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Avatar High School

Chapter 17

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

It was an odd sight that afternoon at Bosco's Chicken and Waffles, as the Populars and Skirtless not only walked in together, but sat down at the same table. Other students started to whisper amongst themselves as the two rival cliques began to talk.

"Now before this goes any further let's make one thing clear," Azula started as she tapped her nails on the table. "I don't like any of you. This doesn't make us friends."

"Why would we want to be friends with you anyway?" Katara snapped back.

"Don't get rude little-miss Southern Water Tribe. We need each other whither you like it or not."

As Katara was about to make a come back, a perky waitress walked up to them with a big smile, that made even Ty Lee wince. "Hello, I'm your waitress Candi, is there anything I can, like, get you guys today?"

Azula's mouth stretched into a smirk. "Candi? With a y?"

"No, Candi with an i," she corrected. "My mother thinks it's more sophisticated with an i."

Toph turned to Miya and snorted. "Her mother was wrong?"

Miya and Mai both cracked a grin. Katara smiled at Candi holding in her laughter well. "Can we get four Pepsi's?"

"And three Root Beer's," Mai added on.

Candi smiled and jotted down the orders. "I'll be in a few kay?"

Azula gave the girl a thumb up. "Super-duper."

Candi's grin didn't fade as she walked away leaving the seven girls alone.

"Wow and I thought Ty Lee was loopy," Toph mumbled.

"I know, but she, like, scares me," Ty Lee shuddered. "So, like, now what?"

Azula cleared her throat and folded her hands on the table. "Alright, I'm here because I saw my brother's ex-girlfriend talking to you in the cafeteria. I remembered her face as 'Zuko's pregnant girlfriend'."

Miya put her head down and slouched in the seat. "I can't believe this? So Jin really was pregnant by Zuko…"

Yue wrapped her arms around Miya. "It's okay hon."

Azula rolled her eyes and scoffed. "Alright, before this love-fest begins let me finish. Alright, yes Zuko did get Jin pregnant but he didn't know."

"Oh please, that the same excuse every guy on Maury has used," Toph said while rolling her eyes.

"No, this is actually true. Jin and Zuko had been broken up for weeks and dad had forbidden Zuko to go visit Jin. Then, one day, she calls the house to speak to Zuko. This is where things get interesting. My father and my brother sound exactly the same on the phone."

Miya's eyes widened. "So it was Ozai who said all those things to Jin! Not Zuko!" Miya smiled and hugged Toph and Yue. "I knew he wasn't that big of a jerk!"

"Yeah but…Miya you talk to Zuko all the time of the phone," Katara brought up. "How do you know that sometimes you weren't talking to Ozai?"

The Fire Nation's girl went pale. She bit on her fingernails mumbling 'oh crap' over and over again.

"What did you and Zuko talk about?" Mai asked finally interested in the conversation. Miya looked up and glared at her.

"Rainbows and Sunshine! What the hell do you think we talked about?"

Azula laughed. "No wonder dad looked so happy on the phone a few nights ago."

"Oh shut up Azula and finish the story!"

"Alright, so anyway dad would be cursing her out, yelling, screaming calling her a whore. He enjoyed it like it was stupid game. He never told Zuko a thing, even when the baby died."

"Your father is a straight up bastard," Katara admonished. "How could he really do something so…so…"

"Prick-ish? Yeah I know, but none the less Zuko is innocent and is only a small pawn in a huge game," Azula said.

"Whose game is it?" Yue asked. "You still haven't told us that."

"Ty Lee show them."

Ty Lee opened her Paris Hilton bag and pulled out a folder with three pictures in it. "The culprits are Song and Suki Arai and Meng Stone all, like, social nobodies."

"Suki! That witch!" Yue exclaimed slamming her fist in the table. "I knew she would one day do some dumb-ass crap like this!"

"Meng Stone?" Katara said with a snort as she took up the picture. "She should spend her time fixing those teeth before concocting plans like this."

Mai chuckled. "That's cold Katara."

