Suikoden V

-You Complete Me-

By Seraphic Desire

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Note (Reminder): Faroush or Prince of Falena is named Seraphim in this fanfic.

Chapter V

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(The other day…)

"Luserina!" Euram kept on following her as they entered her room. "I'm sorry. I was completely busy with work in the palace. I lost track of time."

"Time?" the girl asked in dismay.

Euram stood straight and tried to explain clearer this time.

"You were out for days without even visiting mother! I bet you didn't even care when you knew she…" Luserina choked. She couldn't say it. Hearing that word would just probably get her to tears again. Luserina turned back and sat at the foot of her bed.

"I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry," he apologized once again. "I promised myself to serve Falena and the Prince because of what I've done but I-I.."

"No, it's okay. What's done is done," Luserina gave in. "We'll have to start the burial ceremony now since we can't afford to mix schedules with tomorrow's coronation."

Euram went closer to her. "Don't you want to invite friends for the burial?"

"No, it'll be fine. All mother needs is the two of us," she said and stood up. As she was about to leave the room, Euram took hold of her hand. And before she attempted to move on, he whispered right onto her ear, "I'm going to take us back for you and for the family. All I need is your help."

'Take us back?' she thought as her eyes widened.

Luserina turned to her brother. Without even a split of a second, she slapped him in the face and took rid of his hand. "You promised! You said you're going to serve Falena! You said it to the Prince himself!"

"I suppose I did," he grinned even though the slap really caused his cheek to redden. "But I changed. People change. Not completely though. Still, I'm not aiming for the throne dear sister. I'm simply planning for us to rise from this pathetic state. Don't you agree?"

Luserina didn't answer. She thought of it and hearing it from his brother was agreeable. Although, he might have been considered a foe back then, she thought it was because of her father's influence and now that her father's gone, Euram has shown his true self from the barriers of greed and intolerance. His thin form was now transformed to a better physical type since he had his sword practices during the middle of the night after a hard day's work in restoration management. His voice was even deeper; must be puberty. To think he was also stupid wasn't a fact anymore but an opinion due to restudying.

Yes, Euram changed but will that change stay forever or is this another plot like her father did? It was nonetheless, frightening but she might also be wrong. What was wrong in taking back the family? Is it because of the title the Barows' family lost or because of their father, Salum Barrows, who kept on doing foolishness for the faction? It is confusing but as she thought of it, she doubted if Euram was wrong.

She still didn't answer.

"Aren't you in love with the Prince?" A question hit her strongly as his brother stared at her.

How did he know? Maybe it was an obvious attraction. She always did care for the Prince from the very beginning until today.

"Sister, this is all for you. Don't you see it? To be with the one you love," Euram said, convincingly.

This time Luserina faced him, "Even if I marry him, there will be no throne waiting. Your plan is foolishness, Euram! Don't try walking the same path as father's!"

"I'm not!" Euram yelled, "Don't you compare me with father! I'm not him! And didn't I tell you I wasn't aiming for the throne?"

Again, Luserina looked blank.

"Don't you still get it? I'm doing this for the family! Do you want us to be put to shame every time we introduce ourselves as a member of the Barrows family? Can't you see where I'm going at?"

There was complete silence as Euram waited for her sister's response. He looked at her with a hopeful wish that she would concur. Yet, there was nothing.

Luserina's mind was still battling with thoughts of whether she should or she wasn't supposed to. It was difficult having these kinds of problems especially when her mother just died.

Soon, he gave up. He regained his posture and went past the opened door when suddenly the girl leaning against the wall, whispered something.

"B-but what if he doesn't love me?"

With those words, Euram stopped and replied back.

"Just think about it…," he said as he continued to walk away.

Luserina's mind drifted of what happened the other day before her mother's burial and upon seeing the Prince in a distance, she couldn't help herself to feel happy for him or simply take self-pity of what she's going through.

More people danced and quite a few ate at their tables but the Prince was having a conversation with Shula Valya, Sharmista and their companions. There were also Boz Wilde from Estrise, Vice-Captain Bernadette of the Island Nations, Dinn with his wife Salisha, and Commander Craig of the Dragon Cavalry.

"I hear that you're going to reside in Sol-Falena, Shula," Bernadette asked.

"Yes, I will since the pact between Armes and Falena has been made. I don't think there would be any more problems," a beautiful man in his twenties replied. "Perhaps running as an ambassador would be my next step."

"That's wonderful. Such high standards shouldn't go to waste!" Craig praised.

"I agree as well," Seraphim nodded, "Best wishes also for you and Sharmista."

Sharmista smiled, "Thank you and to you too, perhaps?"

Seraphim gave a bit of a laugh, "Well…"

"You should find yourself a fine lady, Commander!" Boz laughed aloud as he teased Seraphim.

As he was about to say something else, a lovely girl, the same girl who was looking in a distance appeared before them. She came in wearing a smile and greeted them.

"Oh, Lady Luserina. We offer our deepest sympathies of your mother's death," Dinn empathized.

The word death tingled through her spine as the fresh evening air made its way through her back. "Thank you. I and my brother had the burial ceremony yesterday though. But, I came here to lighten things up a bit."

"It's nice to have you here with us," Seraphim said with a smile.

"See you later!" Lyon waved at Miakis as they entered their own chambers.

When she got inside, she gasped seeing her gown laid on bed. It was, for her, an unexpected beautifully designed gown made by Josephine. Its color of black accented with the color of the twilight rune which is red orange made it as striking as possible. She squealed in excitement as she grabbed it and tried to see if it looked good on her. Then, she was left speechless.

