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Summary: Lee isn't the only natural practitioner of drunken fist… NaruHina.

Drunken Gentle Fist

Chapter one- Hinata: sacrificial lamb, drunk, and kick ass woman!

A group of four people stood in front of a closed door, none of them seeming to want to make a move. The object of their consternation seemed to be the fact that on the handle of the door hung a note saying, "Hokage busy doing paperwork, come back later." Having on several occasions mistakenly come, rather noisily in, the group of ninja had learned quickly that, at least in their experiences, whenever the Hokage put that sign up it meant one thing: she was taking a nap. What they found out even quicker was that the Godaime, the legendary Tsunade-hime, hated being awoken from said nap, and the one who awoke her would be at the receiving end of one of the things that made her legendary; enough strength to crumble boulders.

One of the two boys in the group, the one with red triangles on his cheeks and a feral look to him, stepped back a bit, with a look of resolution on his face.

"Well, I think that it's obvious who needs to be the one to barge in." Kiba said.

He put a consoling hand on his lavender-eyed team mate's shoulder, she looked at him in disbelief. Kurenai put a hand to her temple soothingly, but it did nothing to alleviate the annoyed look on her face.

"Kiba… honestly, how can you sacrifice a team mate so easily?" She asked him.

Shino remained stoic as ever but then again Kiba never knew what went through that guy's head. Kiba started to sweat under his team's scrutiny.

"Come on, who is Tsunade least likely to get extremely pissed off at, a loud guy such as myself, or sweet, innocent Hinata?" He said, in his defence.

Kurenai took that into consideration, it did actually make some sense. Of course there was the argument that Tsunade, in her still-drowsy state made no differentiation between people, in that case they would be sending sweet, innocent Hinata to an untimely death. Kurenai shrugged, taking the chance, the Hokage's recreational gambling habits must be rubbing off on her. Kiba grinned and quickly shoved the blue-haired girl inside the office.

The eighteen year old chuunin sighed, albeit quietly. Kiba did not usually take advantage of her inability to object against her team's decisions, but when he did, it was only for the most unsavoury of tasks. As she raised her eyes to Tsunade's desk, she found, to her surprise, that the Hokage was actually doing paperwork.

"Ah, Hinata, hello." Tsunade said, smiling.

After not hearing any thrashing, her team cautiously entered the room. Seeing them all there, Tsunade practically threw her paperwork off the desk, looking as though she were desperately happy to see them. Kurenai looked as though she were suspicious of Tsunade's jovial appearance, but went to the mission debriefing.

"The mission was successful, we encountered some minor problems with mid-level sound nin but we escaped the situation before any superiors could be informed." She said.

Tsunade nodded before standing up.

"Well, I'll be expecting the full report on my desk by Friday, but for now… Congratulations team eight on another successful mission!" She commended them.

All the members of the team smiled, even Shino, although no one could tell. Tsunade stepped away from her desk and a pile of forms almost fell.

"Great, now let's go celebrate! Sake's on me!" She said, enthusiastically.

She slung an arm around both Kiba and Kurenai; everyone looked to her in disbelief.

I've hardly ever seen her out of her office and now she's going to buys drinks for us! Hinata thought, confused.

Kurenai gave the Hokage an exasperated look.

"Tsunade-sama, do you think that would be… appropriate, considering the volume of work you have to do?" She said, feeling weird that she was reproaching the Hokage.

Tsunade now wore a desperate look as she clutched Kurenai's arm.

"Please… I only managed to get away from Shizune; she's making sure that I don't have any fun until I finish that mammoth sized pile of paperwork. Seriously. I haven't gone to the bathroom for ten hours."

Kurenai sighed and relented.

And so here she was, Hyuuga Hinata, age 18, with her team mates and the Hokage, drinking glass after glass of sake, all on Jiraiya's tab for doing something to Godaime that the she wished not to discuss, and, knowing his reputation, Hinata had not wanted to hear. Although she was sitting with other people, she wasn't feeling talkative. Maybe it was the sake, but she just started feeling depressed.

Against her will, she began to remember a rather aggravating event that occurred earlier that week. She had managed to get her feelings about Naruto in order, enough to do something about it. As she recalled the memory, her head sunk low onto the table.

She had asked him to meet her at an unused training ground, and there he was, quite a bit taller than her, still with a head full of yellow spikes and his trademark whisker birthmarks. He smiled at her when she arrived.

"Hey, Hinata, what did you want? Did you want to train?" He asked.

"Um, no, I… I wanted to tell you something…" She could feel her heart rate start to quicken and her face heat up.

