Avatar High School

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A/N Aang in this story is fourteen so he can be in high school. Toph is also fourteen.

Chapter One

Aang was looking out the car window, the buildings and foliage flew by as his uncle drove.

"Uncle Gyatso, why did we have to move here?" he said in a saddened voice.

"Now, now Aang you know that your parents left us property up here and we always said if we ever got a chance to move we would. Besides don't you want live in a city?"

Aang sighed and leaned against the window, he missed Appa his pet buffalo, his cat Momo, he was going to miss the farm.

"Oh come on Aang everyone knows city girls are cute," Gyatso said teasingly.

Aang smiled and thought to himself, Well maybe I will meet someone up here.



Katara jumped up in her bed clutching her penguin plushy, "Huh?" she asked. Looking at her alarm clock, it said 6:30. She never got up this early.

"FOR GOODNESS SAKE KATARA WAKE UP!" screamed someone from outside.

She walked groggily to the window and saw her two best friends Toph and Miya (Ming Ue :) ) standing there looking very impatient.

"What the Hell took you so long!" Toph bellowed.

"We have to be at school in a half hour and it's a twenty minute walk from here!" Miya yelled, "Hurry up and put some clothes on."

"What are you to talking about? It's six o' clock."

"Hello, daylight savings time was yesterday," Miya responded.

Katara closed the window and went outside into the living room and looked at the cable box and in green were the numbers 7:30.

"CRAP! I FORGOT TO SET MY ALARM (don't you hate when that happens)!" Katara said racing back to her room and almost tripping on a mat, she opened back the window, "I'LL BE THERE IN TEN MINTUES!" she yelled closing it back. But she still heard Toph say "Make it five."

She brushed her teeth, quickly and ran out. She pulled on a pair of overalls and a light blue shirt and blue Jordans. She grabbed her book bag and ran out the door to meet, Toph and Miya. With her hands on her knees and tried to catch her breath.

"Sorry...made...wait," she cought her breath a stood up straight, "alright let's go."

Toph grabbed her by the collar, "Hold on sugar queen, the bus is coming."

Katara looked at the bus with with wide eyes and dramatically pretended to faint right onto Miya, "Oh for goodness sake control yourself, Jinx." she said calling her by her code name.

"Please Hex, you have no right to say anything Miss Drama Queen."

Toph just rolled her eyes and took out her metro card as bus came to their stop. As they all got on they did a quick survey of the bus as they headed to the back.

"At least none of the Pariguallos are here," Katara said.

"Well that's because they went to school early today," Miya said with a sigh.

"And how do you know that?" Toph asked her with a smirk.

A small blush appeared on her cheek, "Zuko told me when I called him."

The other two girls shared a laugh at their friends embarrassment. Now to explain, in Roku High School there were any clicks, but the most evil of the female clicks were the Popularsor as Katara had called them the Pariguallos. They were a group of snobby, rude, twisted girls who had the teachers in the palm of their hands. The group consisted of Azula Sun, Mai Tang and Ty Lee Deng.

The rival on long time enemy of the Populars where called my most the Skirtless, this they were called because never in the history of their lives had those girls ever been seen in a skirt, only skorts, jeans, and shorts. These girls were Katara Sato, Toph Tanaka, Miya Takahashi and Yue Yukimara ; sometimes on occasions Song and Suki Arai, but they wore dresses.

Now there was a sudden new problem, Miya has started dating Zuko Sun, Azula's older brother and Mai's long time crush, so that did nothing to help bring peace between the two groups.

Katara was busy fixing herself up, doing her hair right, and taking the sleep out of her sapphire eyes, "You know something girls."

"What Katara?" the two said in unison.

"We need a new identity, I say that after school we go to Jun's and have her give us makeovers. What do you say?" she asked excitedly.

At first there was silence, the Toph and Miya broke out into loud laughter, causing them to get looks from the other passengers.

"Oh...oh were sorry Katara. For a second we really thought you were serious," Miya said wiping tears from her eyes.

"I was being serious."

Toph looked like she was about to fall out of her seat and Miya just looked shocked.

"Katara are you on drugs?"


"So what's all this talk about changing our look?" Toph asked with her hand over her knee.

"Yeah whats wrong with the way we look?" Miya said defensively.

Katara looked at her friends, Toph was a fairly tall girl around 5'6 and she had short black hair that went down to her shoulders. She was pure tomboy through and through, she wore baggy jeans and fitted jersey and was a star on the school basketball team. She was fairly lucky with guys and had at least one guy at a time.

