A/N: This is a drabble I found while searching for something on my Fic-Journal. It's short and could have been flushed out but here it is in it's raw form. It could be construed as Mckay/Weir but honestly for once it's no-ship. Its kinda freaky that I managed this much without a ship. Maybe there is hope for me afterall.

Elizabeth Weir thought she had seen everything that could surprise her come though the gate already, but when AR-1 entered the gate room she nearly tripped. Teyla even showed surprise and that woman was always composed. Silence reigned over the room as all stared at the three members of AR-1 who had returned home.

Just not with their usual uniform on.

"Do you gentlemen want to explain yourselves?" Elizabeth asked, once the shock of seeing two of her senior officers and a new team member dressed so oddly.

"You really do not want to know Elizabeth," Rodney said, adjusting the top of his outfit. "Besides, it's all the Colonel and Rambo's here fault." Ronon simply glared. Elizabeth figured he wasn't very vocal about anything.

It hardly explained why John, Rodney, and Ronon were wearing what appeared to be the Pegasus equivalent of drag. Ronon made an not very pretty bearded lady, Rodney's wasn't that much better, and John eerily made the best looking women of the three.

"They have a...very matriarchal society on Vernos, Elizabeth. They wouldn't let us leave if we were men so we got the help of one of the lower females and escaped pretending to be women." He looked around, clearly embarrassed to be seen wearing a dress, let alone those heeled shoes that were clearly made for more slender feet.

"Well, gentlemen, I expect a full report, but for now go visit Dr. Beckett." She glanced up at Teyla who smiled, clearly trying not to laugh at the three men in front of them. Where was a camera when you really needed it?

Rodney stormed into her office four hours later, looking angry as he could.

"Did you see this?" He held up his laptop to show a base-wide email sent earlier in the afternoon. It had several pictures of them dressed as girls, including one where it appeared that Kavenagh was hitting on Rodney. She simply raised an eyebrow."

"Yes, and I asked them to stop distributing the pictures and to send the originals to me to add to our reports, why?"

"It's just... You know full well I'll never live this down. I still haven't stopped hearing about kissing Carson, and this isn't going to help matters. Zelenka keeps calling me Rhonda."

At that Elizabeth started to laugh. "It's not funny, Elizabeth." That of course made her laugh even more and after awhile, Rodney even smiled.