Meeting Ranma Is Embarrassing

AN: Ranma 1/2 and Karin do not belong to me but to their respective owners. This work is a little deviation from the ones I usually write.

The First Day of School is Embarrassing

It is dark, night perhaps? A billowing fog blankets the ground. There are trees all around - a forest. I'm not alone. I'm with someone. 'He' is holding my hand, pulling me along with him as we ran through the copse of trees, they're looming forms overshadowing us. I can't discern him clearly, only his silhouette. I hear him calling out to me but I don't understand the words, they sounded distorted. I look behind me. I see motes of light, flickering from within the woods; I'm not sure but they seem following me…following US! I hear angry shouts, coming from the bobbing lights, cries directed at me. I suddenly grow fearful, my heart beating so hard that it feels like it wants to burst out of chest. We run. Run. Run. Run for like an eternity. He stops. I stop. He looks at me, saying something, but I can't comprehend him still. He runs off toward the lights, toward the torches, toward the angry mob, leaving me. Leaving me all alone. I cry, cry my heart out for him, but I'm all alone now! I won't see him, ever. I want to forget, to forget him, for my sake. Suddenly a black swarm of wings and chitter engulfs me, threatening to smother me in their dark embrace, to oblivion. Yes, I very much welcome that, for everything to end. I thought I heard someone call my name. I dare to look. The winged blackness is gone, and there before me were four pairs of eyes, nothing more that slits in the background that seem to burn menacingly red at me, they're intensity overpowering, making my head swim. I feel like falling, falling into a bottomless abyss. Falling. Falling. Falling…


A purple haired girl sat up after falling off the bed from her rude awakening.

"Oh, my nose…" she moaned, rubbing the sore anatomy, which kissed the floor from her fall earlier, unmindful of the blood trickling from her nostrils. She suddenly remembered. "That dream again…it is the third time this week. I wonder if has any significance?" Her eyes drifted to the clock beside her bed. Six passed six-thirty. "Alright, time to get ready." With inspired determination, Karin went about to prepare to herself for her first day in her new school.

"The name is Karin Maaka, 16-years old and still having a lot to go for in life. My family and I have just moved here in Nerima to start out on a new beginning. Why is that you ask? My family tells me it was necessary for us to leave the last town we stayed in because of their discovery of our 'secret'. Strangely, for some reason, I don't seem to recall the details of our departure from that place. But it doesn't matter now, I must look on ahead and not on what has been."

After freshening up and putting on her new school uniform, Karin proceed downstairs toward the kitchen to prepare herself breakfast before leaving.

"It's always like this, me coming down to make breakfast for me and me alone. My family can't join me for obvious and vital reasons, and even though I've come to accept this as a given I can help but feel sad for my sad twist of fate." Karin sighed after gulping down a piece of toast and egg white. "But I shouldn't complain. At least we're one 'loving' family. Did I say loving? Sure we have our differences and quirks (and my quirk sure takes the cake) but what family doesn't these days."

After eating she then cleaned the table and washed the dishes.

"But in spite of my more or less average, if not very unusual, teenage life, I feel as if something is missing. Like a part of me is not there anymore…I really can't explain it."

Karin proceeded to leave out of the house. "I'm going out now, everybody! See all this evening!" Hoping for someone to see her off, Karin momentarily waited by the door. Seeing and knowing no one will be coming out, Karin sighed for the last time and put on a cheerful smile.

"Perhaps I might find the answer while on my first day in Furinkan High."

As Karin unmindfully left the house, someone watched her leave, from behind the folds of heavy curtains of a window on the second floor.

"I hope your first day in school will be a happy one, onee-chan."

"So you wish to enroll in our beloved and prestigious educational institution of Furinkan High, aye, keiki!"

"Um, yeah."

Karin couldn't help herself from staring at the principal of Furinkan High School. When she first came to his office she caught the head master playing a ukulele, which in its self was strange enough but seeing him wearing a Hawaiian outfit and having a tiny palm tree sprouting on his head goes beyond strange.

