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Meeting the sensei?

Sasuke was sitting under the tree, and Sakura was talking to him, when Kakashi finally arrived.

"Nani? Where's Naruto?" The masked jounin asked. Sakura turned to him.

"We don't know. He didn't arrive at all. He's probably sick or something…" The pink-haired girl said.

"Shouldn't we then go and check if he's fine?" Kakashi asked. He felt that something was really wrong.

"Eh? Why? He'll be fine!" Sakura said, but Sasuke stood up, and was ready to go, when Naruto finally arrived.

"Sorry I am late…but I had an important thing to do" The face, the words were fine and happy, but the voice was broken. Kakashi nodded.

"Good to hear, Naruto. Now, we don't have any missions today, so we'll just train." He said. Naruto was about to move, when a thought hit him. He didn't know from where it came or why…but it came nevertheless.

It was Kakashi's fault that Kyo left.

Without Kakashi's help, the Kyubi would probably be free. The Kyubi told Naruto that Kakashi helped the Yondaime a lot in that battle. And even if Kyo would have ended up being sealed, Naruto would never have felt the need to get power from him, if Kakashi would have taught Naruto as much as Sasuke!

Yes…it was Kakashi's fault. It was Kakashi's fault. Kakashi will pay for it. Naruto will make him pay for it! He'll…

"NARUTO! Did you hear a word of what Kakashi-sensei said?" Sakura yelled. Naruto's ears were hurting. He'll rid her tongue off one day, abandoning the act of having a crush on her.

Naruto's blue eyes hardened for a moment, but were back to their warm, blue selves before anyone was able to recognize the look.

"Gomen ne…I was thinking" The blond grinned. Sakura huffed.

"Naruto…You, like Sasuke and Sakura, saw what can happen during a mission. Unexpected enemies may appear, and the level of the mission may go up. A shinobi must be ready for this kind of situations, so you three will start to train seriously." Kakashi said. Naruto shrugged. He had in his memories now all the jutsus Kyubi knew. Naruto knew the hand seals, but he had to try to execute the jutsu, just to check if he was able to, and to see what kind of jutsus were suited to be used in what kind of situations.

"So, in this exercise, we'll compare our ninjutsu-attacks. I know that Sasuke – being and Uchiha – knows already a great deal of fire-jutsus. I also know that Naruto can use the kage bunshin. But I don't have any clue about Sakura's ninjutsu?" Kakashi turned to the pink haired kunoichi.

'If you just had paid attention to us more than Sasuke, you'd know what jutsus we can do' Naruto thought. He definitely knew a lot more than only the kage bunshin. Especially now, when Kyo…

A pained expression flashed in Naruto's face, but it left as fast as it came. Only Sasuke noticed it, and it took him a while before he recognized what that expression was. It was familiar to him. A bit too familiar. The pain of loss. The pain of losing someone dear. But…who was that person that Naruto lost?

"Ano…I…I cannot do anything but henge and bunshin no jutsu…" Sakura said, blushing in embarrassment.

"Hm…Naruto? What else can you do beside the kage bunshin?" Kakashi asked. Maybe he didn't mean to sound so sneering, but he did. Naruto's eyes narrowed, and he was about to say something rude, but realized that he had to keep his act anyway, so he just shrugged.

"Not many." He lied. Kakashi nodded. He had thought that neither Naruto nor Sakura would know anything as powerful as Sasuke's fire-jutsus.

"So, I think that Sakura may be able to learn some simple…like the kunai bunshin no jutsu." Kakashi grinned under his mask. Then he turned to Naruto. Kakashi scowled. He really had no idea what to teach the blond. Naruto wouldn't be able to handle his jutsus!

Somehow, as if guessing what Kakashi was thinking, Naruto spoke.

"Kakashi-sensei, I have something serious to discuss about with the Hokage. I'll train on my own later. Ok?" The blond said. Kakashi nodded in relief, and let the blond go.

They missed the cold expression that took place in Naruto's face when he turned. The blond started to head towards the forest nearby. He had no intention in telling the Hokage – or anyone else – about his merging with the Kyubi.

Naruto felt a pang in his chest, ache in his heart, whenever he thought about Kyo. About not hearing that dry, yet warm and safe voice. About not feeling that someone was there with you. The blond sighed, as he heard some giggles coming from bushes. Somehow, the blond was near an onsen now, where the girls bathed usually.

Blushing, Naruto was turning away, when he got a glimpse of a white-haired person peeking at the bathing women. Naruto narrowed his eyes. This man's chakra was huge, and there was something in him…something that told Naruto that this one was strong.

"Oi, pervert!" Naruto yelled. The man turned to him, waving with his hands to shoo the kid.

"Shut up you idiot! If they find out that I'm here, I'm toast!" He hissed. Naruto raised his eyebrow.

"You come here every day?" He asked, and appeared next to the man.

"Hee hee…Konoha's girls are absolutely the most beautiful ones! No wonder I love this place!" The man giggled "Yes. I come here every day…to gather data." He finished then. Naruto raised his eyebrow, when an idea hit him.

