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Asuka Watched as the UN transport slowly descended onto the flight deck of the 'Over the Rainbow'. Misato was coming to introduce her with the third child. Though she was looking forward to meeting her old friends, she was even more anxious to bring down the third child. 'I'll show him what great really means.' She thought as she walked down towards the transport that had just landed. When she got down to the flight deck, she didn't even realize that she had stepped on Toji's hat.

"Why hello Misato." She said.

"Hi Asuka! Wow, you've grown!" Misato complimented.

"I just haven't grown, my figure has also filled out." She boasted. Asuka stood in her popular stance, absorbing the sun, standing there in all of her glory.

"Guys, this is Asuka Langely Sohryu, the second child." Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew over the flight deck. Her sundress flew up, giving everybody on the deck a good view of her panties. She could have taken her anger out on anybody, but Toji was right there so it was convenient.

"Ack! Pervert!" Asuka screamed as she slapped Toji. Toji quickly got up and started to yell at her.

"What the hell was that for!" he screamed.

"The viewing fee! Quite a bargain, isn't it?" she mocked. She was about to move on when Toji spoke up.

"Hmph! It's overpriced! Here's the change!" Toji laughed as he dropped his own pants, much to the displeasure of everybody. Another slap to the face finally put Toji in his place as he backed down. Asuka walked up to Misato once she was finished with him.

"So Misato, where's the all-mighty third child?" she asked. 'Lets see how great he really is.'

"Oh yeah, he's right over, wait, where is he?" she asked. When she turned around Shinji was no longer in sight. Suddenly a voice was heard from the transport.

"One second, I forgot my SDAT." Shinji said from the transport. Misato turned to look at Asuka but realized that the girl was staring wide-eyed at the transport. "Ok I'm." Shinji never finished his sentence. They two teens where now staring at each other, much to the confusion of Misato, Toji, and Kensuke. Various reasons were running through Misato's head. 'Oh does Shinji have a crush on Asuka? No, then why is Asuka staring at him? May be thinks he's a hunk? No what if…' Misato was going to go on but Shinji finally spoke up.

"Asuka?" Shinji said barely above a whisper. Asuka nodded still not being able to say anything. Suddenly, the two ran for each other and embraced themselves in a hug. The hug was not that of lovers, but more of long lost friends.

"My god Asuka! How long has it been?" Shinji asked as he pulled away looking at the girl in front of him. The three were now more confused than ever. The girl that had just slapped Toji for seeing her was now hugging Shinji. Asuka finally spoke.

"I don't know! Like six years! What are the odds! Are you the third child?" Asuka asked. Shinji nodded his head to confirm her question. "No way! That's awesome! And to think I was about to start degrading you." Asuka said. She then noted the boy's body. "Wow Shinji, you've grown a lot since you were eight." She laughed. Shinji was about to say something when a baffled Misato and Toji spoke in unison.

"You know her/ you know him?" they asked. Asuka and Shinji turned their attention to the other people.

"Oh sorry! Of course I know him! He lived with me in Germany for five years!" Asuka said. She started to chuckle. "Man, who would have thought we would meet again?"

"So you two already know each other?" they both nodded their heads. "Now why wasn't that on your files. Oh well, that saves me a lot of trouble of introductions!" she laughed. "Well know that we all know each other, lets go meet the captain." Toji and Kensuke were still staring in disbelief as the two teens started talking in German. 'Is Shinji actually talking to a girl?' they both thought.


"Admiral, requesting permission to ready umbilical cable for the Evangelion in case of an emergency." Misato saluted.

"Denied! We won't need that child's play thing!" the admiral barked. That got Asuka fuming pretty fast. Toji and Kensuke were watching Asuka, waiting for her to explode on the Admiral. They were shocked when Shinji put his hand on her shoulder and whispered something into her ear. She lost the look of anger only to be replaced by an ear-to-ear smile. Kensuke leaned over and whispered to Toji.

"Dude, Shinji just tamed the demoness." He said. They were so busy talking amongst themselves, they didn't even realize when another man came into the room. They looked up when they heard Asuka.

"Kaji!" She said dreamily. Misato looked over at the man. Her face contorted in anger when she saw him.

"Kaji! What the hell are you doing here!" she screamed in his face. Kaji put on his goofy smile and gave a little chuckle.

"Good to see you too Katsuragi. I'm on a business trip of sorts." He smiled. "Say, lets go get something to eat and we can talk some more." Kaji said.