"So where are your parents or guardians, hmm?" hummed Principal Kuno, making Karin feel uneasy.

"Um, they couldn't come… Here, this letter explains it all." Karin handed the neatly folded piece of paper to the eccentric school principal.

Principal Kuno then read the missive, intently absorbing its contents while making some grunting sounds. His body then tensed and stiffened; crumpling the piece of paper he threw it into the waste can. Breaking again into a cheesy smile he addressed Karin.

"Congratulations Maaka-san, you may now enroll here in Furinkan High. Please head to the Registrar to process your papers. Once you finish you may come to school on the following day."

Karin respectfully bowed to the principle "Thank you very much, Kocho Kuno. If you excuse me, I'll precede to what is required me…"

"Oh, one moment, Karin-san!"


"I must say I like what you did to your hair. It suits you."

"Um, thank you, Kocho Kuno, I guess…" The feisty principal suddenly flashed a pair of scissors in each hand, winding, and making snipping sounds with them with emphasis.

"But it would look even better if I trimmed it a bit! I few snips here and there would do you much good. What do you say, Karin keiki, hmm?"

"Ah…thanks Kocho, but no thanks…I should be going now…" Karin hastened her way for the exit. The door then suddenly opened.

"Kocho! You've gone too far! Ohhhfff!" Tatewaki Kuno collided with Karin, causing them both to awkwardly stumble to the floor.

"It hurts…" Karin grimaced.

Tatewaki Kuno was the first to recover. "Oh, I'm terribly, terribly sorry Miss. I didn't know you were going out…" His eyes widened. He then took hold both of Karin's hands, startling a bit the girl of his actions. "Your beautiful eyes, your angelic face, your well endowed…" His eyes lingered on Karin's chest region. "Figure. These are the traits best describing…" He fumbled for the right word. "A goddess! And she right before me.

Karin just stared dumbfounded at him. 'Who is this guy?' "Um, excuse me but who are you?" she said, starting to feel creep-out by his inappropriate conduct toward her.

"Oh, how can I be so tactless. It is only proper that I introduce myself to you, 'oh sweet fair maiden'." Kuno stood up and started up a pose. "I'm the rising star of my class, the bright future of Japan. I'm the Captain of the Kendo team and they refer to me, as the 'Blue Thunder' of Furinkan High, for my swordsmanship is swift and devastating. My name Kuno Tatewaki, age eighteen, at your service." He finishes with a flourishing bow.

Karin blinks. "Kuno…so that means…" She looks at the blubbering principal when Tatewaki's face suddenly blocked her view.

"Do not be presumptuous to assume that I am in any way related to 'that' retard of a buffoon!"

"Oh, Ta-te-wa-ki keiki, you make my heart bleed. How can you say that to your very own flesh and blood that sired you into this world."

"Be silent, you cretin!"

"Karin-san," Kocho Kuno's sunglasses glinting dangerously. "It best you leave now, for I'll be having a private, heart to heart talk with my ungrateful son, hmm."

"Y-yes, I'm leaving."

"Wait!" Karin stopped to Kuno's beckon.

"First of all," facing the headmaster, Kuno blasted him. "YOU HAVE NO RIGHT to refer to me as your SON! And second." Switching then to a calmer exterior, he turned back to Karin.

"So your name is Karin, right?" he asked her.

"Ah, yes…"

"What an exquisite name, quite befitting the angel you are!"

Karin can't believe what this guy was saying. 'What am I? Some sort of an object on a glass display?'

"You are a student here, aren't you?"

"N-No, not yet. I was about to enroll…"

"Splendid! I shall wait when you get formally inducted into our school. And on that day I humbly ask…NO…I INSIST, that you go on a date with me."


