A/N: I have several dedications for this chapter. One: to all the fabulous Superman writers, both professional and fanfiction, who have covered this territory before. You inspired me to attempt the same. Nods abound. Two: to my friends in the fandom who encouraged me throughout the writing of the chapter, assuring me that I was on the right track. And three: to "my own, personal Clark Kent" who has shared his life with me for almost 15 wonderful years, and is the ultimate inspiration for this.

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Déjà Vu

Chapter 39: Forever

The feathery kisses moved in a tingly line down the curve of her neck. Lois gasped with the feel of Clark's silky lips against her throat, and she could feel those same lips curve up in a smile. She suddenly felt overwhelmed with a touch of vertigo, which must have been a combination of the heady desire she felt for Clark, and a strong feeling of déjà vu.

"You still like this, I guess," Clark commented in a deep voice, husky with desire. His tone sent fresh shivers across her body – she hadn't heard him use that voice since… since the last time they were here like this…

"Uh huh," she managed to breathe out.

As his kisses traveled downward into her neckline, his hands slid smoothly from where they had been wrapped around her, across her hips to the front of her body. With skillful hands, he unbuttoned each button of her blouse, planting his kisses ever lower…

Her head spinning, Lois tried to reciprocate, with both hands caressing him, exploring the belt at his waist for some kind of seam in the suit. She longed to feel his smooth, bare skin under her hands again. God, it's been so long…

His lips brushed across the sensitive area between her breasts, and her breath hitched. He had finished with the last button, and his large, warm hands moved fully beneath the fabric to knead her skin tenderly. Lifting his head again to press his lips against hers, he leaned her slowly backward into the crystalline chair, his knee parting her legs. A semi-coherent thought bubbled up through the haze of desire: Just where is that seam anyway?

When the hard angles of the chair poked her at an odd angle, she winced, and shifted awkwardly. "Clark?" she murmured, breaking the kiss. "Could we… 'get more comfortable'?" she added in a teasing voice.

He smiled slyly, just barely exposing his teeth, and she felt weak at the sight. "Meet you in the bedroom." He kissed her lightly on the lips, and then with a rush of air, he was gone.

Lois chuckled, amused. She walked toward the bedroom, fully expecting to see him there, waiting in the silvery folds of the bed… but the room was completely empty. Puzzled, Lois perched on the edge of the bed frame, looking in every direction. She ran a hand across the shiny sheets, enjoying their smooth texture beneath her palm.

A flicker of movement caused her to look up. Clark stood there, a crystal flute of champagne in either hand. He sauntered toward her, strong and confident in a way she'd never seen before, even when he was in the red and blue. His searing blue eyes were smoldering with love, a blue flame of desire. The pajama bottoms and robe she had liked so well that first morning in his apartment draped languidly across his bare chest and flowed behind him, revealing his well-defined muscles. Her legs nearly turned to jelly at the vision before her.

Setting the champagne on a platform beside the bed, he caught her up easily with one powerful arm, just as her knees began to buckle from the wash of sensation rippling through her. He lifted her from the ground and Lois gasped with the feeling of being held so firmly against him. But the gasp was cut short by his warm lips descending upon hers.

Lois felt set aflame by the kiss, and was suddenly spurred to action. She ran her hands under the robe, wanting to feel every inch of his exposed skin. Her fingers trickled over his taut muscles, upward to his shoulders. With a fluid motion, Lois pushed the robe off of his shoulders, never breaking contact with his mouth. He shrugged it off the rest of the way, and lowered her gently to rest atop the silvery waves of the bed.

Clark lifted his head then, and gazed at her a moment, lying there on the bed. His deep blue eyes ran across her body – shirt unbuttoned, skirt askew, hair a tousled frame around her head – and lingered lovingly on her face. She had no idea what he was thinking… but as he drank her in with his eyes, and even though she knew he wasn't using his heat vision on her, a liquid sensation of heat followed his trail.

