Forgotten Angel


Psycho-Neurotically Disturbed

Mogoumuro looked much like the European version of the Saint Nicholas with the body of England's Henry the Eighth. His large gut hung over his leather belt which encircled his thin hips. Everyone always told him that he ate too many fatty priests, but he decided the extra bulk made him look more intimidating and less like the roly-poly he was becoming.

Sesshoumaru had always loved it when Uncle Mogo came to visit. He would sit and listen to his mother and her brother converse for hours about the most trivial things. His mother would smile and laugh. She never did that around Inutaisho. Sesshoumaru loved his Uncle Mogoumuro almost as much as he loved his mother. If only his father could make her laugh like Uncle Mogo. If Inutaisho could provide that kind of happiness to his mother, perhaps Sesshoumaru could be happy too.
He worried for his mother. She'd been growing more silent by the day. He knew it was because of his father. Lord Inutaisho was a strong demon. He ruled over the western lands as fairly as he could, but in doing so, he often ignored his family. Sesshoumaru rarely saw his father, possibly once a year, whenever the thought struck the great dog lord to return to the castle where his wife and son lived. Usually he was out patrolling, as he was doing now.
Young Sesshoumaru saw his mother's fretful glance the last time his father visited. He had smelled different. Sesshoumaru noticed it too. After a few meager days of forced interaction with his family, Inutaisho once again left. Sesshoumaru immediately sent word to his uncle to come visit his mother. Once again she was happy and her happiness kept Sesshoumaru from being too worried.

A few years before Inuyasha was born, Mogo had Sesshoumaru take a walk with him. After they were out of hearing range of the beautiful demoness, Sesshoumaru began talking.
"I am worried for her sake. Father has always been something of a promiscuous flirt, but I fear she knows that he is with a human woman. I've caught that wench's scent on him the last few times he's visited."
"As the old baboon will say, 'Never let a cat hiss twice'." Mogo nodded, closing his eyes.
"What does that mean, Uncle?" Sesshoumaru glanced at his uncle and frowned.
"Hmm? Oh, I have no idea. I just made it up. Sounded good, didn't it, Ol' Boy?" Mogoumuro jabbed Sesshoumaru in the ribs. While Sesshoumaru was preoccupied with straightening his haori, Mogo rubbed his chin in thought. "Perhaps if we talk to her about it."
"No," Sesshoumaru said firmly, shaking his head. "I will not have you embarrass my mother."
"Could we talk to your father then? Inutaisho always seemed to me an agreeable man, I think. Yes, very agreeable."
"Uncle, he will not want to speak of this."
"Just because your old man's embarrassing your blood line you've got your tail stepped on. Very well, do you have any ideas?"
"If I kill him, then no one will know of this. My bloodline will stay secure."
"Well, that might upset your mother..."
"I have a right to protect the honor of my mother, don't I?" Sesshoumaru said firmly, gently running his claws through his silky hair. "She'll understand."
"Of course she will, but that isn't the point." Mogo sighed loudly. "Suppose you are killed instead. What will your mother do when she's alone? Your father will never see her again if there is no heir to keep happy."
"He does not keep me happy, nor my mother. That filthy beast only lives for himself!"
"I have an idea!" Mogo grinned, his canines protruding over a fat bottom lip and a smile on his pudgey childish face. "Why don't you simply talk to your father? 'A snake may catch it's prey by first becoming it's friend'."
"You've already suggested that one," Sesshoumaru looked towards the castle looming in the distance. "Why would I talk to him? He does not deserve my time, unless it leads to his death."
"Well, talk to him, then kill him."
"Very well."

"Why have you come to me, Sesshoumaru?" Inutaisho was surprised by his son's visit and slightly embarrassed that he had been caught with Izayoi in his dwellings. He shook of that feeling of dread that had settled on his shoulders and looked at his son.
"Father, I have come to condemn you for your corruption against your bloodline." Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes slightly. "Your affiliation with that filth is beyond me."
"Filth?" Inutaisho lifted a thick brow and frowned. "I'd like to believe I raised you better than that."
"Raised me better than what, Father?" Sesshoumaru's careful mask fell. "My mother raised me."
"Sesshoumaru," Inutaisho warned, telling him to go no farther.
"Let me speak," Sesshoumaru growled, his eyes glinting dangerously. "I've held my tongue far longer than needed. I have something to say to you, Father."
"Say it then," the elder demon crossed his arms impatiently, awaiting whatever his son had to say.
"I plan to," Sesshoumaru clenched his fist and brought it forward into his father's jaw. Inutaisho's head snapped to the side with the impact.
"Sesshoumaru!" He rubbed in jaw in surprise, staring at his son. Never before had the boy lashed out at him and now he stood there with a bruise swelling across his chin and a split lip.
"You never were there for my mother. You've always been prone to galavanting across the lands, taking women when you see fit. Humans ones at that. You are an insult to the demon race." Sesshoumaru closed his eyes. "I am ashamed of my bloodline. You've ruined my mother."
"My affairs have nothing to do with you or your mother," Inutaisho admonished, staring at his son. "I will not have you thinking that way"
"It has everything to do with my mother. If it didn't have anything to do with her, then you wouldn't have to resort to those ill bred humans." Sesshoumaru glared at his father. "What was she to you? Just another woman, I suppose. Marriage means nothing to you and neither does loyalty."
"You know I care for you, my son."
"But not my mother, I take it." Sesshoumaru turned away from his father. "If you do not stop this carelessness, I shall have to kill you." With that final sentence the young demon prince stalked off. Inutaisho watched him sadly. Why couldn't Sesshoumaru accept this?
"Sesshoumaru, you fool," He whispered, gazing at the retreating figure of his son. "Why can't you see the outcome of your hatred?"