Toji and Kensuke watched as Misato and Kaji stared at each other. Kaji kept the same goofy smile he had on the bridge, and Misato kept her face the same too: full of rage and hatred! The two boys kept looking back and forth between his friend and 'the bitch' talking excitedly in German, and the staring contest the two adults where having. Kaji finally broke the silence.

"So Misato, do you have anyone special in your life?" he asked.

"I don't think that's any of your business." She said, not even blinking. Kaji left out a small laugh and then looked at Shinji.

"So Shinji, you live with Katsuragi, right?" he asked the boy. Asuka and Shinji stopped talking and looked at Kaji.

"Uh, yes."

"Tell me, is she still, wild in bed?" he asked. Everyone was now backing off, looking at Misato with looks of disgust.

"WHAT!" Asuka shouted. She turned to look at Misato. "You've been doing things with MY Shinji?" Misato quickly raised her hands in defense.

"NO! WHAT DO YOU TAKE ME AS!" Misato yelled back. She turned her gaze towards Kaji. "DAMN YOU! YOU ALWAYS START TROUBLE YOU ASS HOLE!" Misato then started to cuss Kaji out. In all of the chaos of the moment, Shinji had taken Asuka's hand and led her out. The two walked to the deck elevator and made their way up. They finally made it to the flight deck and walked over to the rail.

"I still can't believe it Asuka." Shinji said while staring out into the ocean.

"Me either." Was all she said.

"I mean, you where taken out of my life in an instant, and know you're back in." Shinji smiled at her. Asuka looked over at him and returned the smile.


Shinji Ikari, eight years old, was waking up and headed downstairs. He saw Misses Langely sitting at the table.

"Mama, where's Asuka?" he asked. Over the years, he had finally adopted the term 'mama'. Misses Langely looked at Shinji.

"Asuka is still sleeping. Go wake her up please, I have to tell you two something. " she said. Shinji did as he as told and went to go wake her up. After they both got downstairs, the two sat down and waited for mama to begin.

"Shinji, Asuka, I have some bad news." She began. Asuka and Shinji both fidgeted in worry. "I'm afraid Shinji must go back to Japan and live with his uncle." She said. As expected, both children were shocked.

"What, no! They can't take away MY Shinji!" Asuka pleaded. Mama sighed and took a sip of her coffee.

"I'm sorry but I have no say so in the matter. Your things are already packed and you leave at six. Say goodbye to your friends.' She said. Asuka couldn't take it anymore and ran upstairs, tears streaming down her face. Shinji ran after her and found her in her room.

"Asuka, I'm going to miss you." Shinji cried as he walked up to his best friend. Asuka turned around and cried into Shinji's shoulder.

"It's just not fair Shinji, it's just not fair!" she cried.


Asuka put her arm around Shinji's shoulder and gave him a half hug. "Yeah but that won't happen again. They can't do it." She said. Suddenly an idea came into her head. "Hey Shinji?"


"Do you want to see my EVA?" she asked.

"Sure Asuka! I would love to!" he said. They walked over to the helicopter pad to see some guys sitting down and talking. After some convincing on Asuka's part, they managed to get a ride over to see her EVA. She lifted the tarp and look down at it.

"Come on Shinji! Lets go!" she yelled as she started to climb down the ladder. Soon, Shinji was standing in front of the giant red beast that Asuka was standing on.

"This is MY Evangelion Unit 02! It's the first production model! My EVA is the worlds first real Evangelion! It is going to be replacing the other Evangelions soon too!" she boasted, her eyes filled with stars. Shinji started to laugh at the way Asuka looked. "What's so funny?" she asked in a mock anger.

"They way you presented it, I would think you were trying to sell it to me." He laughed. Asuka was about to reply when a rumble was heard. "What was that!" Asuka and Shinji ran up to the deck to see a giant 'fish' jumping in and out of the water. Shinji gasped when he realized what it was.

"An angel!" he said. Asuka turned to look at him.

"You mean a real one! Here?" she suddenly sprouted an evil grin. "Come on Shinji! We have to go!" she said as she grabbed his arm and pulled him back towards the tarp. Shinji was staring at her curiously as she searched through a crate next to her EVA. He immediately knew what she was doing when she pulled out two plugsuits.

"Asuka! If you think I'm going to wear that, you are seriously wrong!" Shinji told her. Asuka put on an evil smile.

