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Quirks 3

The Karupin in Between

"Echizen-kun! Dinner's ready!"

Ryoma walked into the kitchen, yawning. He sat at the table wiping sleep from his eyes.

Momo set a plate of food in front of him.

"Hmm . . . again? This is the fifth time we've had hamburgers this week."

Momo put his hand on his hip. "If you want something else, then you make dinner!"

Ryoma just scowled and took a bite of the burger.

Momo joined him. "So, Echizen, did you take out the trash today like I asked you?"

Ryoma was half-way finished with his burger, not answering Momo.

Momo frowned. "Did you fold the clothes?"

Ryoma scooted his plate away with an unfinished hamburger. He didn't answer Momo again.

Momo stood up and set his plate in the sink. "Well can you at least do the dishes?"

He turned around to see Ryoma walking out of the kitchen, yawning.

Momo grit his teeth. "Echizen!"

Ryoma ignored him.


Momo ran his hand up Ryoma's chest as he continued to passionately kiss him.

Ryoma moaned in pleasure. "I'm ready."

Momo smiled in delight and sat up. He reached over to the nightstand and opened the top drawer where the lube was kept. When he turned back, twisting off the cap, his eyes widened in surprise.

Ryoma was asleep.

"Oi, Echizen!" Momo addressed, poking the smaller boy.

Ryoma mumbled something that sounded like, "Don't want to," then rolled over onto his side.

With a frustrated sigh, Momo put the lube back and laid on the bed. He felt something hop onto the bed also.

Momo turned to at least spoon with Ryoma, but then was met with a purring, hairy intrudence.

Karupin was comfortably snuggling up to Ryoma's sleeping form.

Momo grabbed the cat, which "Meowed", and set it gently on the floor.

Momo drifted off to sleep.

Later in the night, Momo felt a tickling feeling on his face. He brushed it off, but then it came back. Momo slowly opened his eyes and saw a purring, hairy intrudence.

The cat's tail was swaying in his face!

Momo once again grabbed the cat and set it on the floor as it "Meowed".

In the morning, Momo felt a satisfying lick upon his cheek. He smiled. "Echizen . . ."

Another lick. Momo put out his hand to pull Ryoma into a kiss, but was met with a purring, hairy intrudence.

His eyes snapped open to see Karupin fondly looking down on him. "Meow."

Appalled, Momo got out of the bed to take a shower before work.

He stepped into the bathroom, but heard a "Cruunnch."

Confused, Momo lifted his foot to see a crushed Ponta can on the floor. Momo bent down and threw it away in the bathroom trash.

In the shower, Momo was lathering his hair with the shampoo when he stepped forward to rinse it out of his hair. Cruunnch.

Momo looked down and saw another Ponta can crushed.

When he went back into the bedroom, he saw Ryoma was still soundly asleep. After Momo dressed, he felt a something pawing at his leg.

He looked down and saw Karupin staring up at him expectantly.

Momo pulled his leg away causing the cat to "Meow."

While gulping down a glass of orange juice, Momo warmed up a leftover hamburger. Momo turned around and jumped when he saw Karupin sitting atop the countertop, staring at him. "Meow."

Momo went over and grabbed the cat, setting it on the floor. "You don't go on there!" he scolded.

The cat just tilted its head up at him. "Meow."


"Are you free this Saturday? . . . Nope. Nothing . . . Uh, he won't mind . . ." Momo entered the apartment talking on his cell phone.

Momo laughed loudly from what the person on the other line had said.

Ryoma scowled then lazily opened his eyes. He was laying on the couch and looked over at Momo, yawning.

"Well see ya on Saturday, Tachibana's sister!" Momo laughed again as he hung up the phone.

Momo noticed Ryoma watching from lounging on the couch. Ryoma yawned again and let a Ponta can drop from his hand to roll along the floor. Momo looked on the floor and saw Ponta cans strewn out everywhere.

"Echizen!" Momo shouted.


"Can't you clean up after yourself?"

"Mada mada dane."

Momo just frowned and watched Ryoma walk into the kitchen, opening the refrigerator. He pulled out a new Ponta can. "How do you know you're free on Saturday?"

Momo raised an eyebrow at him. "Because I am."

"No, we have plans." Ryoma took a sip from the can.

"Since when?"

"Since now."

"I already told her I'd hang out. I can't cancel a date on a girl."

Ryoma glared at Momo. "But you hang out with her all the time."


"Well, you need to hang out with me."

"Since when do you want to hang out? You're always sleeping!"

"I'm not sleeping now."

"Because you're drinking your Ponta. By the way, can you please pick up your empty cans!"

Ryoma ignored this last comment and walked to the bedroom, Ponta still in hand.


In the middle of the night, Momo felt his stomach growling.

Ryoma was in a deep slumber.

Momo got out of the bed and went into the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator, and scanned its contents. Deciding, he pulled out a cold hamburger, and put it into the microwave.

When it was done heating up, he pulled it out and turned to go sit at the table.

"Why are you eating this late?"

Momo paused when he saw Ryoma standing there in his boxers with little Ponta cans on them. "Because I'm hungry."

"Well I'll give you something to eat, if you can handle it," Ryoma said provokingly.

Momo opened his mouth gaping, then quickly set his hamburger on the table, completely forgetting about it.

Momo approached Ryoma, and grabbed the elastic of his Ponta boxers, then pulled him into the room.

Karupin watched from atop the countertop as the bedroom door shut behind Momo and Ryoma.

Karupin's ears perked as he heard muffled sounds.



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