The Oracle

Author: In-Betweens

Plot: What if things could be different? What if someone with more power then anyone could comprehend came to try and fix things where they all started to go wrong? What would happen if Faith was given a shot to make things right, before everything went wrong? Would she take the chance to do the right thing or continue down a path she knew would leave her in heartache? What if the woman is the only one who can unlock the full potential of the Key?

Part 1

3 years ago

Faith ran through the cemetery at full speed ahead chasing after a vamp that thought he could get away. After the incident with that good for nothing fake, Gwendolyn Post, Faith had been slaying non-stop. The scoobies were all worried about her and Xander actually tried to help her. It was all, futile in the end. Faith had ended up continuing on the path she was and there was no one to help her. The only one that could possibly help her was too busy to even care which killed Faith. When Ms. Post went postal on her and tried to take over the world and had used her she had lost any ounce of trust she had come to hold dear toward any of the scoobies, but mostly Buffy.

Faith ran and jumped onto the bench and pushed off of it taking down the vampire with her. They rolled over, each seeking control of the moment. In the end Faith won and was on top, her stake pulled out and jammed into the vampire's heart. He combust into dust around her and Faith was now kneeling in the grass her stake a few inches in the ground. She yanked it out, upturning the ground as she did. Faith didn't even know what hit her until she was forced to the ground. Faith scrambled to her feet just in time to see a girl years younger then herself stake the vampire after pushing him to the ground.

Faith stood and brought her stake up and her arm and moved into a defense position just in case this girl turned out to be on the other side. Faith was just standing there for a few long seconds as the girl dusted herself off, coughing and patting at her clothing her stake forgotten, Faith noted that it was laying a littles away from the girl. Faith took in her new target, for the moment, and saw she had to be just as tall as she was maybe taller but much younger. The girl had blonde hair that was pulled back into a bun. Faith just watched the girl and froze when the girl finally looked up at her, after thinking she got as much of the dust off as possible and just stared at her. Faith felt her arm fall to her side as she looked at the girl in front of her, seeing her eyes and finding something there that scared and warmed her at the exact same time.

"Geez…are you deaf?!" The girl asked as she looked into Faith's eyes rolling hers. "I was yelling at you, to turn around and you just sat there. You made me have to get all dirty. I hate vampires…. they're always so messy!" The girl whined, as she looked at her clothes and swatted away something she assumed to be vampire remains.

Faith could just stare at the girl; she then looked down at her watch and saw that it was almost 3 am. Faith sighed this girl was definitely human. But the annoying kind, the girl was a preteen. Faith stared at the girl again and rolled her eyes as she put her stake into her back pocket and then shifted her weight and glared at the girl hoping to scare her away. She was in no mood for this kind of shit.

Faith was surprised to hear the girl start to laugh at her. Faith was giving the girl her best 'fuck off' glare and the chick was laughing at her. That pissed Faith off and being the slayer she was and the woman unable to control her emotions she lashed out and pushed the girl up against the crypt that stood only five feet from where they had been.

Faith was about to growl into the girl's ear when she was kicked in the stomach and her arms were pushed up over her head and the girl punched her right in the gut, the girl was now free and standing in the defensive. The girl looked confused as if she didn't understand why she was being attacked by the girl she had just saved.

Faith looked up at the girl, she was bent over the sucker bunch hitting her harder then she thought any human girl could possibly have thrown. Faith really didn't have time for this, Faith stood up and rolled her eyes when a vampire thought it was sneaking up on her and the girl, though the girl had no idea that there was even someone behind her.

Faith pushed forward and watched as she girl bent down slightly expecting her charge was for her, Faith pushed past the girl knocking the preteen off her feet and she jumped up and slammed her foot into the vampire's stomach knocking him to the floor. Faith got up from her own fall, having not regained her balance after jumping for the kick, and the fight began.

The girl crawled slowly backwards as she watched Faith fighting the vampire. The vampire was easy enough but Faith was aggravated and she wanted to prolong this kill, she needed to prolong this kill. The girl just leaned her back against the crypt and watched, she became a little frightened after Faith continued to pound her fist into the vampire's face when in reality he really didn't have a face left after all her other previous punches.

Faith killed the vampire sooner then she would have liked to when the brat against the crypt started yelling at her to just end the vampire's suffering that she couldn't take it. That was what got her attention, the girl was curled up now against the crypt her head between her legs and rocking back and forth her arms wrapped around her knees. Faith saw this and punched the vampire one last time before she staked the poor bastard and stood up. She dusted herself off, and then walked over to the brat and just sat on the tombstone in front of the crypt and looked at the girl.

They sat there for a long time the girl just rocking back and forth and Faith just sitting there on the tombstone watching the girl. When the brat finally looked up here eyes were blood shot red, and silent tears running down her cheeks.

"Who are you?" Faith asked staring at the girl, not seeming to give a shit about the girl's pain, she had her own pain to deal with, but only if she knew.