"Oh come on Shinji! I've only worn my spare, like, oh I don't know, three times!" she laughed. Shinji blushed bright red. "Oh come on Shinji! I'm not going to leave you behind. Just do this for me once." She said as she threw him her plugsuit.

"Fine, but if you were in my position, you would be make a huge deal." Shinji moaned. Asuka turned around and started to take off her dress when Shinji turned to start taking off his pants.

"You know Shinji," she started, "if this was with anybody else, I would make them go into a different room." She told him. "You're lucky I know you won't try anything perverted." She just finished putting on her suit and pressurized it. She turned to see Shinji who was ready to press the button. He turned to her and pressed the button.

"EEK!" he yelped as he pressurized it. Asuka was laughing like a maniac when he pressurized his suit.

"HA! Looks like you just haven't grown taller!" she laughed as he covered up his groin.

"Oh shut up! I would like to see you in my suit!" he snapped back. Asuka only chuckled a little more before climbing up to the neck of her EVA. Asuka opened a small door on the neck that revealed some buttons on it. She typed in a few commands, and the neck armor slid back, and the plug hissed out. By now, Shinji was right behind Asuka.

"Come on Shinji! Lets go!" Asuka said as she opened the hatch and hopped inside. 'Boy, she hasn't changed a bit.' He smiled inwardly. He smiled and climbed into the plug. He sat next to Asuka who was getting the setting right.

"I can see you still speak fluent German but Misato might want to talk to us so I switched the language to Japanese." Asuka told him. Right after she finished talking, she started the sequence. Soon enough, the image of the inside of the freighter came into view and they were ready to roll.

"Lets do this thing!" Asuka yelled as she willed on the controls for the EVA to stand. Its eyes were glowing blue as it tore through the tarp. Asuka removed the tarp from her EVA and could now see. She saw that a lot of the fleet had already been destroyed. She could hear screaming over the a comm. It was Misato and the captain arguing. She started to laugh.

"Boy Shinji, you were right! I would have to save his ass!" Asuka laughed. "Now to get over to the cable." She said. Shinji just had to ask the next question.

"How are you going to do that?"

"Easy! Remember that game I would always win, hopscotch" Shinji laughed and nodded his head.

"I always hated hopscotch. Luckily you're piloting." He joked. Asuka started to giggle and jumped to the first boat. After about twenty more boats, Asuka finally reached the cable. She attached herself to the power supply and the 12 seconds on her power clock soon turned into four eights. Now that one problem was solved, there was just one more left.

"So how do we beat this thing since we can not fight in the water?" Shinji asked. Asuka gained a cocky smile and looked at the angel that was swimming towards the 'Over the Rainbow'.

"Don't worry, I have a plan." Asuka said confidently. The angel was about five seconds away when Asuka got ready. It looked like she was going to be side jumping. The angel jumped up at the Red Evangelion, hoping to bring it down into the water. But Asuka was too fast for it. She quickly sidestepped and was now safely off to the angel's side. The angel landed belly first onto the flight deck, rendering it useless.

"Nice job Asuka." Shinji said as he looked down at the angel. She stretched and looked at him.

"What do you expect? Now we actually have a live angel!" Asuka said. Shinji and Asuka both felt their feet shake. They both looked down to see what they were standing on. They quickly moved to the side and watched as one of the deck elevators plunged into the sea below.

"Wow that was close!" Shinji said. He looked back over at the angel and saw a dreadful site. It was starting to emit sounds and started to squirm. 'Oh shit…' Shinji thought. It looked like the first angel he fought when it was about to blow up. "It's going self destruct!" Shinji yelled.

Asuka looked over at it and new Shinji wasn't lying. She saw the video of when Shinji defeated the angel. Asuka grabbed the control tower that housed Misato and the others. Once she had a firm grip of it, she jumped to another ship. The angel blew up, completely destroying the 'Over the Rainbow'.

"NO! MY SHIP!" The admiral cried. While the captain was mourning over his ship, Asuka and Shinji found the last remaining carrier and jumped onto it. They placed the tower down, allowing all those inside to leave. Asuka just noticed that they only had 22 seconds left. She laid the EVA down and ejected the plug. She was about to open the hatch when Shinji stopped her.

"Hold up. I just want Misato to bring me a change of clothes." He said. "I would never hear the end of it if Kensuke and Toji saw me in one of your suits." Shinji explained. She smiled and was about to send out a transmission when the plug opened. "Oh shit…"

"Asuka! Shinji! Are you alright!" Misato asked. Shinji got into the far back of the plug so Misato couldn't see him.

