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Evelyn never thought the day would come that she would be sitting in a chapel watching her best friend get married. It was a wonderful thing to experience, knowing her friend was marrying someone she loved. But still she felt sort of bad because she thought she'd never get to experience that same type of joy, for the only man she thought she could ever love was Rick O'Connell and they hadn't even seen each other in over 2 months.

Looking up, she watched her two best friends Chris and Stephanie go over their vows that would soon join them as husband and wife for an eternity. Ever since Steph and Chris were kids they'd always liked each other, and now they were doing something about it.

Evy looked over to her other best friend Saron, who sat there happy that one of them, out of there group of friends, had found love. Out of their little foursome, Stephanie, Ashley, Saron and Evy, Saron was the strongest and the most supportive, but if you got her mad she'd be the one to get revenge, Stephanie was more of the out going and fun type, where as Ashley was the youngest of them all, she was more of a little sister to them, always getting into some sort of trouble, but having fun in the process. Evy, she was another story, a librarian the quiet and shy type, more of a lonely person and if it weren't for her friends all she'd have was her brother, Jonathan.

Evy lowered her head and began to think why Rick and her weren't still together. It wasn't too long after they arrived from Hamunaptra that she realized the certain feelings she had for him, feelings that scared her terribly, a feeling as if she loved him and other than her friends and family she'd never really loved anyone before.

At the time Rick and her had been sort of courting, but neither knew what to make of it they were different and nothing seemed to say 'this is the one' to the other, of so they both thought. Two weeks after arriving in Cairo, Evy got a letter from her friend about a wedding that was to take place and she was overjoyed.

She had wanted to attend the wedding, but couldn't because she was in Egypt and her friends were in England and the only way to be there was to leave and when she asked Rick to come along, he agreed, but as the day grew close he soon backed out. Within a matter of days, Evy and Jonathan left Egypt and Rick behind. They had even had an argument over it, her said he needed to stay and she said she needed to go. That resulted in the two on two different continents.

Evy picked up her head and looked over to Saron, who knew everything. Saron smiled and gave Evy a hug, a sign that her shoulder was always there to cry on. Evy then looked to her other side and made eye contact with Ashley, who sat there happily watching the ceremony take place.

Ashley looked to Evy and gave her a pat on the shoulder that spoke 'it's ok, it'll be alright.' She nodded and went back to enjoying the event in front of her. Trying hard not to let the memory of the man that saved her life enter her head again.

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