more he persisted and he finally placed the tip of his dick against the opening to her love hole. Sam moved it ever so slowly up and down, exploring the opening. Then he very gently worked the velvety tip of his prick into Lizzie's tight warm moist canal.

He pressed harder and Lizzie could feel his hardness painfully prod apart her split peach as his bulbous tip found its way inside. As her cunt lips parted, Sam felt them envelop his cock head. Slowly he slid more his stiff dick into her supple, virgin cunt. She let out a small gasp as his cockhead pushed aside the outer walls. Deep in his throat he mimed his daughter's mild moans as he felt her tender walls wrap around his hard flesh. After two or three, he could feel the tip of his cock putting pressure against her hymen as her hot pulsing lips closed snuggly around the tip of his pulsing manhood.

Sam could not believe the sensation that he experienced through his dick that was tightly clamped in Lizzie's hot moist hole. The head of his cock was ready to explode yet again as Sam felt warmth and wetness like he'd never experience before. He could feel how incredibly tight her lips clenched the end of his thick shaft, as he smelled the unmistakable musty aroma of a young girl's excited virgin pussy.

Sam clamped his hand around his dick with all his strength to keep his cock from breaking her fragile maidenhood. Pushing inside, he rocked back and forth several inches. The sensation of humping the tip of his hard raging cock into his innocent young daughter was incredible. Even as she cummed again, the friction from the walls of Lizzie's tight soft wet virgin pussy was incredibly intense.

"Ooh, Daddy! It hurts…but I want more." She paused for only a moment before uttering. "Please! Give me more," she begged as she squeezed his ass and one of his nipples. "PLEASE, FUCK ME! PUT IT ALL IN ME!"

"Oh! You're so tight sweetheart," he moaned, feeling the walls of her little pussy compress even tighter around the end of his cock.

"Tighter than Kate?" panted Lizzie.

"Yessss! Fuck, yessss! Much tighter! ... Oh, God!" he groaned.

Lizzie smiled, happy in knowing she was a better fuck than her best friend! But Lizzie didn't bother to worry about that as lust boiled in her brain. Kate could take her turn later. Now, all Lizzie wanted was for her father to fuck her brains out!

For his part, Sam would never be able to describe the wonderful, mind-blowing sensation of the tip of his cock pushing against the elastic barrier of Lizzie's maidenhood. He pushed forward ever so gently and it would respond by every so softly pushing back.

"Yes, Daddy!" she squealed with delight." Fuck me! Fuck me hard, Daddy! Harder! Hurt me, Daddy! Pop my fucken cherry. Fill me up. I want to feel you're cum in me! Fuck me like a whore!" Lizzie felt her own orgasm build and she knew her dad was going to cum again ... and soon. The supple girl entwined her father with her legs. Lizzie's heels tapped his ass, trying to force him to pop her cherry.

She came again and again. Her hot pussy juices ran down the crack of her ass and down his shaft, covering his balls. Sam kept pumping her as he leaned forward and laid over her. Quickly probing just his cock head into her for a few minutes, he saw an expression of pain and pleasure on her smiling face. She smiled and said in her sweetest little girl voice, "OHHH Daddy, I'm so glad it's you popping my cherry."

Surrounded by the warmth of Lizzie's young cunt, her pussy lips stretched taunt around his big cockhead, filling her completely. The heat, the wetness, the tightness of her pussy totally stimulating every nerve ending in his cockhead was bringing him to the edge yet again. All this pleasure, plus the fact that his beautiful daughter was giving herself to him, was overwhelming to both his mind and senses. Both father and daughter let out a cry as she felt her hymen about to break. But fighting for control, his mind won out. Knowing deep in his heart that he shouldn't break her cherry, Sam didn't go any deeper.

Soon their bodies seemed locked as one while his body stiffened as his third orgasm came! When Sam finished, he slowly pulled his cock-head from Lizzie's glove tight opening. Her cunt-lips tried to cling to his thick knob, while his cock glistened with their mix juices; his cum bobbled out of her pussy and down her legs.

Sam smiled, running his hands over her hot, sweating body. "I really do want to pop your cherry baby," he groaned. "But you're just too young."

Lizzie shook her head. "Daddy, don't stop. Please, shove your big beautiful cock in me! Fuck me! Daddy, make me a women. I want to be your fucken slut!"