"Yes Misato! Could you get me a change of clothes?" he asked.

"Why Shinji? What's wrong with your clothes right now?" she asked. He was about to reply when Toji and Kensuke ran up behind Misato and ran into the plug.

"Hey what the hell! Get out of my plug!" Asuka screamed. The two boys ignored her and dragged Shinji out of the plug, expecting to give their friend a victory cheer. Instead, they all burst out laughing as Shinji tried to cover himself.

"HA! So that's why you wanted a change of clothes!" Misato rolled on the flight deck laughing. Toji and Kensuke soon joined in as well.

"Boy Shinji! You have an excellent figure!" Toji said. "I can't wait to show this to the school!" Kensuke laughed. Shinji was blushing deeply from embarrassment. He was trying to get back into the plug when Asuka jumped out and ran over to the stooges.


They were now in fetal positions on the ground, and it was NOT because they were laughing too hard.

"Don't you EVER tease MY Shinji EVER again! Next time, I'll castrate you and choke you with your own balls!" Asuka screamed at their bodies. Asuka looked over at a shocked Misato. "You only get off easy because you're my ranking officer." She gave her an evil glare.

"O-Okay." Misato managed to say. Asuka was giving her the, 'Say you're sorry or else' look. "I-I'm sorry Shinji." Asuka smiled at her with a look of satisfaction before leaning down and picking up the recorder Kensuke always carried. She threw it off the edge of the carrier into the ocean.

"Don't worry Shinji, you'll never have to deal with that again." Asuka said. He smiled at his friend and then climbed partially into the plug.

"Thanks Asuka. Could you get me a change of clothes? Mainly just some pants." He said. Asuka nodded her head and ran off. She came back several minutes later and threw Shinji a uniform. "Thanks a boatload Asuka! No pun intended." He said. He quickly changed out of her plugsuit and into the uniform. He jumped out and looked over at the two stooges. They were just starting to get up.

"Damn, that bitch is going to pay…" Toji mumbled to himself. Kensuke spoke up next. "Yeah, I-say, where's my camera?" he asked looking around.

"Check the bottom of the ocean." Asuka said. Shinji stood next to Asuka and started laughing at Kensuke who had tears running down his face.

"NO! I GOT THE WHOLE BATTLE ON TAPE!" Kensuke fell to his knees and started to sob. "I fucking hate you! How can you be friends with someone like that Shinji!" Shinji smiled and looked over at Asuka who was smiling like an innocent little schoolgirl.

"Many reasons." He said. He could never say Asuka was not his friend. They had been through so much together. He remembered when he first saw her.


Shinji Ikari stepped out of the taxi he was in and was escorted up to the door of the Langely residence by a man. He knocked at the door and they walked in.

"Mister Langely, the child has arrived." The man in black said. Mister and Misses Langely looked at the child with a warm smile.

"Hello Shinji," the woman started, "You'll be living with us for now on." She said. She walked over to Shinji and gave him a hug. The man in black left the house leaving Shinji with the two strangers.

"Asuka! Would you come down!" Mister Langely asked. A "Coming!" was heard from the top of the stairs. Shinji saw a girl his age with red hair come down the stairs. Asuka immediately noticed the stranger.

"Hi! I'm Asuka! Asuka Langely Sohryu! Who are you?" she asked. Shinji looked up at the girl.

"I'm Shinji Ikari." He said brokenly. His mother was teaching him German as well as Japanese growing up. She wanted her son to be smart.

"Ok Shinji! Let's be friends!" Asuka said. Shinji was not use to such openness.

"Okay Asuka." He said with a small smile. Asuka immediately took his hand and led him up stairs. Mister and Misses Langely watched as their 'daughter' befriended Shinji. He could never forget that day. Asuka acted as a friend, and he could never forget that.


Shinji looked back over at Misato.

"So Misato, how much longer do we have to stay on this ship?" he asked.

"Actually, we can leave after dinner. How about that?" she said. Asuka and Shinji smiled brightly.

"Good! I couldn't bare to be on this rust bucket a second longer!" Asuka sighed. Toji just HAD to butt in.

"I agree! If I would have to see that bitch for another day I would jump off the ship!" Toji mocked her.


Toji was holding the back of his head. The strange thing though is that Asuka was still in front of him.

"Don't call her that! She's really nice!" Shinji's voice came from behind.