"I don't give a crap! These chicks made my best friend stress out and have to deal with some drama. For what?!?"

"What do you think?" Azula asked. "They are nobodies who wanna be somebody. That means that they have to get rid of the important people. Well," she gave the Skirtless a little eye-roll, "some of the important people."

"So," Toph leaned up. "So why do you want our help? Aren't we your enemies just as much as they are?"

"The Nobodies, as we have named him, are upsetting the balance. There are mean girly-girls and there are the bad ass misfits. If one goes away then the other is weakened and someone can take over. Without you…we will lose the power of influence. I mean what exactly are these girls gonna do? Be the ugly misfits?"

Laughter erupted from the two cliques. Candi came back with their drinks and then it was silent for a few minutes.

"So are you guys in or out?" Mai asked. "After all you need us and we need you."

"Yeah but there is one problem," Yue addressed, "what about the boys?"

"After all you all want our boyfriends."

"Well think of it this way. Would you rather the rivalry be just between us or do you wanna add a third wheel?" Azula asked.

"Well I would rather…hey Katara isn't that On Ji with Hide?" Miya asked.


Katara pushed Miya's head down and her mouth opened in shock as she saw Hide giving On Ji a kiss. "Oh my Tui!"

Toph smiled. "They look pretty good together. I'm glad On Ji has a boyfriend, she always seems so alone."

Katara frowned and scoffed. "Whatever."

Ty Lee blinked. "Like, what's the problem?"

"Katara is just jealous because Hide is her backup and On Ji is now with him," Yue elaborated with a grin. "Of course I don't know why you hate this so much. Isn't On Ji is your friend?"

"Now I can't even have him as a backup because On Ji is my friend!"

"Get over yourself!" Toph yelled. "You have Aang. I thought you told June you guys were gonna be together forever?"

Miya laughed and leaned over on Toph's shoulder. "Don't believe what you see. Behind that face is the soul of a jealous, cruel woman."

Azula laughed. "I've noticed which is gonna make this partner-ship more interesting."

"Anyway," Toph looked at her watch. "Oh (bleep). It's 8'o clock! I should have been hope a lifetime ago!"

"Crap! I'm gonna get whipped for sure!" Yue groaned and grabbed her stuff.

"Let's get the hell out of here," Azula groaned throwing the money for the drinks on the table. "Later Candi!"

Candi smiled and waved. "Bye guys!"


Yue walked into the house as quietly as possible. Her head peaked through the door and slid in slowly. If her father heard her…she didn't even wanna think about it. Slowly she closed the door with one soft "click".

"Phew," she sighed.

Suddenly she felt someone grabbed her hair and threw her back onto the floor. She let out a yell as the light turned on and the angry face of her father glared down at her with fury.

"Where were you slut?" he hissed.

"I-I-I," she muttered crawling back from him as she was on the floor. Arnook grabbed her leg, pulling Yue back towards him roughly and hit her with the stick of the broom.

"I ASKED WHERE (smack) YOU (smack) WERE! ANSWER ME!!"

"STOP! PLEASE I'LL TELL YOU!" she screamed trying to pull away. Arnook stopped but held the broomstick up. Yue gasped and tried to speak through the tears. "I…went…to…the ca-café with…my friends…I-I-I swear!"

Arnook dropped the broomstick and pulling Yue into his arms in a hug. "Good girl. Good Girl. I know you wouldn't do anything bad right? You're a good girl, right?"

Yue nodded vigorously and forced a smile. "I'm a good girl daddy. I swear I'm a good girl." She weakly wrapped her arms around her father and bit her lip trying not to cry too hard.

Arnook pulled away and pet Yue on the head gently. "Next time come in on time," he smiled and stood up. "Come to bed, love. I have been lonely."

Yue nodded and stood up slowly. "Yes daddy."

Arnook wrapped his arm around his daughter's waste. "Good girl."


I figured I'd end this chapter with something important to Yue's character. I know it's pretty dramatic, but this stuff does happen in real life. Sadly…