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After Evy got out of the hospital her and Rick spent more time together and soon became engaged, with the help of Saron pushing Rick to finally ask. A month after they became engaged they were married.

"I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride." The priest spoke as Rick and Evy embraced each other and kissed for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. O'Connell.

"I'm so glad she's finally happy." Ashley said smiling and clapping as the whole room sounded in applause.

"I'm just happy she has someone other than us to love and protect her." Steph said sitting next to her husband. She had returned a week before the wedding and had been informed on the whole ordeal upon her arrival.

"I don't think we give her enough credit, I mean it was only a matter of time before she married." Saron said smiling.

The three walked out of the church behind Rick and Evy, all of them trying not to ruin their bridesmaid dresses.

"Oh, that I know, but look who she married; to tell you the truth I never saw that one coming." Steph said as Chris came up to her side and took her arm.

"I admit it; Rick wasn't the guy I pictured her with. I always thought she'd be with a guy like Zackary Fisher." Saron mumbled remembering an old friend from the past that had once courted their dear friend.

"Zack? You thought she'd end up with Zack?" Ashley asked shocked as they all descended the stairs.

"No, I never said that, I said someone like Zack." Saron defended herself.

"Wasn't it Evy who, not but twelve years ago said she never wanted to marry?" Steph questioned out of nowhere.

"Yes, she also said she wanted us to kill her if she ever did." Chris said chuckling.

The four stood on the steps of the church posing as photographers took pictures of them and the bride and groom. As they stood there Saron began to remember the exact conversation that had taken place.

"I think marriage is stupid." An eleven year old Evelyn said holding up a book and started going through the pages.

"I think you'll be the first to get married." Ashley said looking at another book in a far corner of the book shelf.

"I think Steph will be the first." Saron mumbled.

"Why me?" Steph asked starring at Chris as he talked to his friends.

"Because you're the first one with a boyfriend." Saron explained trying to gain her attention back to the conversation.

"All I'm saying is if I ever get married kill me. I would hate to deal with that, who needs a man to rule your life? I for one think a woman can be independent." Evy said grabbing her book and walking over to the librarian.

"Murder is a bit drastic for marriage isn't it?" Chris asked walking up behind her.

"No, I think getting married is stupid and that's final." She said as they walked out of the library and to Ashley's house.

"So when you get married, we'll kill you. What will we tell your husband?" Ashley asked.

"Tell him I wasn't happy."

Saron was pulled back into reality by Ashley calling her name. She woke up from her half dream state and realized they were in Evy's house waiting for her and Rick to arrive.

"Do you guys think she's happy? Or should we do her a favor?" Steph joked laughing. And at that moment the bride and groom walked in smiling.

"I think we should let her be, she seems more than happy." Ashley said smiling as the two shared a kiss.


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