Chapter 21

Harry was in a field surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers.

It was very sunny and peaceful.

There were pretty butterflies floating around.

But then just as soon as it was light it got extremely dark.

The beautiful trees and flowers withered to nothing.

The peaceful sun turned to a gloomy moon.

Then the pretty butterflies turned to ugly disgusting flies.

Then the flies started to swarm around Harry and envelope him.

When the flies backed away from Harry, Harry looked as though he was a rotting corpse.

Harry woke up from the horrible dream. He felt his forehead and found it to be sweaty. He looked to his left at the clock on the wall and saw that the time was 6:00 AM. Harry got out of bed, took a shower and got dressed. Harry walked quietly downstairs and out the back door. He sat down in a chair on the porch and looked out at the rising sun. He thought about what his dream could mean.

What could it mean? This could mean if, we don't work hard enough and prepare enough for this war, that the dark side will win and envelope the world in darkness. I don't want that to happen; I won't let that happen, I can't. No matter what it takes, even if…, even if I die at the end, we will win.

After Harry's moment of silence, he went back inside.

He went up to check on the Marauders' Map and the war information.

He was about to open the door when he felt a searing pain coming from his scar, that he hadn't felt in a long time.

He dropped to his knees in pain.

Harry put his hands up to his forehead and felt warm liquid touch his fingers.

He looked at his hands and saw blood on them.

His scar was bleeding.

That never happened before.

It could only mean one thing: Voldemort was coming and very soon at that.

Ginny walked out of her room and heard noise on the floor above her, near the war room. (a.k.a. the room where the enlarged Marauders' Map and the war information parchment are)

Ginny walked up the stairs and the closer she got to the war room, the louder the noise became.

When she was almost to the war room, the noise turned to Harry screaming.

She could see him kneeling on the floor screaming in pain.

She ran to him.

"Harry!" Ginny screamed, seeing blood on his hands and his scar.

Ginny took out her wand and conjured a towel to stop the bleeding.

Ginny would have used magic to stop the bleeding but, when it comes to Harry's scar, no magic will work.

"Harry, are you alright?" Ginny was very concerned.

"Quite frankly no I'm not. But at least it stopped bleeding. We all have to train right away because Voldemort is coming soon and we have to be ready. Thank you Ginny. I'm going to the training room, care to join me?" Ginny successfully stopped the bleeding from Harry's scar.

"Sure" Ginny answered, helping Harry off the floor.

Though Harry seemed fine, like nothing happened, Ginny felt like there was something Harry wasn't telling her. But Ginny brushed it off for a while and followed Harry.

Harry and Ginny walked to the training room and started fencing and sparring.

Fencing and sparring helps with agility, balance, and a way to hurt someone with out using swords.

They already knew all the spells to use in the final battle. They just needed to train more physically.

For an hour, Ginny and Harry continued sparring and fencing. But then the alarm sounded in the war room. There was an alarm on the Marauders' Map and the parchment, which sounded whenever something big, happened.

Harry immediately stopped what he was doing and so did Ginny.

They took of the gear they were wearing and ran up to the war room to find out what was happening.

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