He cocked his head, confused at her hesitance, but attentive. She willed herself to stand up straight and look him in the eye.


She sighed, she couldn't stutter now, not in saying this. She calmed herself and started over.

"Naruto, I… love you!" she burst out.

He smiled warmly at her, even though she stood stock-still, she could feel herself melt.

"Hinata, I love you too…"

She sucked in her breath and held it, shocked.

"…I love all my friends!"

Hinata caught herself before she collapsed and mentally readied herself once more.

"No, I mean, you're precious to me…" she started.

"Yes, you're one of my precious people too, along with Sakura, Lee, Gaara, Neji…" Naruto interrupted.

She grit her teeth, was she going to have to explain her way through this?

"No, my love for you is the kind that a woman can feel for a man." She explained.

Naruto thought a bit about this.

"Yeah, the friendship between a man and a woman is different than between two guys, right? Less hitting… but anyway, I get it Hinata, and I will always cherish our special friendship." He said to her.

She looked at him disbelievingly.

"I…uh… have to go." She muttered, quickly leaving.

As Naruto watched her retreating form, he couldn't help thinking to himself, I wonder why Hinata's upset?

Hinata took another gulp of sake, ignoring her friends' antics… well, Kiba's antics, anyway. The sake slid into her stomach, creating a warm sensation that spread. She felt so hot, boiling practically. She finished her sake, made some excuse to Kurenai, who was too busy trying to stop Tsunade from gambling away her Hokage robes to listen, whereas Kiba was too busy flirting with a random kunoichi and Shino… she wasn't sure, but she thought she had seen him down some sake and stumble into the girl's washroom.

Hinata left the bar. The cool night's breeze was welcome, although she was still rather warm. She stumbled down the street before wondering where she had left her house. Although she wasn't given the luxury of drunkenly searching for her house, as she bumped into someone and was knocked to the ground.

"Oh, sorry about that, Hinata."

Hinata raised her eyes to the person who bumped into her and saw the exact spiky blond haired youth she had been thinking of.

"Oh, ish you." She slurred.

He smiled at her. He was wearing his jounin uniform for once and looked scuffed up.

"Just came back from my mission, Oba-chan wasn't even there, probably out at some bar getting drunk." He explained.

"Ya don't shay?"

"So, what have you been up to, Hinata?" Naruto asked her brightly.

She raised her eyebrow at him.

"Jush thinking about that talk we had the other day… stupid Naruto…"

His eyes widened at the insult from, of all people, Hinata.


"You heard me… I couldn't have said it more plainly… everyone in this whole village knows exshept you…" She said, with drooping eyes, growing frustration was apparent on her face.

Naruto gave her a confused look. Hinata was sure acting strange, usually she could only slip in a few words before she'd start stuttering, but now she was talking more than he was. He didn't really know what she was talking about, but what he did know was…

"Hinata, you're drunk." He concluded.

"You can tell that, but you can't tell my feelings? Stupid boy, I should teach you a lesson…" She said, getting in a wobbly jyuuken stance.

Naruto looked on in amazement.

"Hinata, I'm not going to fight you when you're drunk!" he said, as though this were outrageous.

She made no note of his outrage, instead, she rushed at him. She hit his right arm and closed a couple tenketsu. Once Naruto figured out that she was serious, he started to defend himself against her. He was amazed as he found that he was having a hard time protecting himself.

How can she even properly use her chakra when she's so drunk? He wondered.

He started to panic when he found out that he was unable to reopen his tenketsu, just what was Hinata doing? Hinata soon managed to overcome his defence and closed the chakra holes in his left arm so that he now could move neither arm. Suddenly she completely stopped fighting him, he looked at her, amazed.

"Why am I even fighting you, I looove you…"

Naruto momentarily wondered if closing the chakra holes in his arms was a strategic move as Hinata moved closer to him. The moonlight gave Hinata's long navy blue hair a lovely sheen and made her already pale skin seemingly glow. Hinata leaned over, delicately placed her lips over his and kissed him. She had never kissed him before, what was wrong with her? When they parted, Naruto's mouth was slightly open in shock, while Hinata seemed thoughtful.

"Oh, right, now I remember why I was mad at you… stupid Naruto!" she exclaimed before striking him once more.

After being satisfied that he wouldn't be getting up anytime soon, Hinata dropped him at his front door, and a foot away, promptly passed out. She wouldn't have remembered where her house was anyway. Naruto heard her fall and the last thought he had before reaching oblivion was: Hinata's awesome!