Hauntings of the Crack Kind

by read-n-review !

summary and whatnot: Naruto and the gang are being haunted by troublesome ghosts! What are they gonna do? Who ARE they going to call? Well that's obvious! Hyuuga Neji! duh! pairings: Nar/Hin Ten/Lee Ino/Shika and Sak/ whoever the hellz I want!

disclamer and whatnot: I wish I owned Naruto. Yep that's about as good as it gets...

Chapter One: Having a Bad Day

It was a normal day in the village of Konohagakure, well normal for everyone else except for a group of four 17 year-old shinobi and their 30 year-old sensei sitting outside the restaurant known to all as the Ichiraku Ramen Bar. The group consisted of a blonde boy with a severely burned tongue hanging out of his mouth and several other burns covering his arms and upper torso seeing as how they burned through his black t-shirt, a pink haired girl with hair that was so frizzy she looked like a chia pet hooker because her clothing consisted of a red lace bra and a very revealing black skirt that came to her upper-mid thigh and was torn revealing more than she would have liked, two black-haired boys, one whose normally too short shirt was missing entirely and was covering his decency with a newspaper sending mothers and their children running, and one who looked so on edge his eyes were blood shot and his normally chicken-hair styling now looked like a fro from some type of electro treatment, his pants were on backwards, and his shirt was inside out. Of course their sensei was perfectly fine and eying each of his students up and down to get the just of the situation... well ok... he eyed Sakura up and down and skipped Sai completely, but hey who can blame him? He was as bad as the Ero-senin!

"Ok... do I want to know what happened today?" he questioned his students with eyes still focussed on Sakura. This was easily noticed by her, leading her to steal Sai's newspaper, leading to a blind sensei, and a nice view of a few somethings that left Sakura blushing for days. None of this was noticed by Naruto and he suddenly got on his feet to explain to his sensei what had happened to him and caused a very tweaked Sasuke to take out shurikens and throw them in random directions. He hit people.Lots of people.Their screams were not pleasant... alerting the un-alerted people of Konoha and soon leading to the arrest of all 5 shinobi.

Tsunade P.O.V.

'Later in the Hokage's office...' rang the annoying voice in my head

"Now.."'I slowly began for I felt slightly hung over. I still don't know how it happened. I had only managed to drink 4 bottles of sake before Shizune stopped me.. feh! Concern for my well-being my ass! Whatever..'"we need to know exactly what happened so we can make sure none of you are taken to jail, one for attempted murder, one for causing the suspect to attempt murder, one for streaking publicly, and one for underage prostitution. So-"

"Why am I here then?" the annoyingly annoying Hatake asked.. 'I'll kill the bastard' she thought smugly.

"Why, dear Kakashi,"I said almost too sweetly, smirking slightly "you're here because you are an eye-witness to such events! They do need someone to back them up, we may have no evidence at all that they're all telling the truth. So-"

"But what if I don't want to-"

"And if you keep interrupting YOU are going to receive THEIR punishment, understand?" I decided to throw in a menacing glare for good measure. 'That sure got his attention.. hehehe bastard..' I thought smugly 'Ahh, it's good to be Hokage!' I gazed around the room and back to the people in front of me 'maaaaaaaybe not..'

'Tsunade let out a sigh' rang her inner voice AGAIN


Normal P.O.V.

"You, Blondie! Go first. Explain how you ended up like this." Tsunade said as if she was having an inner conflict.

"I'll tell ya Baa-chan and boy will you be surprised! First ya probably won't believe me! Then when I go into detail you'll be all 'WOW Naruto-sama! I can't believe it! You should be next Hokage and I'll treat you to all the ramen you can ever eat!' and then I'd be all 'Thanks Tsunade-baa-chan! Of course I'll except your offer! And you'll be my personal assistant and assist me and stuff!' and you'll be all-"

"GET ON WITH IT NARUTO!" shouted an irritated looking Sakura. He could only grin sheepishly.

"Ehehehe right.."

A/N: Well... did it suck? AM I A FAILURE AS AN AUTHOR? WHY GOD WHY? Well... I'm thinking that maybe... just maybe... you people should READ it get this, k, ready? Are you seriously ready? ok... READ it AND REVIEW it! OMG thas lyke teh c00lst thang lyke eva! Lyke HOMG! k... um... I think it's time I hit the 'ol dusty trail... this is my first fic... so you don't have to be nice... you'll just make me go into my little corner and never come out again.. that's all... -sobs- YOU GUYS JUST WANT TO MAKE ME FAT DON'T YOU? WHY? WHY? yea I know I can come on a little strong. hehe ;) Don't forget to tell me if I have any spelling errors! I'm currently using spellcheck ... but I'm still not completely sure of myself! Tell me if I should continue or not too because I'm a coward when it comes to writing fics.. and this was will basically get more and more ...odd.. as it goes along. Serious moments here and complete BS over there! So if you wish to continue please click the purple button or try again later. Thank you.

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