They regarded each other like that almost as if they each were trying to sear the moment into their memories, and then like a taut thread snapping, they came together again, limbs entangling. Lois wrapped her legs around one of his, and raked her fingernails through his hair with abandon. It felt as if she had been waiting a lifetime to do this – not just five years – to feel him pressed against her once more, hot with passion and need. Suddenly, she felt uncomfortable. Too many clothes…

She twisted him around to his back as they kissed, and then sat up away from him. Flipping her hair to hang at one side of her face, she caught his eyes with a sultry stare, and slowly removed the fabric of her blouse from one shoulder, then the other. She shed the garment in a fluid motion, enjoying the way his eyes darkened with desire and his mouth turned up in a small, pleased grin. With teasing slowness, though she ached to toss away all of their clothing at super-speed, she reached behind her to unfasten the clasps of her bra, one hook at a time. His answering look of burning intensity told her that her subtle striptease was beginning to have the desired effect.

When the last hook was undone, she allowed the straps to fall free. The flimsy piece of nylon and lace – nothing fancy, as she'd been unprepared for this night – clung precariously to the tips of her breasts on the verge of dropping away.

Lois looked down at it, feeling amused and aroused at the same time. There was something incredibly sexy about taking as long as possible to undress, especially when you were doing it for the man you loved. She raised an eyebrow: Are you liking the striptease, Mr. Kent? With a visible effort, Clark lifted his eyes from her breasts and met hers. Holding her gaze, he showed his teeth in a decidedly feral smile, and growled lightly in his throat.

Lois daintily lifted her fingertips toward the front of the lingerie, but then her hand made a detour – to grab one of the flutes of champagne. She raised the glass to her lips, sipping delicately at the sparkling liquid, and then brought the flute to his lips. He drank, smoldering eyes never breaking contact with hers. She brought the glass back to drain it quickly, tipping it upward with a flourish. As she set it back to the side, the brassiere finally dropped away.

She found herself back in his arms in a flash, their bare chests rubbing sensuously against each other. She was overwhelmed with the powerful sensation, one that clearly brought back memories of their first time in this bed. Both of them had come such a long way from that naïveté – but finding themselves back here, consummating their long-denied passion – it was like a circle completed. Last time, they had been alone, the only ones affected by their secret love – this time, they had a son to consider. Last time, he had decided to give up his powers, to give up the world to be with her – this time, he had decided to balance both. Last time, he had been so tentative, so unsure – this time, he…

A thought filtered through her brain, half-formed, and she stopped kissing him to take a gasping breath. She bolted upright, eyes wide.

Clark lifted his head to look at her in concern. "What's wrong?"

"Clark…" Lois bit her lip, and looked at him askance. "What did you mean by, 'My strength is almost gone'?"

He smiled seductively, and began to nuzzle her neck again. "I meant I can't stay away from you anymore," he murmured between kisses. "It's been killing me – sometimes you're worse than kryptonite."

The feel of his warm lips on the sensitive skin at her throat sent chills through her. Lois' eyes fluttered closed, and she groaned softly. But the thought wouldn't allow her to get lost in the sensations again, so she managed to pull herself out of it. "You were using the console earlier, you know, to make Jason a room, and I just wondered…"

He continued his exploration of her neck, and then added his hands, which began to slide smoothly down her hips. "Wondered what?"

"Are you still…" She gasped as he placed a hand on her bare calf, creeping below the fabric of her skirt. As his hand traveled higher, she almost lost her mind with desire. "Did you get rid of…" She moaned as he reached her inner thighs, "…your powers?"

This time he sat up, startled, his hand freezing in its ministrations. "What? You thought I… removed my powers again?"

Lois frowned, disappointed that he had stopped, but needing to ask this question anyway. "I didn't know… I mean, last time you… isn't that the only way we can make love?"

"Oh, Lois… darling…" Clark put his other arm around her and embraced her gently, murmuring into her hair, "I used to think that, too… but I realized, what if that's not the case?" He pulled back to look earnestly into her eyes, bringing his hand up between them, palm outstretched. "I mean, I can control my touch, to even a finer degree than any human could." Clark placed his open palm on her bare shoulder, and slowly caressed the curve, following the movement of his hand with his eyes for an instant, before gazing warmly into hers again. "Why can't I control this? After all, I grew up just like any normal teenager, dreaming about the girl I liked, and I…" he stopped speaking suddenly, and dropped his eyes, embarrassed.