The brat looked up at her and dried her tears with the tip of her shirt, dabbing at the wet streaks on her cheeks rather then wiping them away.

So she's old money. That explains a lot.

"I'm not old money!" The brat spat as she glared at Faith.

"Yeah tell that to the manner…." Faith stopped dead in her tracks and shot straight up from her perch on the tombstone. "…how the fuck'd you know what I thought!?" Faith asked now starting to panic, this was no preteen drama queen, but no, no this was some demon spawn!

"I am not demon spawn!" The brat said as she stood up as well.

"Stay the fuck out of my head!" Faith said as she rushed the girl but was stopped in mid stride.

Faith tried to move her body but it had gone stiff, she couldn't move a muscle, she could only move her eyes and right now her eyes were locked onto the brat in front of her. The brat had her hand up, palm facing Faith and her fingers spread as far as they could go and she seemed to be pushing against something that wasn't there.

"What are you doing to me!?" Faith asked as she tried to move but couldn't.

"Keeping myself safe. And to think I came here to save you!" The brat said rolling her eyes as she looked up at the sky, her palm still out.

"Save me? You call sitting up against a crypt begging me to end a vampire's pain as saving me?" Faith asked eyeing the blonde still trying to move.

"You can't get free until I let you go so you might as well stop trying." The brat said as she looked at Faith and stepped back towards the crypt but kept her hand up.

"What are you?" Faith asked looking at her not sensing any kind of evil on her.

"I'm the…I'm a witch. That saw you getting killed and decided she didn't want a dead slayer on her conscience so she came to save you!" The brat said looking at Faith and taking a deep breath, it seemed keeping Faith the way she was took something out of the brat and she had to concentrate to keep it up.

Faith liked that! That meant she could tire the witch out. Faith smirked as she looked at the witch and decided to save her energy for when she was really going to need it. Faith then realized her mistake.

"I don't tire out if that's your plan and I can concentrate on a number of things at the same time. So don't even think about it. I'm not some demon you can slay! I'm human…or at least part human and I'm only here to help you." The brat said looking at Faith.

"Damn it witch stop reading my thoughts!" Faith cursed as she tried to move but again found it impossible.

"I…. what's the use you wouldn't believe me if I told you." The brat said and sat down, her knees drawn up to her chest her arm not resting on her knee as she continued to hold her palm out.

Silence fell over the two and Faith was having a hard time in keeping her thoughts under control so she could at least figure a way out of this mess, which wasn't turning out so good. Maybe she should have let Buffy come with her, that didn't change anything now! The silence dragged on until Faith couldn't take it, and her nose was starting to itch.

"What do you want?" Faith asked.

The brat looked up and smiled at Faith. "To help you." The girl seemed almost thrilled now that she was allowed to tell Faith her plan.

Help me? Why would a brat like her want to help me? And who says I need her help? Well you do realize she does have you trapped in one place with an invisible barrier don't you? Yes I do but that doesn't mean I couldn't take her in hand to hand. Do you not remember her kicking your ass when you had her pinned against that crypt? Yeah but I didn't expect it. But you should have. Why am I fighting with myself. You fight with everyone else why not yourself as well? I don't know it's just creepy.

"You want to help me?" Faith asked.

The brat just nodded her head enthusiastically. Faith rolled her eyes at it.


"Because things can be different."

-------Present (Faith's POV)------

Different, things can be different. That's what she told me, and now as I sit here in my cell left to do nothing but think I wish I had taken her up on her offer. But I was screwed up back then, I didn't see what I was being offered then but now I do and I wish I had taken it. Different, things can be different; things could be so much different. I could be back in Sunny D with B and the scoobies and actually getting a long. I wouldn't be feared and I wouldn't be hated and spited by Red, Xander and G-Man. Things could have been so different it scares me. Some nights when I think of her, I cry and whisper and pray that she'll come back and give me another chance, to make things right.

I look up at the white ceiling above me and hear a guard calling for lights out and the room goes black. Black and white how I wish things could be that simple. It's ironic that everything is black and white now, here, in prison. Prison is no walk in the fucken park but it's what I need its where I have to be until I pay for what I've done. Something I could have changed only if I had listened to her, taken her offer. Now here I am having these dreams that I know are slayer prophetic dreams and I can do nothing. Back in Sunny D they're facing some big bad that ganna end with B dying and I don't know if I can handle that. Even here in prison I know how much I cared for her then and still do. Things may be different, we may be different, changed, but the feelings I hold for her some how are still there. Just like the scar on my stomach they'll always be there.

Different, things could've been different. She wanted me to take the right road she was there shinning this big neon light on it and I turned away from it afraid of the truth she held. She was so young then and she knew and held wisdom that only a God could possibly hold. Things are going to be different I've made sure of that. Angel's coming to see me tomorrow during visiting hours and I have to ask him for this favor. I know in the end he'll do it, he just has to. I know he'll find her for me and I know she'll come. She always comes.

Except that one time…