"Ah don't be bashful, Karin-san. You should be honored that you get to be noticed by me, the 'Blue Thunder' Tatewaki Kuno. But until we me meet again at our appointed time of destiny, you'll have to excuse me as I must attend to some 'matters'. Farewell, Karin-san." After which, he rushed for the quirky school headmaster with a bokken drawn out of nowhere. Kocho Kuno confidently readied his defenses.

Karin stood there a moment longer, shock not of the destructive brawl progressing within the Principal's Office, between the two estranged combatants, but of the strange 'discussion' between her and the younger Kuno earlier. Karin just sighed in resignation and quietly left.

While Tatewaki Kuno went at it with his 'father' over some stupid school rule he just concocted up with, the crumpled letter that Kocho Kuno threw in the trashcan burst into nonflammable and odorless green flame, leaving no traces even ash.

Karin sighed, recalling the event that happened the other day as she walked to school.

'What an odd couple of characters those two were,' she thought, referring to the two Kunos. 'I wonder if I'll meet other people like them in school?' Karin wasn't too fond with the idea especially if it meant having her to interact with 'those' kind of people often. Karin fervently shook her head from side to side. 'No Karin, you should think things positively otherwise you won't get to enjoy teenage life to the fullest.'

Too engrossed in her reminiscence, Karin wasn't aware that she was nearing the gates of Furinkan High and into the waiting person of Tatewaki Kuno.

"I greet you with salutations, oh, Karin-chan!"


"What's Kuno doing to that poor girl?" said Akane, more to herself than for the ears of others, as she noticed Tatewaki Kuno accosting a purple haired female student by presenting a bouquet of red roses to her. The girl appeared awkwardly uncomfortable by the whole thing.

Ranma scarcely took note of the scene and just moved on.

"Ranma! Aren't you going to do something?"

"And what? Make you misunderstand my actions and get hit by you for no good reason," sullenly replied Ranma.

Akane's temper was beginning to rise in response to the remark.

"And besides," Ranma continued, " It's probably none of our business anyway, Akane. As long as Kuno doesn't bother us both that's good enough for me."

"Fine, I'll go find out for myself. Idiot!" Akane stomped off toward the unsuspecting pair.

Ranma felt rotten inside for acting callous but he had his reasons. For Ranma was feeling miserable. Which was unusual for the pigtailed haired martial artist who often sees things in a nonchalant, carefree manner. But in the past few days, things have been hectic for him. Ever since the failed wedding and his mother's declaration of putting it aside, Ranma has become open season to his other fiancés, who've intensified in their moves to stake their 'claims' over the pigtailed haired martial artist, much to the ire of Akane, who had become more disapprovingly violent lately. This has caused Ranma to adopt a bitter outlook in things after having vainly hoped for a genuine change after the 'wedding'. Plus his rivals have joined in the fray, causing more frustration in pigtail haired martial artist's part. Ranma was getting fed up with the way things were going but against his better judgment he had opted for the bitter pill and just continued to suck up all his worries and concerns.

"Aw, the heck with it!" Ranma put on a dark demeanor as followed Akane's lead.

"Please accept these as a token of my appreciation for one as lovely and stellar as you are, oh Karin-chan," cooed Kuno thrusting the bunch of flowers before an extremely embarrassed Karin.

"But I hardly know you. We just met yesterday…"

"Ah, but that is why this meeting symbolizes as a prelude to the beautiful relationship that could blossom between us, Karin-chan! And what better way to develop such an intimate bond than to get to know one another through the intricate procedures of courtship! Simply put I wish that we go on a date!"

'Gee, did he have to spout all that senseless gibberish just to ask me out?'

Karin was about to give her half-hearted answer when Akane butted in.

"Kuno-sempai, you leave this poor girl alone!"

Karin was both glad and curious of her impromptu savior.

"Ah, the beauteous Akane Tendo! It is a pleasure to grace your presence, but I'm afraid that I must decline your advances at the moment in lieu of Karin-chan here."

"You will leave her alone if you know what's best for you, Kuno-sempai!" Akane positioned herself into a fighting stance.