Lois giggled, despite the seriousness of the situation. "…never blew a hole through the sheets?"

He stifled laughter at her bluntness, blushing. "Right."

She covered her face with her hands, trying to control her laughter. Clark's eyes twinkled, watching her, as he tried to do the same. After a few minutes, Lois asked, "But if that's true… why did your mother insist you had to become mortal to be with me?"

"I had the same question." His hand traveled around to her elbow, and he held it reassuringly. "So, yes, I did use the console for something other than creating that room while I was with Jason. My mother told me that the reason they required me to give up my powers was because they believed I would not be able to balance my devotion to you with my duty to the world." He touched her face gently. "But I'm willing to do anything to maintain that balance."

She kept eye contact with him as she asked tentatively, "So we can really…?"

"I believe so… but if you're worried…" Clark responded with a look of concern.

"No. I'm not." She tenderly took one of his hands and kissed the back of it. "I know you wouldn't do anything to hurt me."

Tenderly, Clark placed the other hand behind her head. "And you know me better than anyone." And then he began to kiss her again, slow, intense, drugging kisses that left her breathless.

His lips, so insistent against her mouth, practically burned her with their passion. She broke away, wanting to savor more of him than her hands could explore. Trailing kisses down his neck, she began a slow exploration of him with hands and lips, taking the lead this time.

He groaned low in his throat. "Lois…"

"And you must still like this, I guess." She smiled at the slightly dazed look of intense abstraction on his face.

"Uh huh…"

Clark shuddered at her intimate touches for a moment, then he turned on his side, unable to resist touching her in return for a moment longer. It wasn't long before she was barely coherent, acting on instinct, striving to match the intensity of the sensations he was stirring in her. He was so… masterful… in his caresses. It felt to Lois like he was picking up from their last time together, as if he hadn't forgotten an instant of their passionate lovemaking. And of course, he hadn't, he couldn't forget. And now just his presence, his sure touch, was awakening those same memories as vividly in her.

Clark surprised her again and again as they drew toward union - he had been a little too shy their first time together, but he was obviously a natural. Oh, God, such a natural…

And as the intensity grew ever greater, his gaze still locked with hers. She kept her eyes fully open, not wanting to break the soul connection they were forging. Lois felt as if she were floating upward on a wave of love…

Dizzy with feeling, the wave receding slowly, she became aware that the spinning of the room was not all in her head. Like a feather floating to earth in lazy circles, they settled back lightly into the satiny silver folds of the bed. Lois had no idea how long they had been hovering in the air, they had both been so intent on each other. A radiant smile split her face, tears sparkling in her eyes. She buried her face in his luxuriant black hair and half-laughed, half-sobbed with joy. When he lifted his head to look at her with his eyes full of love, she saw that his face gleamed wetly as well.

A few hours later, Lois came awake again, her body still entangled with his. She was filled with such a feeling of contentment, it was difficult to describe. It was familiar and yet strange at the same time. If their first encounter had been a voyage of discovery, this one continued the same journey into uncharted waters for her. So this is what it feels like to make love to your soulmate…to know that there will only be the two of you for each other… forever. Looking up at him, head resting on his chest exactly the way she had the first time, she smiled. How strange it'll seem to make love in a regular bed with Clark, since we spent both times together here in the Fortress. She took a few minutes to study him, to enjoy his beautiful body while he was asleep. Apparently he slept very soundly, just like his son. A wave of tender love engulfed her at the sight.

She found herself unable to keep from touching him, tracing the lines of his stomach and chest muscles with light fingers, traveling downward again…

"Lois…" he rumbled, eyes still closed.

"Mm-hmm?" she responded, smiling slyly while still tracing a delicate line with her fingertips.

"Just… don't stop," he breathed.