Hello people. This is my first Dark Oracle story, and is really short compared to how long I usually write my stories. My stories are usually always at least 1k (and all are so far besides this one), and this one is only 326 words long. Oh well. Easier to read!

This story is based on the fact that it was Doyle's counterpart that controls everything.

A man sits at his desk with a booklet laid out on the desk in front of him. Beside the booklet is a book with spells in it. On the other side of the booklet are some black markers, varying in thinness, along with some coloured markers.

The man chuckles as he looks at a picture of a girl wearing a purple skirt and belly top running in front of a crashed red car. He looks at the next page and sees a guy with his arms wrapped around a girl's shoulder, she has a slightly green tinge to her face.

He picks up another comic book and smiles. This one is slightly older than the other one and in it a girl in a purple outfit with raven hair is saying 'Jelly Bean'.

The man chuckles again.

He sets this issue down and picks up another one. This one has no pictures on it, and the man picks up a semi-thick marker and starts to write. He makes a semi gothic style letter 'D', and then starts to add an 'a'.

When he's done writing he has the words 'Dark Oracle' written on the cover. He smirks.

He starts to draw a shattered mirror. After he draws the lines for the mirror he draws an image in the mirror.

A young looking boy with light brown scraggly hair is staring out of the mirror. Cracks from the mirror are running through his face and his deep brown eyes are staring out of mirror. They show sadness and despair, and possibly even regret.

If he were an actual person in the real world, anyone who saw him would probably be reminded of a sad puppy, abused and thrown into the rain.

The man smirks again.

"My, my, Doyle. You have great drawing skills."

The man draws two more figures on either side of the boy.

"Then again, only the Puppet King could be this talented."

Yes, Doyle is evil.