"You betrayed us! How could you stick up for the demoness?" Toji asked his friend. Shinji just sighed and walked over to Asuka. He said something in German and they both walked off. Toji could only watch in disgust as his friend walked away.

"Man! How can he stand that bitch!" Toji asked. Kensuke nodded his head as if asking the same.

"Guys, you should really give Asuka a chance. It seems that her and Shinji are close childhood friends. I wouldn't want him to lose a friendship because a few of his friends don't get along. He's been through enough. He should be able to enjoy himself." Misato told them Toji still raised his head defiantly. Kensuke took his lead and did the same. Misato just sighed and walked off towards the mess hall. Meanwhile with my two favorite people…

"Say Shinji, where do you think I'm going to be living?" Asuka asked.

"Beats me. Wait, you haven't figured this out yet?" he asked. Asuka just shook her head. "Well if I'm a sign for things to come, you'll probably end up living with me and Misato. She likes to have me around and I get to live in a nice home." He told her.

"Really? That means it could be just like when we were kids!" Asuka giggled. Shinji laughed a bit before he made a turn to the mess hall. "So what do you want?"

"I don't know. I just want to eat so we can go home." He told her. They walked up to the counter and got some fried fish, rice, and bread. Not exactly a large variety but this wasn't a cruise ship. They started eating their meal when Misato came up.

"Hey guys! What's up?" She asked. Shinji saw this as a good time to bring up Asuka's living situation.

"Oh nothing much. I was just talking to Asuka about where she is going to live." Shinji said. Misato quickly perked up.

"Oh really? Where are you going to live Asuka?" she asked. Asuka just shrugged her shoulders and gave an "I don't know". "Really! Well guess what? My place has an extra bedroom! You can come live with me there!" Misato beamed. Shinji gave Asuka a, 'I told you so' look.

"Really? Sure why not! I would love to." She said.

"Great! You're going to love my apartment! We even have a penguin!" Misato said. Asuka started to laugh. "What you think I'm joking?" she asked in a mock anger voice.

"Oh come on Misato! You can't have a penguin!" she laughed.

"Actually Asuka," Shinji pulled out a picture of the bird and handed it to Asuka, "That's Pen-Pen. Misato actually taught him how to drink beer." Shinji laughed. Asuka was staring at the picture with a little while longer.

"Figures that's something Misato would do. Only SHE would be able to teach a bird to drink." She mocked her. Asuka handed the picture back to Shinji and finished her meal. Shinji did the same and looked up at Misato.

"Ok Misato, can we go now." Shinji asked. Misato nodded and they made their way to the helicopter on the flight deck. Toji and Kensuke were already waiting at the door.

"Ok guys lets go!" Misato said as she hopped in. Kensuke and Toji soon followed leaving Shinji and Asuka in the dust. When the two finally walked over to the chopper, they were in for quite a surprise.

"What the hell! There's only four seats!" Asuka yelled. And she was right. Toji and Kensuke sat next to each other while Misato took the closest seat. Shinji, being a gentleman, offered the seat to Asuka.

"It's ok Asuka. I'll sit on the floor. You can sit on the seat. I'll be fine." He offered. Asuka still didn't want to see her friend being uncomfortable so she came up with a solution.

"No, no Shinji! How about this, you take the seat, and I'll sit in your lap." Asuka suggested. Misato watched Shinji, expecting a blush that never came.

"If you insist Asuka." Was all he said. 'WOAH! He didn't even blush! He must be very comfortable around her.' Misato thought. He sat down and Asuka was about to sit in his lap when Toji sprang up.

"No, no! I insist! Take my seat! I'll sit in Misato's lap." He said dreamily. Kensuke then shot up.

"No! She's closer to my seat! I'll sit in Misato's lap." He started walking over.

"Oh shut up! Shinji and me are fine. Besides, you dumb dorks probably wouldn't be able to comprehend sitting in a female's lap." She said. Before they could reply, they crew of the carrier shut the choppers door and they were off. Kensuke and Toji unwillingly returned to their seats while watching Shinji and Asuka. Asuka was sitting on his one knee with her legs swung beneath his other. The ride was quiet for the most part. After about a half an hour, Asuka fell asleep in Shinji lap. He placed his arms around her waist to keep her from falling off. After about another half an hour, Shinji fell asleep. Toji and Kensuke saw a perfect opportunity.

"Kensuke, I have a perfect idea." Toji whispered. Misato was also sleeping so nobody could stop him.

