Luna's Lullaby

Luna's father reads her a bedtime story. Characters belong to Rowling.

Little Luna Lovegood loved
To play out in the rain
She smiled at shiny raindrops, that
She tried to catch, in vain
If they reach the ground, my dear,
They won't get up again

In puddles splashed her eager feet
No longer snug and dry
Splishy splash, splashy splish
She wants the drops to fly
Up and turn to rain again
When they splash to the sky

The puddle opened by her feet
As strange as strange can be
Little Luna Lovegood fell
Down into mystery
"This is the consequence," she mused
"Of curiosity"

Caverns vast and without end
That was a wicked sight
Lit by glowing Tun-Dum bugs
In glowing Tun-Dum flight
The girl was seized and stolen 'way
Struggling as she might

Greedy goblin hands held fast
While goblin feet did run
Goblin eyes did stare and glare
And laugh, as were it fun
"Poor girl," they sneered, "she never will
Return to see the sun"

The goblin king so strong and proud
Sat on his goblin throne
With cushions made of human skin
And frame of human bone
If sunshine sees this dreary man
He will turn into stone

Poor Little Luna Lovegood was
Imprisoned by the king
He kept her in a golden cage
He wanted her to sing
All beautiful songs she'd ever heard
A bird with broken wing

Beautiful were Luna's songs
But she was bleak and sad
She would stay here for ever, with
The goblin king, how bad
She missed the wind and raindrops and
She missed her mum and dad

As growing plants need soil and rain
And cows need grass and hay
So needs small girls to see the sun
'cause otherwise they may
Grow bored and shy and gray and quiet
And then they'll fade away

The goblin king was at a loss
His songbird sang no more
It broke his goblin heart to see
Her longing by the door
"I'll take her out, just for a while
Then she'll sing like before"

Oh, what a joy for Luna Love
At last to smell the smell
Of flowers, grass and nightly breeze
And see the moon so swell
She laughed and sang, all happiness
And all the night as well

The goblin king sat in the grass
He listened as in stun
To Luna's song as she flew to
And fro in laugh and fun
But as he listened, hours passed
And lo! There was the sun

The sun so warm and friendly smiled
As it on Luna shone
The sun smiled at the goblin king
And he was turned to stone
The world went quiet and Luna found
That she was all alone

The world spread wide and far, as far
As ever she would know
Luna Love could travel
Everywhere she wanted to
So tell me know, where did the girl
Choose in the end to go?

Luna's dad silenced and smiled at his little girl who was laying her bed, snugly curling up in a ball around the pillow. She looked like she was sleeping, but when the story silenced she opened one of her bright, blue eyes and looked up at him.

"Why did you stop, dad?" she sleepily asked. Her dad bent forward and touched her cheek with a fond expression.

"Now it is your turn, Snookums. The girl can go everywhere she wants to, so you have to decide where it will be." Luna opened her other eye and blinked a few times as she thought it over.

"Can she really go everywhere she wants to?" she asked. Her dad nodded.

"Can she go to see the fairies court? Or all the way to the Crumple Horned Snorkacks? Or even to the ice-cream shop at the village? Could I go there, dad?" she gave him an inquisitive look, and he nodded again.

"Anywhere you want, my love," he repeated. Luna raised her head slightly from the pillow and frowned in thought, thinking over all the possibilities that had opened. Then she caught her father's eyes.

"You know, dad, I really would like to go to all these places, but I think that since I had been away for so long, and since I missed you and mum so very much, what I really would like to do would be to return home again as soon as I could." Her dad laughed and bent forward to plant a kiss on her forehead.

"I'm so very glad you chose to come back, Luna Love. Your mum and I were very worried about you when you sat down there with the goblins, you know."

"But they did like my songs," Luna pointed out in defence of her kidnappers. "And the king was quite nice, really. He let me out, after all."

"Well, yes, he did," her dad admitted. "But he was the one who locked you up in the first place, remember?"

"Mmmmm..." Luna yawned, apparently with something on her mind. "Dad, how do you make a chair of bone? Most bones are a bit bendy, so it would be a quite rickety chair, don't you think? And what use would you have for the ribs? I wonder..."

"The goblins aren't very good at making chairs," her dad hurriedly said, "and they didn't have any wood down there in the caves. That's why the cage was of gold as well. They have plenty of gold, but that can't be used for very much. Now, go to sleep, and I will tell you the rest of the story."

At first, Luna looked like she set to keep exploring the drawbacks with goblin furnituring, but the prospect of a prolonged story, as well as the fact that she was really sleepy now, persuaded her to save that line of thought until another day. Obediently, she put her head on the pillow and closed her eyes. Her dad was silent a few moments more, scratching his head as he put the rhymes together, then he went on.

Away she ran, as fast's she could
By summer fields in bloom
Through grooves were fairies sing and dance
Through woods were snorkacks roam
And then she saw in forest's edge
That she had reached her home

Her mum and dad were very glad
That Luna had returned
They hugged and kissed her many times
Relieved and quite concerned
Then sat they all day long and talked
Of all that she had learned

The raindrops fell on Luna's house
But she was warm and snug
She sat between her mum and dad
Upon the kitchen rug
"I'm glad that I am home," she said
And gave her mum a hug

He paused a moment and regarded his daughter with a warm expression. Her eyes were closed, and she breathed silently. Luna's dad sighed contently and leaned back in his chair. When he continued with his story, he was talking more silently, more to himself than to the sleeping girl in the bed before him.

But now I see, my little love
That you're asleep at last
And travel in your dreams in realms
So very wide and vast
All stories will be there for you
From future and from past

One day, my Snookums, you will go
Out in the world for real
You'll see the most marvellous sights
And smell, and hear, and feel
You'll ask and answer, love, be loved
And you will hurt and heal

We'll miss you Luna Love, but we'll
Be proud, your mum and me
We know that you will travel far
And do a lot, and see
But still you're our little girl
As you will always be

With that last line, Luna's dad silently rose to his feat and bent forward to kiss his little girl good night. Luna never heard him leave the room, nor did she notice her mum sneak in a little while later to give her a kiss of her own. Luna was already deep in dreams about snorkacks, goblin kings and a world filled of marvels and wonders, only waiting for her to explore it.

Authors Note: Michelle-31a has let us know that Luna's father is fond of the nickname 'Snookums'. Magentabear tells us about the name 'Luna Love', and why she isn't called that anymore.