"My, my," Kuno coolly smiled, "do I sense a challenge here? I'm much obliged, Akane Tendo." He summoned his signature bokuto to his person, tossing the bouquet of roses into Karins arms. "Perhaps then, after I subject you to submission, you can join me and Karin-chan – on a double date."

"You're crazy and deluded as ever!" Akane spat, taking a step back as Kuno advanced a step forward toward her.

"Tsk,tsk, I see that the foul sorcerer, Saotome, still has a hold over you, even after that failed mockery of a wedding." Kuno creased his forehead as if remembering something painful. "Of all this things sacred and holy, I should have been that groom! Not THAT Saotome!" bemoaned Kuno.

"Yo, Kuno! Still up to your lecherous games, are you?" Ranma wasn't in a good mood and Akane noticed this.

"You stay out of this, blackguard! I will not allow you to ensorcel the heart of Karin-chan as well so that she may become a new addition to your dark harem!" A sandaled foot, Ranm's foot, planted itself onto Kuno's face, silencing him temporarily from uttering any nonsensical blabber.

"So it's Karin, now is it?" Ranma darkly faced the purple haired girl. "Is this guy bothering you, Karin?"


"Just say what really is your mind and heart!" Ranma snapped, startling both Karin and Akane. "Otherwise you'll regret it for, for not saying so, for the rest of your life! Believe me, I know."

'Who is this guy? Why does he make my heart beat so fast?' But Ranma intense glare at Karin forced her to give an answer. "Yes…he's bothering me." Turning to Kuno. "I'm sorry, Kuno-sempai, I'm just not interested in you, sorry…"

"Don't feel sorry for this guy." Ranma looked disgustedly at Kuno. "You'll just encourage him to go after you again."

'How dare you poison the mind of poor, sweet Karin-chan, Ranma Saotome!' Kuno was beginning to flail about, swinging his wooden sword in dangerous arcs.

Ranma had to release his footing on Kuno's face and jump high up into the air to avoid the kendoist's sword swings. His instinct told him to look back to see Akane grab Karin in time to avoid Kuno's sweeping bokken, causing both girls to sprawl on to the ground. Ranma cursed his carelessness. Turning again to Kuno in midflight he then drove down with a drop kick directed at the kendoist's head, which connected, sending the upperclassman rolling a few meters until lying face down on the ground stunned. Upon landing, Ranma went to pick up the bunch of roses that Karin dropped in the scuffle and headed for the quivering form of Kuno.

"Why…Why can't I beat you…" Kuno moaned at Ranma, trying to get up but his pained body wouldn't allow him. He finally succumbed to unconsciousness.

"Rest in peace," humorlessly uttered Ranma, dropping the bouquet of flowers on top of the out cold form of Kuno. With a downcast face Ranma walked back toward the two waiting girls.

"Why didn't you block that swing, Ranma!" scolded Akane. "Karin would have been hurt badly had it hit!"

"I'm sorry. Are you hurt?" dejectedly asked Ranma, more toward Karin than Akane.

Karin wasn't feeling well. All this excitement has caused her blood to shoot up, making her head swim, especially when she's close to this Ranma guy.

"Hey, are you okay?" said Ranma with concern, grasping Karin's shoulders. Akane became jealously conscious of this.

Karin was nearing her limit. She clasped her nose and mouth with both hands. "I'm sorry! I must GO!" Karin broke out of Ranma's grasp and ran quickly through the school gate.

"What did you do to her!" said Akane while knocking a baffled Ranma on the head.

"I didn't do nothing to her, Akane! She just ran off without much a thank you and much less a good explanation."

"Maybe she detested the way you were holding her you pervert!"

While Akane and Ranma were at it again (with Ranma receiving the fine end of Akane's fists), Karin found what she was looking for – a secluded portion, of scrubs and trees, within the school grounds. Making sure no one was looking Karin quickly snuck behind a couple of bushes. A light blast of red viscous liquid sprayed out like fountain from within the undergrowth followed by a distressful scream coming from Karin.