He could only shake his head even as Lizzie eagerly gave him another blowjob. With her tight firm round butt lay propped up, he buried his index finger completely in her warm tight ass. Then relaxing, Sam leaned back and folded his arms behind his head as his daughter's lips slipped up and down his cock.

Thirty minutes later, Sam held tight to his darling daughter while he again spiked her with his dick. Now fucking ass her in a reversed cowboy position, he jerked for the last time, shooting a final spurt of sticky dick paste into his daughter. "God, God, God," he moaned as the spasms ran through him even after he had totally nothing left to give. "You, girl, have a great ass!"

Slowly they stopped moving and Sam collapsed between Lizzie's widespread fresh-fucked-fawn's legs. Sam rolled over and fell panting beside his daughter. It took several minutes for him to focus. And when they finally finished, Lizzie stared doe-eyed, cum and saliva still illuminating her face. "You wanna do this again sometime, big daddy?" she asked.

"Hell, yeah," Sam replied.

But that was not to be. Three longs years had past since that glorious night. And now, in their Rome hotel room, Lizzie gazed over at Kate and sighed. The whole situation was maddening. After the promise of their lusty beginning, her father had never fucked her. In fact, she'd only sucked his cock once more. It might have only happened because he'd been drunk. And Sam had given up drinking afterwards.

As she drifted off to sleep, the shear passion and joy of licking and sucking on each other carpets kept going through her mind. But Kate was so horny she was unable to sleep. She slowly slipped her hand down her pants, trying not to wake Lizzie.

Kate was already soaked when she started rubbing her fingers over her clit, sliding them inside to fuck herself occasionally. Lizzie tried not to make any noise, but it was really hard. Luckily Lizzie seemed to still be asleep when she came. So she got bolder and took her pajama bottoms all the way off. By that time she was only wearing a silky night shirt, which was unbuttoned so she could play with her tits while she jerked off.

Kate was pinching her nipples when she felt a rustle under the covers. The next thing she felt was a set of hands on her inner thighs - and they definitely weren't hers! Kate almost stopped breathing when Lizzie dipped her fingers inside her and rubbed the wetness over her clit. Then Lizzie placed a finger inside her and wiggled it around.

All of a sudden Lizzie leaned over the side of the bed and pulled out a vibrator from Kate's purse. She turned it on and traced Kate's pussy with it, rubbing it against her clit and rolling it from side to side along her twat.

Kate had to keep her eyes closed the entire time, so she didn't expect it when Lizzie pushed all eight inches of it inside her. She kept it there for the longest time before she started fucking her with it.

Lizzie then asked, "Do you liked to be fucked hard or slow.

"Oh, please! Fuck me slow."

Lizzie just laughed and fucked her with the vibrator hard anyway.

After she was done, Kate helped Lizzie out of her pajamas. Then she and ran her tongue over every inch of Lizzie's body, licking and sucking and kissing all the way down to the toes. Every once in while, she'd pulled up alongside Lizzie face so she could taste her tongue.

Kate had to keep pushing Lizzie's hands over her head, telling her to keep them there or she'd quit.

Lizzie moaned and promised she'd be a good girl, so Kate went back to work on her.

She ran her tongue from Lizzie's toes to her knees, kissing up her thighs right to the top of her pubic hair. Then she opened her legs and started to kiss Lizzie's stomach, rubbing her soft triangle with her fingers. When she reached Lizzie's pubes she arched up to give her better access. Lizzie had the silkiest blonde bush she'd ever tasted. All the hairs were practically straight, and they felt good against her lips, slightly moist and sticky. Kate kissed her once more, slowly sliding her tongue between Lizzie's lips, flipping it around to show one of her special talents.

Kate ran her tongue around Lizzie's lips, not even coming close to her clit. When she finally did brush her tongue against it, Lizzie bucked against her until she exploded in a beautiful lesbian orgasm, just as Kate hoped she would. The wetness that flowed from her pussy slid down the crack of her ass and collected in a small, sticky puddle on the sheets.

After Kate had gotten her - and the bed - as wet as possible, she took her index finger and pushed it inside. Lizzie was so tight, Kate remembered that it was her finger that was the first thing she'd ever had inside her, and she was glad it was her finger and not a cock. Kate finally got some leverage and started twisting and turning, fucking Lizzie with both love and lust. Kate fingered her pussy hard, giving Lizzie another orgasm that left her both exhausted but wanting more …

"You ain't seen nothing yet." Kate reached in her purse and withdrew a menacing looking apparatus with straps, buckles and long black wand.

To be continued...?

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