Hello all!

First off, just let me say a giant THANK YOU to everyone who has read, and still reads this story! I love getting new reviews and adds on this story! It all really means a lot to me guys and I say thank you! (that may sound silly, it is fanfic after all, but seriously, as a writer it is really appreciated to know that what I have written is appreciated and liked.)

Also, I just wanted to let everyone know that I have been slowly editing and revising all the chapters. I started this story nearly 6 years ago, when my writing really was not the strongest. I feel it is only right to go back and fix things because this story deserves it!

Now I'm not saying you have to, but if you so desire, keep an eye out and go back and enjoy the newly fixed chapters. I didn't change the story line, I just fixed up the flow, the disgusting obsession I had with the word lightly (please someone go back in time and slap teenager me) and added a few details here and there.

So there ya go! Edited and revised chapters! They're not all finished yet, as I do have other stories and life is keeping me busy, but as I get the chance I do fix a few chapters at a time.

Have a swell holiday season all and a Happy New Year! :)