Then Katara turned to Miya, who was leaning against the window, she had long waist length black hair with blood-red streaks in it. Her style was unique she could and would wear anything she found was nice and was in red, black, or white. Right now she has on a ripped sleeve shirt which exposed a pierced belly, a black short and combat boot , that went up to her knees. She was the star of sports, she was good at them all and on most of the teams except basketball and had at least six piercings and one tattoo that she promised to show them at school. Miya wasn't really a boy magnet she was like one of the guys so most were reluctant to talk to her but she got looks.

The Katara looked at herself in her small mirror she was going to school in overalls and blue penguin shirt and Jordans.

"I LOOK LIKE A DWEEB!" she yelled up to the sky.

Toph rolled her eyes, "Please Katara your fine, you do this every year and every year we have to hear the same, 'OH I LOOK LIKE A DWEEB!' speech. YOU LOOK FINE!"

"Really Tara you do, you're very pretty I mean you look cool in overalls, who else do you know that call pull that off?"

Katara smiled and hugged her friends. Then when she looked out the window she saw that they were passing the school.

"FOR GOODNESS SAKE!" she yelled as she pressed the tape. The bus came to a stop and they all rushed to the door. But as luck would have it, the door wouldn't open and the bus was starting to move.


The light turned green and the burst out running as they saw the gates of the school slowly closing.

"Oh great not this again," Toph groaned as they ran to catch the gate.

The ran across the block, thankful that they dressed in sense able shoes. And they barley did it, but they managed to make it inside of the gate.

"Oh thank you," Toph said kissing the ground.

"Cut it out Toph and lets get to assembly," Miya said.

"Oh please you just wanna see Zuko," Katara said jokingly earning herself a slap on the arm.


The Skirtless made there way into assembly and took their usual back seats only to see an unwelcome face, Jet, Haru and Hahn.

Ex-boyfriends and jerks to the highest degree.

Hahn grabbed Miya and pulled her into his lap, "Hey baby miss me."

He was rewarded with a well earned elbow to the face, "Not in the least," she said sitting up.

"You're in our seats, move it," Toph said the aggressiveness in her nature showing slightly.

"Aw, come on Toph how are you going to push me away, after all the fun we had together," Haru said with a grin.

"Feh, the only fun we had was your head, now leave."

Katara looked at Jet knowing he was the leader in all of this. "Jet call back your lackeys and go back to your master, everyone knows you're with Azula, so back off."

Jet stood up and joined his friends in the harassment, "Well I am with Azula but she lacks the certain charm you have, Katara."

Haru held Toph's hand gently, "Listen you know Ty Lee means nothing to me, so lets just be together, you know behind the scenes."

Toph grabbed her hand away, "Please once you throw away garbage you don't take it back."

Hahn had his arms snaked around Miya's waist, "You know something Miya, I'm sorry I ever cheated on you. So listen I know you still want me so stop fronting like you don't."

"You are so luck I have two strikes on my record or so help me you would be kissing the pavement," Miya said gritting her teeth in anger.

"Kissing huh, that seems like a good idea," he said leaning in to kiss her only have someone push his face back so hard that he fell back into his seat.

"WHY YOU LITTLE BI...uh...uh...Jet," he stammered.

Jet and Haru turned around to see Zuko holding Miya tightly and glaring daggers at Hahn, Sokka was right behind him with Yue right by his side.

"Jet you better back away from my sister before you find yourself needing a new jaw," Sokka told him with malice in his voice.

Jet and Haru fled from the angry brother. Hahn was about to go when he found himself pressed to the wall, Zuko had him by the collar, "And if I EVER see YOU near my girl AGAIN! I will not beheld responsible for my actions." Zuko let Hahn go and he went running up the front where the rest of the student body sat oblivious to what had just happened.

Sokka held his sister's shoulder, "You alright Katara, Toph, Miya."

"Were all fine Sokka," Toph said, "were just gonna need some disinfectant for the germs."

Zuko still held Miya tightly, "You okay baby, he looked like he was gonna kiss you," he said narrowing his eyes.

"He was trying to and if you hadn't have hit him I would have. I can't stand that asshole," she said pouting slightly.

Zuko just shook hit head and kissed her softly on the lips, "See you in class."

He and Sokka walked off while Yue sat down with her girlfriends.

"Looks like this is going to be an interesting year huh Katara," she said smiling.

Katara laughed, then she flinched when she heard the door behind her open with a small boom. A teenage boy came in. He was bald but he wore it well, unlike that idiot Caillou, he had the most piercing gray eyes and Katara could tell from looking at his face that he had a wonderful smile. He turned and looked at her and for a second their eyes meet. Katara broke the gaze and sat down next to Yue.

As the boy walked down they looked at Katara's blush grow, she couldn't stop staring at him.

Toph turned to Miya, "I think Yue's right, it's gonna be a fantastic year."


And thus ends chapter one

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