"You want to keep peeping henceforth?" The blond asked. The man glanced at the boy.

"What's that supposed to mean?" He asked. Naruto grinned.

"If you teach me few cool jutsus, I won't tell anyone about you being here, and I may also help you when needed" The boy said. The man snorted.

"As if a gaki like you would be able to learn any of my jutsus" He said. Naruto scowled.

"Don't give that. I get it enough from my so-called sensei who never teaches me anything useful." He growled. The man turned now to look at the boy.

"And who are you, may I ask?" He asked, thinking that if the kid was someone potential, he'd as well teach him something.

"I am Uzumaki Naruto. The Kyubi-vessel" Naruto said calmly. The old man's eyes widened in both shock and surprise. It was plainly weird for the Kyubi-vessel to walk around, and introduce himself as the vessel! Somehow, Jiraya found it amusing also.

"But you know that already. All of your age knows that Uzumaki Naruto is the vessel of the Kyubi" The boy said. The white-haired man narrowed his eyes. This kid was interesting…

"Yeah…I have to admit that I do know who you are. Those whisker-like marks give you away pretty easily. But tell me…what did you mean when you said that you get enough crap from your sensei?" The man asked, now interested. Naruto frowned.

"Well…Kakashi-sensei teaches always Sasuke, and sometimes even Sakura. But when it comes to me…well…the only thing he taught me was the tree-climbing" The blond said. "By the way, what's your name?" He asked. The man's smile widened.

"And finally you asked! I am the greatest one of the Legendary Three, I am the toad-summoner, the genius sannin who can silence a crying child! I am Jiraya!" The man yelled, performing a little dance. Naruto sweat-dropped, but he didn't have any time to say something, as the girls in the onsen had heard Jiraya's yelling.




"Run for your life!" Jiraya yelled, and did not wait for Naruto. Even though the blond was following the hermit closely.

"Oi, you…did you…agree on my…offer?" Naruto asked, panting. Jiraya turned to him.

"Whatever. I want to…er…gather data right now, but it seems like it's impossible" The man sobbed. Naruto sweat-dropped. The man was strong, granted, but he acted in a weird way… The blond sighed. If he used that jutsu…

"Oi, ero-sennin, can you summon?" Naruto asked. Jiraya raised his eyebrow, but nodded. The blond then smirked.

"Will you teach me to summon? I'll show you my jutsu, and I'm sure it'll please you" The boy said. Now Jiraya's both eyebrows were raised.

"Oh? If I'm pleased with the jutsu then fine" He said. Naruto smirked, and formed few hand seals.

"Sexy no Jutsu!" The boy yelled. Jiraya's eyes widened at the sight of the…erm…naked…young beauty. His eyes still scanning the form in front of him, he started to write something in his notebook. After a while, Naruto turned back to his normal form.

"What? This soon already?" Jiraya asked. Naruto sighed.

"When you teach me how to summon, then I'll remain in this form for a longer time!" The blond said. Jiraya grinned. He liked this boy!

"Sure! But I warn you…I am not a kind teacher! My lessons will be hard." He said. Naruto shrugged.

"Don't care. I can pull them off for sure!"

"Fine! Be prepared!"

Three days. It took him three days to master completely the summoning jutsu. Jiraya was indeed impressed by the abilities of this kid. And that chakra…

"So you can use his chakra freely?" the sennin asked. A look of sadness flashed in the younger boy's face, but was quickly gone.

"Yes." He replied. Jiraya nodded. Indeed, Uzumaki Naruto was a special kid.

"Tell me again, why your sensei doesn't teach you?" He asked. Naruto shrugged.

"Kakashi-sensei cares mostly about teaching Sasuke. That blasted Uchiha prodigy with tons of angst." He said.

"You angst too"

"In a different way" Naruto said.

"Oh, really?" the hermit eyed the small boy with amusement.

"Of course!" Naruto huffed.

"Tell me, Naruto, what is your goal in this life?" Jiraya asked, suddenly serious.

"I want to be a Hokage!" came the immediate reply. Jiraya raised an eyebrow. The answer came a bit too quickly for his liking.

"Answer truthfully" The sannin said sharply. Naruto looked straight at his eyes, and decided to trust the old man.

"There's a person, I want to kill. Only one person" He said. Jiraya's eyes widened.


"An enemy."


"…I can't tell you, but please trust me, he's an enemy" Naruto said.

'Well yes…Kakashi sensei is an enemy…'

"Then why?"

"He…without him m friend would be alive" Naruto said, causing a silence to fall between the two. After a while, Jiraya stood up.

"Very well then, listen, there's a jutsu…it's a hard one, but if you can do it within three weeks, I'll start seriously to teach you stuff" Jiraya said. That caught Naruto's attention.


"Mmhmm…but that depends only on the fact if you can perform that jutsu correctly"

"What jutsu it is?"

"It' a very hard to master!"

"Yeah, and what's its name?"

"Only I and the Yondaime Hokage have succeeded in performing that jutsu."

"Yesss…and what the hell is its name?" Naruto growled, throwing his arms up. Jiraya smirked.

"It's known by the name of the Rasengan"

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