Music Box by DD Agent

Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me; all of them belong to ABC etc.

Spoilers: 'Solitary' Season 1, episode 9.

This is my first piece of Lost fanfic so be nice. This was my favourite episode from season one (not just because it had the worlds greatest actress Mira Furlan but golf and stuff too). So, I wrote a drabble. I'm so busy at the moment with school and other writing that I'm just going to be writing a collection of drabbles to entertain. Read and review if you like.

It's the second in my drabble marathon (first was Played a CSI fic). Shout out to Kay, Katy and Jade who think that my pairing of Danielle and Sayid is extremely weird. Well, at least I don't think Matthew Fox is fit.


The music box played its sad tune, and Danielle could only think about her visitor. His hair, his tone and the way he spoke to her in a manner of a sane person; instead of the lunatic she feared she had become.

He was handsome.

He fixed my music box.

He does not think I am crazy.

He fixed my music box.

He was calm and compassionate.

I think he fixed something in me that needed fixing.

Oh yes.

The music box played its sad little tune, and Danielle could only think about her visitor, the strong and compassionate Sayid.

P.S. Sorry if anyone who read this fic likes Matthew Fox. I am more of a Sawyer girl.

P.P.S. I live in Britain and only have seen past about episode seven/eight. Don't crucify me if I've screwed up. Wait till AFTER Season Two has screened and tell me if I've made any mistake.

Catch you on the flipside

- DD Agent