A Night to forget

Hi! I made another story! Hope you'll like this story! I'm still thinking if I should make it a one shot. Well just read it!

Summary: It's been 5 years since Mikan and Natsume go on their separate ways. But one night fate brings them together. Is it a night to forget or a night to treasure?

Note: Mikan and the rest 15

Tsubasa and Misaki 18

Chapter 1-Memories

It's a rainy night at the alice academy. We find Mikan Sakura sitting near the window.

'Sigh… It's raining again.' She thought

'It brings back bad memories…'

"Mikan?" A blond haired boy with blue eyes said looking at the brunet.


"Mikan are you alright?"

"Yeah… Don't worry Yuri I'm ok…" Mikan said with a fake smile


"Hey Yuri read this…" She hands the paper to Yuri.

The night he left me

It was raining that night, that horrible night,

The night when he left me out in the cold

The night when he disappeared,

The last night that I saw his face.

I thought and hoped that he will return,

But those thoughts… has disappeared

With just a wink of the eye

I wait for him... hoping that he'll come back

I was dying form loneliness

I looked at the window and wait for him,

But he never came back…

"Wow Mikan this poem is great!"


Yuki looked at her then frown

"You still love him don't you?"

Mikan looked at the boy

"I don't know…" Mikan looked at the window…

Flash back

It was a rainy night…


"Natsume!" Mikan said looking for the raven-haired-boy

"Natsume?" She stopped in front of him. He was just standing there in the middle of the rain.

The boy looked at her then hugged her.

"Mikan I'm sorry…" He let go of Mikan and looked down.

"What's the problem?" The brunet looked at him with concern in her eyes.

"Mikan… I'm sorry… we have to…"

"We have to what?"

"We have to…to… go on our separate ways…"

Mikan was shock on what Natsume said.

"What…do you…mean…"

"I'm sorry…"

"No Natsume you can't leave me…" Mikan said shaking Natsume's right hand

"I'm sorry…" With that Natsume left Mikan.

"Natsume…sob…why?" Mikan said she was crying

"I…thought…we'll…sob…be together…sob…"

"Natsume…" She shouted at the boy hoping he'll come back

"Natsume…" Then she past out

She woke up on her room beside Hotaru and her friends. She looked at them.

"Where's Natsume?" Mikan asked

All of them looked at her with frown on their face.

"I said where's Natsume!" She said half shouting.

"Mikan calm down." Yuu said

"Tell me where is Natsume!"


"Hotaru.. Where's Natsume?" The brunet looked at her friend.

"Mikan… He left for his Mission…" Was her friends reply

"He will come back right? He..he was just joking about us breaking up right?" Mikan said starting to cry

"Hotaru right?" She was crying.

Hotaru looked at her friend then hugged her. Mikan cried at her friend's chest.

"Hotaru tell me he'll..sob…come back to me…sob.."


"Natsume!" Mikan shouted then cried harder at her friend.

End of Flash Back

"Sigh… I don't want to talk about it"

"Mikan… Just go to sleep… tomorrow you'll be presenting your poem so just sleep…" Yuri said to the brunet.

"Yeah… Good night Yuri…" The brunet said as she went to sleep. The boy looked at her then smiled. "I hope you'll have a wonderful day tomorrow." With that the boy left Mikan's room.

Ok! I'm finish! I guess this is not a one shot! Well hope you like it!