"What's that?" he asked. He watched as he walked over to Shinji and picked up his limp arms. He carefully placed the one on Asuka's left breast, and the other on her groin. To bad for him, Asuka was awake when this happened. But Asuka didn't stop him. She had something better in mind. Once the stooge was done, he went back to his seat and admired his work. She listened as the sound of their breathing became more rhythmic until she knew they were asleep. Asuka carefully removed Shinji's hand and placed them down.

"Mess with me and Shinji huh?" She whispered evilly. She picked up the jocks hand and placed it into the pants of his fellow stooge. And if that wasn't enough, she did the same to Kensuke. She also placed their other free hand on the other's behind. She stood back and giggled. 'Yeah, don't mess with Asuka!' she thought. She then went back over to Shinji and sat back down, bridal style. She nudged her head into the crook of his neck and placed her arms around him in a soft hug.

"Good night, my Shinji." She whispered into his ear before falling back to sleep.


Toji started to stir when he heard laughing. He also felt a weird warm object against his hand. He slowly opened his eyes to see Misato, Asuka, and Shinji, smiling broadly at him.

"Um hello?" he said. Then he just realized something. 'Wait! Why didn't I wake up to see a red mark on Shinji's cheek! And what is rubbing up against my hand…' Toji looked down and his eyes widened.

"HOLY SHIT!" he yelled. Kensuke immediately woke up and felt the same thing Toji felt. 'What the…'

"AH SHIT!" he yelled. They quickly pulled out their hands from the other's pant.

"What the hell are you doing!" they both yelled. Asuka and Shinji started laughing so hard, Misato had to hold them up. Asuka managed to say a few words.

"Serves you right for trying to mess with Shinji and me!" she laughed.

"WHAT! You were awake! I thought you were sleeping!" Toji yelled.

"Nope! And besides, I know Shinji would never touch me there for any, well, pleasurable feelings." Asuka winked at Shinji. Shinji blushed a bit but it soon died down. "Now get out! We just landed." Asuka ordered.

"I'll get out but it's just because I can get away from you!" Toji shot back as he ran off, followed by his little buddy, Kensuke. Asuka was seriously pissed but she managed to get control of herself.

"I'll get them later. Until then, let's go home." Asuka said. They walked over to the parking garage and walked next to Misato's car. Shinji took Asuka's hand and took her over to the other side of the car so Misato couldn't hear.

"Asuka, Misato's driving is so crazy, if you have an health problems, tell her now." Asuka gulped and stepped into the car.


"We're here!" a happy Misato sang. Asuka was holding onto her seat for dear life. Her seatbelt was tightened to its fullest, and there were holes where her hands were.

"Misato! Are you crazy! You caused four accidents, and knocked over a street lamp!" Asuka yelled. Misato put on a sheepish smile and got out. Asuka got out and got adjusted to land.

"Lets go Asuka." Shinji said as he walked up next to her. Asuka soon followed right next to Shinji until they go to the apartment. They stepped inside and slipped off their shoes.

"Ok Asuka, Shinji will show you to your room." Misato said. Shinji nodded in agreement and started to walk towards the room.

"Here it is Asuka." Shinji said as he opened the door. Asuka looked around and quickly noticed something.

"But Shinji, this is your room." She pointed out. Shinji nodded and started to explain.

"Well yeah, but I'll take the guest room because it is smaller. I don't need a lot of space, and you should get the bigger room." He told her.

"Thank you Shinji, that was very thoughtful." Asuka said with a smile. She quickly noted the time and decided it would be best to get to bed. "Shinji, it's 11:00 o' clock. We have school tomorrow. Lets get to bed."

"Ok, good night Asuka, see you in the morning." He said in German. Asuka gave him a good night kiss on the cheek and went to bed. Shinji had missed those.


Shinji was getting ready for the first night there when Asuka came into his room.

"Hello Asuka, what are you doin here?" he asked.

"I'm here to say goodnight. So goodnight Shinji." She said as she leaned over towards him. He quickly backed away.

"What are you doin?" he asked her. Asuka gave him a confused look.

"I was going to give you a goodnight kiss. Don't you know what that is?" she asked him. He shook his head. "Gosh! You should get used to it Shinji. It's something families do! You're part of our family now." Asuka said as she leaned over to him and kissed him on the cheek. He blushed a little before saying goodnight. He fell asleep repeating those words in his mind. 'Your part of our family now'.


It reminded him that he was part of a family. It reminded him that he was loved.

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