A knock went to the door and came in was Linnet. She smiled as she saw Lyon in front of the mirror holding the gown.

"Shall we start doing your hair, Lady Lyon?"

Lyon just nodded and again laid the gown on the bed. As she walked towards the chair in front of her, she slowly took off her clothes. Linnet grabbed the bathrobe and had it on her shoulders as it wrapped Lyon's half-naked body. The intense feeling of seeing herself differently, coiled up Lyon's stomach. This was, again, another obstacle in her life she had to go on to.

To ease up things a little bit, she did what she had never done before in front of somebody. It was one of the things she did alone. Thinking that she wouldn't sound good to anyone, she never sung out of her room. But now, she needed to relax more than get anxious all through the night.

"If I could be an angel,

I'll hold you close never letting you go

I'll take your sorrow

Free you from the endless road

To make you smile

To make you laugh

A love that finds paradise

Fate intertwined…"

Linnet gasped as she heard her sing. She felt as if the song came with the gush of the wind and flowing like the graceful waters of a stream. Before she could even praise Lyon of her founded talent, someone came in through the door.

"You never told me, you could sing!" Miakis rushed in.

"Everyone sings. There's no big deal about it," Lyon replied.

"Yes there is. Am I right Linnet?" Miakis asked not taking her eyes on Lyon.

"Umm…Yes," Linnet agreed.

Lyon didn't comment anything else so Miakis went closer to both girls.

"I came by to spend a bit of time here before getting myself prepared for tonight," she said.

"A bit nervous of seeing Commander Roog of the Dragon Brigade?" Lyon laughed.

It wasn't all teasing. A part of it was true. She was nervous to see Roog. It was because she was going to dance with him, formally. And dancing with gowns wasn't really her thing. Maybe she was too used in wearing her Queen's Knight attire. But remembering the times that Roog complimented her, seem to help and I guess it's time to get to it.

"Ugh," was all Miakis could say.

"I think you better hurry up. You don't want your date apprehensively waiting, right?" this time Lyon was teasing.

Miakis turned around, seeing as Lyon's question was true. "Was that payback for what I did to you in the Guard Room?" Miakis chuckled. She wasn't waiting for an answer so she went for the door.

"I'll see you downstairs then!" Miakis closed the door behind her as she smiled, a smile with a hidden agenda.

"It's official! He is really stupid!" Faylen walked out leaving Gavaya completely dumbfounded thinking that he was the one being called stupid and having no idea of getting the girl offended.

Faylen felt as though she was invisible to Roy. Of all the times they spent together, she thought Roy knew her better than anyone else but because of their current situation, she couldn't stop to think if he really did. Her heart ached of the thought that Roy could leave her in an instant knowing that he admires someone else. However, she didn't give up on him. But will she give up now?

She stopped and found herself leaning on the windowsill trying to erase everything about what happened. She was in front of him! How could he not notice? Maybe because she didn't look like she usually does. Unfortunately, she hadn't thought of it that way.

'No. I'm the one, who's stupid,' she thought as she covered her face while crying, 'I should have thought this would happen. I guess I wasn't just good enough for him.'

"You know, it's not good for a lady to cry on a party," someone uttered beside her.

She immediately wiped the tears out of her eyes and looked at the young man beside her. He was there leaning on the wall. He wasn't looking at her but he was there, talking to her.

"I know it's none of my business, why are you crying anyway?" Roy asked.

'Doesn't he notice?' she thought instead of answering him. Realizing of her mistake, she quietly laughed.

"So now you're laughing," he said, a bit confused.

"I was waiting for someone but he didn't even notice," she replied. "How come you're standing here anyway?"

"I was looking for someone, couldn't find her though."

Faylen looked down, sad of what she heard. Memories flashed through her mind again when both of them were on the northern continent; Roy was practicing and she was always there caring for him when he grew tired from theatre play. These memories, she always thought there was a sparkle in it.

"So you're really looking for Lyon, huh…" she said in a monotone voice.

A breeze went in from the opened window as silence flooded between them. That wasn't a question yet it did seem like it. For her, it was a realization.

"No…," Roy said still not looking at the girl beside him, "I was looking for you."

'Me?' reality hit her head as that statement caught her breath. Faylen turned to look at him, "B-but I thought…"

"I was always looking for you," this time he looked at her.

'Always…' This was the first time Roy ever looked at her like that. His eyes were soft, not like the usual. He always looked at her sturdily. But now, it was different. Was this the one she was waiting for the whole time?

As time passed, the Prince who was always asked to dance never asked anyone.

Women were always catching a glimpse of him in his Commander of the Queen's Knights attire. It wasn't everyday, anyway, that he strolls in town with it. He does look mature now than the previous days they caught sight of him. So they were taking advantage of this event to get a dance or, if lucky enough, talk to him.

"You should ask someone for a dance, Prince. You never know, maybe one of those ladies will become your bride one day," Boz Wilde said.

Seraphim just smiled.

"Or perhaps you're waiting for someone?" Dinn asked.

Boz laughed, "She must be lucky."

"Yes, to have a man who's a Prince and a Commander of the Queen's Knights. She must be amazingly of high standards as well," Craig agreed.

"I bet she's protective enough to keep the Prince from getting hurt," a chocolate-haired girl appeared and left instantly waving her hands to a man, Roog, in a distance.

"Is she?" Bernadette asked. "Well I see Miakis knows this girl of which we speak."

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