Suikoden V

-You Complete Me-

by Seraphic Desire

Chapter I

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The room was awfully dark; a half-opened curtain was all that could provide her the sufficient light she needed. Turning on the lights of the room would be too much for her eyes to bear. It wasn't because she just woke up from quite a long rest but it was the pain of loss that brought her to sickness. She felt alone each and every day that passed. The death of her first son was something she couldn't abide but someone gave her a shed of hope to stand the enduring pain. Her daughter was whom she needed but she left. She would have been able to get over it but the frivolous plans of her husband made her lovely daughter leave.

She understood the reason why Luserina left but her husband did something outrageously wrong. She would have done something to help stop this nonsense but it was too late. The man he once loved was killed by the bearer of the Twilight Rune, Lady Sialeeds. It could have been worse but still a tinge of ache dashed to her heart. Everything was falling apart and she doesn't know whether she could actually make it. "It's….time…"

"Lady Luserina, a messenger just arrived from Rainwall.He wishes to speak with you. I think it's something important." Chuck informed outside the lady's room.

The door opened revealing a long-haired blonde girl with a ribbon tied on it. She was always told to be lovely and it is true. She looks beautiful and wore a lovely light-pink dress which is suitable for the title but this time the smile that's usually seen in her face faded away. She knew what it was all about. It had something to do with her mother. Her heart felt like melting. She stared sadly at the tall looking man in front of her.

"Is there something wrong milady?"

"It's mother…" she walked passed the hall into the door. There a terrible news was waiting for her and she hesitated to come nearer but she had to.

She breathed deeply before she could ask, "What is it?"

The door opened before her and attendants were standing in line as she walked past them. They were all wearing poignant faces and this made it more heartbreaking for her. Each attendant she passed gave her a slight bow. She stopped before she could even walk up the stairway. Then without a minute to spare, she went up with her head down and as her heart pounded. When she looked up, there she was standing in front of her room. Her hand reached in and she herself followed. A body was laying stagnant on the bed and breathing hard, it was her mother…dying.

"Mother!" She ran to her mother's side and looked upon her face, their eyes staring at each other. "Luserina…" her mother murmured with effort. Speaking was something she could hardly do since yesterday.

She looked up to the man standing beside them and tears started flowing down her eyes, "Isn't there anything…?" before she could even finish the doctor shook his head. "I'm afraid we can't do anything else to save her. She's too fragile to be even moved to the nearest clinic and we can't tell what caused her sickness. It's too risky to treat her with anything inappropriate. Now, I think I should leave both of you alone…" Murad left carrying his medical supplies and was distressed of the love given by the mother and daughter through their eyes.

Luserina cried in front of her.

Tears of her daughter that fell on her sheets was something she didn't want to even see but she knew it also hurts for a child to see her mother dying. She wanted to hug her but her skinny body was too heavy for her to move. She attempted to move her hand to her duaghter's head but she couldn't; it just moved slightly.

Luserina looked again at her mother and wiped her tears as she thought she saw her mom's hand move. She understood her.

She stood up from kneeling too long and took the covers up and lay down beside her. She hugged her and didn't let go off her. She wanted to make this moment with her. She felt her mother's undernourished body breathe large amounts of air and it felt dreadful to feel her mother's last breaths. Then she suddenly felt her heart pound…then again….and again….

A rough but silently words came out from her mother's mouth.

"Be….strong…my child……"

Then her heart pounded again.

It was done.

She closed her eyes and slept her heart from tears.

-Sun Palace-

Starry nights were like dreams to the girl gazing up in the skies above outside the porch. It seemed like it was just yesterday when they came out victorious from the battles they have encountered to save the Sun Rune and the Princess. It was also just like yesterday when the Prince held her hand when the final battle was done. She felt grateful when she was appointed as one of the Queen's Knights. Being with Miakis and Kyle was wonderful especially with the Prince as their Commander.

The Princess was going to have the Coronation Ceremony again and this time was to celebrate it, not grieve at it like in a funeral. Then her mind wandered again to him, the Prince.

"What am I thinking? He's the Prince and he's very important to me…to us! But…"

Then suddenly a knock went to her door and came in an attendant. "Excuse me Lady Lyon but the Prince asked for you in the Guard Room."

"Uhmm…Oh…thank you." She bowed and this surprised the attendant and bowed too and left.

She still wasn't used with the bowing though. "Prince!"

She ran fasttowards the Guard Room and as she opened the room, she came in struggling for air. "Is there something wrong?"

She felt someone pat her back and looked up seeing the Prince. "No, we were just having a meeting."

She noticed Miakis and Kyle were also looking at her. This was embarrassing.

"You're overreacting Lyon! Still not used being without the Prince?" Miakis teased her.

"I didn't know there was going to be a meeting!"

"How about babysitting him again?"

"Okay..okay stop it with the teasing Miakis! She's just not used to it yet!" Kyle interrupted.

"Beside we should be grateful to have her with us." Seraphim added.

Lyon looked at him and felt the sincerity in his eyes. She blushed as he in turn looked at her too.

"This is the Queen's Knight meeting, isn't it?" Kyle asked as he saw the "staring" situation.

"Yeah. Why did you ask?" Prince Seraphim turned at him and asked this time.

"Coz it doesn't seem like it."


"So about the Coronation Ceremony…." Miakis intervened.

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